The Clinton R A P E of Haiti – Teaser

Speak Project Media Presents: The Clinton R A P E of Haiti

Multi-Part whistleblower series on the r a p e and tyranny of Haiti by the Clintons following the 2010 earthquake in which 220,000 people were killed.

The Clintons controlled billions of dollars of donated funds earmarked for food, housing, water and the reconstruction of the devastated island. Instead of appropriately channeling the funds, the Clintons turned the desperate nation into their personal killing fields for pedophilia, sex trafficking and human sacrifice, while using the humanitarian network as a front for money laundering.

With the Clinton’s compete lockdown of mainstream media in which they hired and fired at will, and the corruption of all officials of any consequence, Haitians have faced starvation, enslavement, and annihilation under the news blackout.

By expanding the humanitarian crisis through a “pay-or-suffer exposure as a ped (ophile)” scam in which the exploitation of children is used to blackmail officials, the Clintons have completely tyrannized this small, suffering nation and brought it to near ruin. ABC CBC PBS WPLG CNN… Laura Silsby Gaylor Prides of Haiti 1980’s

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