The Grand Story of the Deep State, the Current Apocalypse and the Battle of Good vs Evil

By Nanice Ellis
Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

July 24, 2020

Just a little online research here and there, and it doesn’t take long to find ourselves down the proverbial rabbit hole, and for some reason, no matter which way we approach the rabbit hole these days, all roads seem to lead to the same one malevolent source ….known as the Deep State, Cabal, Dark Elite, Illuminati, etc…

As the truth slowly begins to surface, it appears that many conspiracy theories aren’t just theories after all.

Personally, I don’t just believe anything I read or hear, but instead, I do my own research until every stone is unturned. So, after thousands of hours of painstaking research, I’ve managed to put the pieces of the puzzle together to form a complete picture. While I don’t profess to have all the answers, my intention is to share what I have discovered so far, and hopefully, inspire you to do your own research.

While the beginning of this article outlines the Deep State’s plan for a New World Order (and it may sound like doom and gloom), there’s a higher purpose at play. In fact, if you stay with me to the end, not only will I show you the higher purpose, you’ll also see why humanity is destined to win this battle of good vs. evil, and you’ll also understand the important part you play!

(Although I’ve also included a number of resources at the end, remember to do your own research – and always think for yourself!)

The Deep, Dark Story Begins

For most of recorded human history, a small, but very powerful group of people have successfully implemented a plan to dominate the world, and as a result, they control the world’s primary institutions, from the global monetary system down to all social systems (education, health, food, justice, politics, etc…) and even many religions. Since this is the only reality we know, we believe that these systems are normal and natural, but, in fact, every one of them is tainted and distorted in unimaginable ways. And now, this same “elite group” (also known as the Deep State, Cabal, Illuminati, etc…) have plans to implement what they call the “New World Order” (NWO).

What is the New World Order (NWO)?

The goal of the New World Order is to create a one world government with a one world currency, and while the NWO promises to create a sustainable world where everyone has their basic needs met, if you look closer you’ll quickly discover some nasty secrets and disturbing facts.

First of all, their plan to create a One World Government is based on a socialist regime, also known as communism. Regardless of whether we call it socialism or communism, the bottom line is that everything would be monitored and controlled by a One World Government.

To summarize the agenda of the NWO:

  • Individual rights are non-existent.
  • No rights to privacy.
  • Constant surveillance.
  • Free speech is prohibited.
  • Everything is censored.
  • No home ownership.
  • No private business ownership.
  • Every individual must comply with governing rules.
  • No protests.

Moreover, each individual would be identified with a Social Credit Score, and in fact, Communist China has already implemented this procedure.

  • The Social Credit Score is determined by how well the individual complies with the rules.
  • The score is attained through constant surveillance; using facial recognition technology and various tracking systems.
  • The Social Credit Score determines how an individual is allowed to participate in society. For example, if a person doesn’t have enough social credits, he or she is not allowed to travel or even make money.

Moreover, right now, in Communist China, if citizens do not comply with the government’s rules, they are sent to rehabilitation camps or worse. For example, the peaceful spiritual group known as Falun Gong are targeted as enemies of the state, and every year, tens of thousands of Falun Gong Practitioners are victims of live organ harvesting. And yes, we’re talking about legal state-ordered genocide that is endorsed by the Chinese Communist Government.

Since this represents a real life example of the New World Order, if we allow the NWO to be implemented, any one of us could be targeted for legal genocide.


Secondly, in order for the Deep State to attain their version of a sustainable world, various sources seem to indicate that the number of human inhabitants will be limited to about 500 million by the year 2030, and if this is true, it requires the mass depopulation of more than 7 billion people. Chances are, you and I are not on the short list … and I’m not so sure that we would want to be.

For many years, the Deep State’s eugenics programs have been practiced throughout the world, and in fact, according to a public statement by Bill Gates, it appears that mandated global vaccines support the depopulation agenda.

Moreover, even though the Deep State might present Agenda 2021 and 2030 as a “sustainability program”, don’t be fooled, it’s actually a heinous plan to justify communism and global genocide – and if any of this reminds you of Nazi Germany, it should!

Global Communism in the 21st Century

Just so there’s no confusion, we’re not just talking about any old type of communism. It’s important to understand that the idea of global communism in the 21st century is based on the creation of a technocratic society that includes transhumanism and artificial intelligence.

Therefore, to make all this possible, they have plans to integrate humans with technology through something called “black programmable matter”, and while this would result in transhumanism, individual consciousness would be connected to a central “grid” that is controlled by AI (artificial intelligence).

Of course, this means that the AI would have the ability to control the thoughts, actions and choices of each individual – ultimately, overriding individual free-will.

Furthermore, if an individual, or a group of individuals, somehow found a way to rebel, they would be permanently removed from the grid; either cut off from society, with no access to food, travel or work, or quite possibly, a more targeted deletion (if you know what I mean).

While this might sound like Sci-fi, you should know that the technology already exists, and in fact, this is not some future fantasy – it is already beginning to happen!

According to the brilliant physicist Harald K. Vella, the Deep State has the ability to control our thoughts and emotions through the combination of nano-particles and frequency control.

In fact, they have been putting nano-particles in our food, water, pharmaceuticals and vaccines for many years, and through the use of chemtrails, we’ve also been breathing in nano-dust, and as a result, virtually every human body on the planet contains some level of nano-particles.

Since nano-particles can be controlled through frequencies, they have the ability to manipulate our thoughts, emotions and behaviors, simply by sending specific frequency signals to our bodies (via satellites, 5G, etc…). Moreover, since they can use our own thoughts and feelings against us, we would have no idea if we were being controlled by an outside source.

Satan Worshippers

Even if you can somehow tolerate all of the above, there’s one more thing you should know; the elite rulers of this “New World Order” are all Satan Worshippers!  And yes, this is as bad as it sounds.

While we might be able to accept many of the corrupt actions of the Deep State, and even turn a blind eye to their malevolent intentions, when it comes to global pedophile networks and the satanic ritual abuse of children (and human sacrifice), this is where most of us “draw the line”. In fact, this may be the one thing that finally wakes us up and makes us pay attention.

Even though we may want to dismiss these horrific acts as conspiracy theories, we cannot deny the fact that millions of children go missing every year – never to be found.

No doubt, this demonic organization intends to take over the planet in the most horrific manner, and in fact, virtually every atrocious event in history (wars, pandemics, violence, holocausts, famine, abuse, etc…) can be traced back to this one malevolent source – the Deep State, Cabal, or whatever you want to call them.

Right now, in 2020, it is no exaggeration to say that we are literally in the midst of an Apocalyptic Event of Biblical Proportion, and what happens now will determine the destiny of humanity!

Recently, my oldest son asked, “Why learn about something you can’t change?”

I responded, “You have to know what’s going on in the world so that you have the opportunity to choose with your consciousness. If you turn a blind eye or just acquiesce, it’s the same thing as saying “yes”.

Therefore, as the first step in regaining control of our destiny, we need to understand how the Deep State operates, and more specifically, we need to understand how they covertly manipulate us to their will. But, fear not, by having this knowledge and acting accordingly, we have the full power to win the battle of good versus evil.

The Plan to Create a New World Order (NWO)

Although the Deep State already controls all the social systems in the world, they need our agreement in order to create a “One World Government” (aka NWO), and consequently, they are currently implementing a 3 Step Plan.

Step 1: Divide the People

First of all, the most important thing to remember is that the Deep State has absolutely no power or control if humanity is united as one global family. As the saying goes “United we stand and divided we fall”. Therefore, if they want to conquer us, they first have to divide us, and for exactly this reason, they have executed a long and detailed plan to divide races, cultures, religions, countries, political affiliations, sexual orientations, and so much more.

Now that the facts are becoming publicly available for all to see, it’s pretty clear to see that the Deep State has not only funded both sides of virtually every war, they have also funded virtually every “human rights movement”. Not only do these human rights movements include racial, cultural and religious movements, they also include the feminist movement, gay rights movement and transgender movement. (George Soros is often the head financier).

While humanity has benefited greatly from many of these movements (or they wouldn’t have been widely accepted), the Deep State has intentionally used these movements to incite discord amongst people. Hence, to weaken the power of our collective unity, they have systematically divided race against race, culture against culture, religion against religion and even women against men.

Step 2. Orchestrate Crisis

Since the Deep State has already divided groups of people through the use of human rights movements, they are able to easily ignite conflict and crisis by orchestrating certain false flag events, and then, by distorting media coverage and using various mind control methods, they have the ability to incite civil unrest.

Because the Deep State understands how the human psyche works, they are able to manipulate us through our own fear, hate and anger; even to the extent that some of us are willing to engage in violent riots and criminal activity.

According to author Paul Levy, who wrote “Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil”:

“The Wetiko Mind Virus is a contagious psycho-spiritual disease of the soul …. a parasite of the mind that is currently being acted on the world stage by a collective psychosis of titanic proportion. The Wetiko Mind Virus covertly operates by infiltrating the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche and by hijacking past emotional trauma; rendering people helpless and causing them to act against their own best interest.”

Step 3. Solve the Crisis

Right now, the battle against the Deep State is occurring center-stage in America, and in fact, the Deep State is now orchestrating a plan to tear down American society and destabilize the country. In addition to the distress and ongoing fear caused by the pandemic, the country is now getting hit hard with civil discord – pitting Americans against one another.

And, once American citizens are desperate enough for safety and security, and they can no longer trust their current leaders for protection, the Deep State plans to rush in with a solution to save America (just like Hitler did for Germany at the beginning of the Nazi Regime).

By presenting a solution that will promise safety, security and protection, the Deep State is hoping that Americans will be blind-sided into accepting the New World Order.

However, in exchange for safety, security and protection, Americans will have to give up their natural rights without a fight, and basically, accept the rules associated with communism, and this would be the first tangible step towards a One World Government.

As many know, America has been known as “the home of the free and the land of the brave”, and therefore, what happens in America in the coming days, weeks and months will inevitably determine what happens in the world.

After all, if they can control “the land of the free”, they can control literally anyone and anything.

Maybe you’re thinking, why would the freest country in the world give up their rights and agree to communism?

Well, if this sounds a bit far-fetched, keep in mind that this is not the first time that the Deep State has intentionally created a crisis in America, and then set Americans up to accept a predetermined solution. For example, as a result of 9/11, many Americans became fearful that terrorist attacks could occur anywhere at any time, and therefore, for the sake of “national security”, Americans willingly gave away their natural rights to privacy. Not to mention the introduction of invasive airport security – where passengers must willingly subject themselves to personal violation in order to travel. Thereby, making it acceptable for innocent people to be treated like criminals.

Of course, we cannot forget about Covid19, and as another perfect example, did you know that the Deep State intends to launch “The Great Reset” in response to Covid19?  While the “Great Reset” might be presented in a nice pretty package that promises solutions to our current health crisis, it’s all smoke and mirrors – designed to hide a dark agenda. In fact, the “Great Reset” is another entry point for communism in America – and the introduction of the New World Order.

The founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, was quoted: 

“In fact, one silver lining of the pandemic is that it has shown how quickly we can make radical changes to our lifestyles. Almost instantly, the crisis forced businesses and individuals to abandon practices long claimed to be essential, from frequent air travel to working in an office. Likewise, populations have overwhelmingly shown a willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of health-care and other essential workers and vulnerable populations, such as the elderly.”

In other words, he’s saying that we’re easily manipulated into relinquishing our freedom!

However, before you think it is all doom and gloom, there’s something important you should know. In order for the New World Order to come into power, they need our agreement and co-operation, and if we don’t go along with their plan, they have absolutely no power. In fact, they only have the power we give them!

Now, keep in mind that acquiescing is the same thing as agreeing. So, unless you definitely say “No”, you’re actually agreeing to participate.

For more on this topic, please read my article “Do we have the power to defeat the deep state?

Winning the Battle of Good vs Evil!

Fortunately, while most of us have been sleeping, a secret ‘white hat’ organization has been fighting the Deep State for several years – and making notable progress!

Say what you will about President Trump (and personally, I’m not sure how I feel about him), but we cannot deny that his presidency has been focused on ending human trafficking, and of course, the largest human trafficking rings have been operated by the Deep State. Consequently, since 2017, thousands of pedophiles have been arrested and numerous human trafficking networks have been shut down worldwide, In fact, here is the U.S Human Trafficking Arrests Spreadsheet since 2017.  Of course, this doesn’t include Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, NXIM, Ghislane Maxwell, countless Vatican arrests, and much more.

Even though the light forces appear to be conspiring on our behalf, let’s be clear, there are no grand saviors in this story. So, rather than expecting a knight on a white horse to ride in and save us, we have to save ourselves – and this is the whole point!

So, now, maybe you’re wondering, how can we win against a dark force that has the technology to use our own thoughts, fears and beliefs against us?

Their Weakness is Our Strength!

Despite their advanced technological power, the Deep State has one pivotal weakness. While they have the technology to manipulate our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, they can only do so through a “negative frequency range”, such as frequencies associated with fear, hate, anger, jealousy, revenge, etc…, and this means that if we are not a frequency match for their technology, it doesn’t work on us.

Therefore, to win this game of “good vs. evil”, it’s important to understand that our thoughts generate our emotions and our emotions manifest as vibrational frequencies. Therefore, negative thoughts result in negative emotions and lower frequencies while uplifting thoughts result in positive emotions and higher frequencies.

Even though our over-all vibrational frequency is based on the emotions we experience most often, any time we’re locked in fear, hate, anger, jealousy, revenge, etc…, we’re vibrating in a frequency range where we can be easily controlled – and this is why we cannot win by fighting a war.

Fortunately, the dark forces have no ability to influence or manipulate higher frequencies that are associated with the vibration of love and compassion, and therefore, whenever we open our hearts and we vibrate within the frequency range of love and compassion, they have absolutely no power over us.

As another way to think about this, according to the HeartMath Institute, the heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the body, and when we activate the heart through love and compassion, the electromagnetic field of the heart supersedes any lower frequencies.  Please read, “The Secret to Self-Healing is all about Vibration!

In summary, if we are living in our heads, and disconnected from our hearts, we are vulnerable to the control mechanisms of negative frequencies. However, when we are connected to our hearts and choosing love on a regular basis, there is no way that we can be manipulated by a negative agenda, and in fact, this simple cure makes us immune to dark forces.

In a nutshell, love is our greatest weapon!

For more on this topic, please read my article on how to overcome negativity and darkness

Evolution Requires a Catalyst

Just in case you’re thinking that something must have gone terribly wrong and the world should not be filled with so much pain, negativity and darkness, you should know that this is all part of a Divine Plan.

Although Earth is technically a free will planet, the concept of free will can only be experienced if there is a choice between light and dark, or if you prefer, between good and evil, and therefore, in order for a planetary system to evolve, there needs to be some sort of catalyst.

The only way that we can evolve is by having choice. And the only way we can have choice is through polarity.

Therefore, the dark forces on our planet have played a very important role for thousands of years, and believe it or not, they’ve actually been in service to humanity. By presenting darkness and negativity to the planet and creating major conflicts, the Deep State has acted as a catalyst for humanity’s evolution.

No doubt, the dark forces have done a great job of providing polarity for our planet, but now, it’s time for our planet to evolve.

Apocalypse or Evolution?

Contrary to popular belief, the Apocalypse does not represent the end of the world, but rather, it represents a time when darkness is enlightened and evil is unveiled – and right now, this is exactly what is happening on a global scale!

As hidden truths are slowly being revealed on many levels, humanity is beginning to awaken, and while energies are extremely heightened and time is speeding up, we’re experiencing the prophesied “Quickening”.

And, if all this wasn’t enough, we’re also approaching the Precession of the Grand Equinox.

 “The Precession of the Grand Equinox happens approximately every 26000 years. During this time, Earth is closest to the center of the galaxy, and as a result, our Sun absorbs Gamma Ray Radiation, and then radiates these gamma rays to Earth. Consequently, this changes Earth’s overall electromagnetic frequency, known as the Schumann Frequency – causing earth’s subatomic energy to super accelerate in the rate it appears and disappears”Jesse Perez Casanova

By living on a 3rd Density planet lifetime after lifetime, we have experienced the greatest separation from Source, and since it’s difficult to remember who we really are in the density of 3D, many of us have experienced great pain and suffering. But, if we play our cards right, that’s all about to change…..

You see, due to the convergence of these major events at this time in history, we’re about to enter the Great Awakening, and since Earth is ready to evolve into a 4th Density planet, we’re beginning the journey back to Source.

Even though we each have the opportunity to evolve with the planet during this transition, we must all go through a “natural filtration” process, and only those of us who align with the vibration of the 4th Density will evolve with the planet.

In other words, if we are living in fear, anger or hate, and resonating a negative vibration, we are susceptible to the dark forces and their control mechanisms, and because this automatically aligns us with the duality of 3D, it prevents our evolution in the 4th Density.

On the other hand, by connecting to our hearts and choosing a path of love and unity, we can easily transcend negative frequencies and dark forces, and as long as our vibration is aligned with the 4th Density, we will naturally evolve with the planet.

Keep in mind, however, if you remain neutral, and you don’t make a choice, the choice could be made for you. So, be warned, if you get enrolled into the dark side’s agenda, you could miss the opportunity to evolve.

In a nutshell, depending on our choices and the frequency of our vibration, we either evolve into 4D or we reincarnate back into 3D.

So, why not choose love, and evolve?

Believe it or not, there’s a vibrational threshold where the momentum of love can easily ripple throughout the world, and therefore, the more people who wake up and choose love, the easier it gets for the rest. In fact, every time you choose love over fear, you help tip the scale in favor of love, and you raise the collective vibration. For more on this topic, please ready my article:  “Choose Love – and be the change!

So, here are 11 Ways to Choose Love over Fear:

  1. Instead of closing down to protect your heart, courageously open up and communicate.
  2. Instead of being negative and judgmental, offer kindness and compassion.
  3. Instead of complaining about an issue, find a way to make a difference.
  4. Instead of dividing people by race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, etc…, choose unity!
  5. Instead of holding a grudge, practice forgiveness.
  6. Instead of choosing separation, engage in connection, collaboration and co-operation.
  7. Instead of allowing differences to stand in the way, choose radical inclusion.
  8. Instead of noticing where love is lacking, be the giver of love.
  9. Instead of frowning under a mask, offer up a smile and make someone’s day.
  10. Instead of withholding love, choose to be unconditionally loving.
  11. Instead of waiting for your purpose to appear, practice random acts of kindness every day.

Since every loving act contributes to the whole, let’s not overlook a single opportunity to love and be loved!

No matter how trite, it’s true; love is the answer!





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