THE DRAGON & BLOOD — Nathan Reynolds – Luciferian Family Heir Nathan Reynolds, Who Left The Reynolds Family – SGT Report

Nathan Reynolds left The Reynolds Family’s empire behind when the cost to receive his inheritance was the life of his first born daughter. As a young boy Nathan’s innocence and body were used as a currency to purchase influence and power by his deep-rooted Luciferian family members. His grandfather working within the shielding of The Knights of Columbus traumatized and exploited children to further advance The Secret Order’s agendas. Nathan reveals the depravity of The Jesuits and other oath keeping societies who used blackmail, pedophilia, and even child sacrifice to empower their kingdom’s tyrannical takeover. Many well-known and influential individuals from politicians, police, and even pastors are willing to sell their souls to gain the world. But even amidst the Radical Intelligent Evil the survivors of these torments are choosing to fight back and wage a war of redemption against the cowards of control. The new Reynolds family is on a quest to see the captives of crime and cowardice set free.

The war mongers hunger for the blood of vengeance, manipulated into repeating the sins of their fathers and their father before them. Hungry for war knowing not what hell it will bring back upon them. Nathan Reynolds returns to SGT Report with a warning for humanity: Return to your senses, seek not revenge, or be devoured by the Beast.

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