The falsification of science with John Hamer interview

783 views May 25, 2021 Coming up on today’s show and returning to discuss his latest book is John hamer John is a geo-political researcher, speaker and author. And truth seeker He spent the majority of his working life in the IT industry but eventually ‘saw the light’ and escaped from the stifling confines of the corporate world in 2002 ‘ In our last interview together John and I discussed the possible switch between the RMS Olympic and the infamous RMS titanic and the issuing tragedy that happened there after with such a catastrophic and needless loss of so many lives . John has written seven book to date , his latest we will be discussing on the show today his books are as follows The Falsification of History. The RMS Olympic. 2014 Titanic’s Last Secret. 2015 Behind the Curtain (volume 1). 2016 Behind the Curtain (volume 2). JFK – A Very British Coup. And today’s topic of discussion The Falsification of Science.