The Great Taking – The Elite Class Plan to Leave the Rest of Us With Nothing

Tom welcomes back, Parallel Mike. Mike is the host of the Parallel Systems Broadcast on YouTube where he shares finance, geopolitics and personal liberty content. In this interview, they discuss the book The Great Taking by David Rogers Webb. The book explores the potential for a protected class of elites to take assets from the general public, such as stocks and bonds. Mike explains the importance of understanding property rights and how they are being eroded in the financial system. He also discusses the concept of dematerialization and harmonization and the impacts on property ownership. Palisade Radio Links: ► Website & Newsletter: ► Rumble: ► Odysee: The book presents evidence that the current financial system is set up to benefit a select group of secured creditors, leaving individuals vulnerable in the event of a market crash. Mike and Tom discuss the possibility of a planned seizure of assets in a financial crisis, citing changes in legislation and the deliberate underfunding of a central clearing party. They also discuss the potential for a global reset and the importance of tangible assets, such as physical gold, in a time of zero trust. Mike believes that gold will serve as a wealth preserver and silver will be valuable for trade and barter. They also touch on the importance of building communities and preparing for potential changes in the global financial system. The interview ends on a positive note, emphasizing the importance of relationships and living in the present moment. Mike encourages listeners to think about parallel structures and alternative ways of living. Talking Points From This Week’s Episode – The Book ‘The Great Taking’ explores the erosion of property rights in the financial system and the potential for a select group of elites to seize assets from the public. – Mike and Tom discuss the historical timeline of how physical assets have been replaced with intangible book entries, leaving individuals vulnerable in the event of a market crash. – The importance of tangible assets like physical gold in a time of zero trust and potential global financial change. – The importance of finding fulfillment beyond material possessions. Time Stamp References: 0:00 – Introduction 1:03 – The Great Taking 6:58 – Property Rights 9:02 – Legal Constructs 14:50 – Securities & Certificates 16:20 – Shares & Ownership 20:12 – Depository Trust 23:30 – Not Your Assets 27:45 – Scary Scenarios 32:10 – Central Bank Hubris 38:00 – No Stone Unturned 40:20 – Share Certificate Risks 44:20 – Inevitable Collapse 46:00 – Recovery or Stagnation? 49:42 – UBI & Managing Poverty 51:23 – Physical Gold 52:52 – Silver’s Importance 54:24 – Parallel Systems 55:50 – Back to Simple Systems 57:20 – Everything is Prepared 58:34 – Controlled Demolition 1:00:50 – Risks & Taking Action 1:09:16 – Wrap Up Guest Links: YouTube:    / @parallelsystems   Twitter: Patreon: Book Reference: Mike is a precious metal’s investor, organic farmer and host of the Parallel Systems Broadcast on YouTube where he shares content relating to finance, geopolitics and personal liberty. #Ownership #PropertyRights #TheGreatTaking #Securities #Legal #Collateral #Default #Harmonization #Globalism #MonetaryVelocity #Stagnation #CyberPandemic #AlternativeLiving #GlobalReset #AssetSeizure