The case for Paramagnetic Tower Systems

Our planet is surrounded by various magnetic forces, some providing shielding from harmful radiation, and others bringing life to our natural world.

This life-giving variety is more correctly known as paramagnetism.

Some of the frequencies associated with this type of magnetism are passive – in that they provide calm and stability. Others are active, which under the right conditions can stimulate many beneficial forms of life.

In places like New Zealand, which is mountainous and rich with life, these forces (although capable of being improved) are quite abundant. Meanwhile in places like Australia, which is relatively flat, minerally deficient and largely containing trees with rounded canopies (e.g., gumtrees) these forces are often quite depleted.

We have developed an ecologically stimulating, array system; that is capable of restoring weak or failing plantations and crops back to a more fertile state.

This system was rediscovered by Dr. Phillip Callahan (co-founder of Acres USA – the biological farmers association of the United States), in the early 1950’s.

This technology has since been developed further by the Paramagnetic Solutions group into a regenerative tool.

Our technology enables the yield, health, and vitality of the whole ecosystem, including crops to be improved and increased by a factor of up to tenfold (depending on a variety of issues, including the original state of depletion).

There are currently over one hundred such systems in place around South Australia, and many more elsewhere.

These in greater part have been tested over a period of up to thirty years in both agricultural, horticultural and a variety of other ecological applications; having demonstrated the following benefits, changes, and improvements to their local environment:

  • It is paramount that a property/site with a tower and adjacent array in place is required to first be energetically stable to avoid amplification of disease and other negative influences and disturbances in their local environment. Once stability has been properly achieved, the environment will remain healthier thereafter.
  • There are specific places at every location which have higher energy levels than the general environment. It is at such locations that paramagnetic towers are best positioned.
  • Think of a paramagnetic tower as a means of accumulating large amounts of paramagnetic forces, which then need to be distributed throughout the ecosystem. This can easily be done using specially formulated powdered rock (distributed at the time of installation), at a rate of three bags per hectare, routinely releasing the accumulated paramagnetism within the soil from around 300 cgs (cm grams per second) to over 3,000 cgs. This is reflected in the yields of any crops planted within that location.
  • Once the system is in place, its stability must be maintained & supported through the years to ensure 100% effectiveness. This maintenance consists of antenna array and complementary planting efficiency being monitored, and the tower resonance system remaining optimal.

Imagine this… for the crop there is no need to prepare the soil other than the broadcasting of the crushed rock, there is no need to spray any form of artificial chemical and there is no need to introduce any foreign agents during the entire growth cycle of the crop – all one needs to do is simply harvest. This is a very different picture compared to most conventional farming practices employed today! This remains one of the world’s greatest, unsolved mysteries. It is a wonder this process has never been honoured with the Nobel Prize for such an amazing and historical discovery, but in time probably will be.


The paramagnetic system was first known to have been used by civilisations in the Indus Valley region of northern India some 8,000 years BCE. Although, at different times it had also been used in ancient Egypt, China, and many parts of Central Africa. Dr Callahan in his travels to Ireland, discovered that where numerous, stone towers were located there was never any disease in these places or their crops. He also reported that the people living in these areas rarely visited their local doctor. They were “always healthy” due to the improved and better-balanced mineralisation of the soils and food sources.


Compared to the annual, recurring expense of artificial insecticides, pesticides, and fertilisers (often ranging into the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the broadacre agricultural industry), instead a nominal once only sum (in the order of a few tens of thousands of dollars) results in an increased yield and better tasting, more nutritious harvest.

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A properly set up Paramagnetic Solutions System typically pays for itself within the first few months after installation. The systems do not need much ongoing upkeep and maintenance, and will not only restore the soil, flora, and fauna to optimally sustainable levels,  but will also continue to pay for itself in many other ways for many generations to come…