The Breaking Point

This is the “angrier world” that Klaus Schwab warned us about. France has been thrown into chaos as riots rage across the country following the deadly shooting of a 17-year-old boy named Nahel M, a French citizen of North African descent, by a police officer during a traffic stop.

As Revolver.News reports, France is having their own George Floyd moment.

“The all-too familiar narrative appears to be unfolding quite nicely: widespread looting, raging fires, riotous protests, and demands for the implicated officer’s head on a platter. The George Floyd playbook, it seems, remains unchanged…

“Just as we saw in the US, the left-wing mainstream media in Paris has cemented its narrative: an innocent young man, who did nothing wrong, was cruelly “executed” by law enforcement. They’re continually broadcasting this story, ensuring the public remains in a state of simmering fury.”

The 17-year-old had been driving recklessly without a license in a Mercedes AMG with two others before being stopped by two police officers. He then refused to cooperate and threatened the cops and then sped off – and it all was caught on tape.


After the car crashed, one passenger was detained and released, while another is still missing after he fled the scene.

Europeans will have even more to riot about when they find out about a new Danish study linking vaxxine injuries and deaths in the EU to specific batches and lots. A Danish study linking vaxx injuries and deaths in the EU to specific batches and lots has revealed a similar pattern to what was seen in the US.

A comment on my website from a longtime subscriber who was a Pfizer executive in the 1990s explained that in lieu of a clinical trial which they apparently never did, they HAD to release placebo of saline solution for a number of reasons. One, for statistical purposes, as a control to properly study the effects of their bioweapon. Two, they needed to have a lot of people survive, so they could get people to continue to take the shot, because if everyone who got the clot shot died or was severely injured, and then no one would continue taking it. With 50% or so getting saline, it allowed them to kill AND confuse at the same time; people would doubt the “conspiracy theories” and go get the shot regardless. In other words, the placebos helped them sell the killer vax. He says that all of this leads to the inescapable conclusion that the vaxxine manufacturers KNEW the vax was deadly and they picked areas where people would get the actual vax, so they could practically geo-target the victims in what was pre-meditated mass murder.

He further mentioned that several of his colleagues had gone missing during the 2019 Military World Games held in Wuhan. One of the missing researchers later disclosed that they were sent to hotels accommodating athletes from different countries to “inspect health and hygiene conditions.” Chao Shao suspected that their real purpose was to spread the virus, as checking hygiene conditions did not require virologists.

Additionally, Chao Shao claimed that in April 2020, he was sent to Xinjiang to assess the health of Uyghur individuals held in re-education camps, insinuating that he was either instructed to spread the virus or observe its effects on humans, as a virologist’s expertise was unnecessary for conducting health checks.

CNBC’s report dovetails with other alternative news reports over the years. In May 2021, Biological & Chemical Warfare Defense Expert and Retired U.S. Army Reserve Colonel Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. reported at The Gateway Pundit that the COVID-19 virus was made in a laboratory in China and was part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) biological warfare program. Although lacking confirmation, there remain persistent rumors of a deliberate release of the COVID-19 virus by the PLA, one scenario being at the 7th CISM Military World Games held in Wuhan from October 18–27, 2019.

Journalist Jim Hoft’s source inside China claimed that:

1. A fully-formed or nearly fully-formed COVID-19 virus arrived at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command in the early months of 2019.

2. Contrary to the popular narrative, the COVID-19 virus was sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology primarily for testing.

3. The testing was assigned to a group of young virologists. The name of the leader of that group is known and the leader’s scientific background is consistent with that role.

4. Testing was done on non-human primates.

New evidence, some of which may be considered “smoking guns,” has now emerged supporting the contention that the COVID-19 virus might have been released from the Wuhan University’s ABSL-3 animal laboratory while conducting pathogenicity and transmissibility studies, perhaps infecting workers in that facility. This animal laboratory is in Wuchang District, which was the epicenter of the early outbreak. There is other circumstantial evidence that something unusual happened at Wuhan University in November 2019.

The preponderance of evidence indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic might have originated in the Wuhan University’s ABSL-3 animal laboratory. Hoft said the question remained as to whether the university animal lab was the pandemic perpetrator or the scapegoat for a more nefarious PLA operation?

Peter Schweizer, a respected investigative journalist and author recently revealed that Joe Biden has a secret “global cell phone” gifted to him by none other than the “smartest man he knows”, his son, Hunter. We know from the laptop that Hunter Biden’s business paid for a private phone line that Joe Biden used while he was vice president. It was from AT&T, it cost $300 a month, it was a global phone where you could access somebody anywhere around the world. Schweizer says he shared this phone number and the account information with people in the House Oversight Committee, hoping they will subpoena those records because he thought it would give an indication on how tight the communication was, as this may very well be the phone that the Ukrainian Burisma executive might have used in this allegation that the he talked to Joe Biden in recorded conversations.

And it gets even weirder. The story surrounding this mysterious “secret phone” has taken an unexpected, potentially game-changing twist, because investigative reporter John Solomon claims that he dialed the number linked to Joe’s alleged “secret phone,” and guess who answered?

Congressman James Comer said on Wednesday that members of President Biden’s family may have accepted in excess of $40 million from foreign nationals in exchange for favorable policy decisions. He said that his panel has identified “six specific policy decisions” where Biden took actions that indicate he may have been “compromised,” during an appearance on John Catsimatidis’ “Cats & Cosby Show” on Wednesday.

Comer noted that of the six policy decisions, four of them “were made while Joe Biden was president early on — [where] we cannot come to any other conclusion as to why these decisions were made, other than the fact that this president is compromised.”

“This was organized crime. There’s no other way to define it,” Comer said. The Oversight Committee chairman added that as recently as “in the last five days” his panel has obtained banking statements and suspicious activity reports that show “more bank accounts, more shell companies and more Bidens” being involved in the family’s overseas influence peddling scheme.

And yesterday, John Solomon reported that three House committees will work together to investigate whistleblower claims that the Justice Department took extraordinary steps to interfere in the criminal tax investigation of President Joe Biden’s son.

Congressman Jim Jordan said the Judiciary Committee which he chairs will work along side the Oversight Committee led by James Comer and the House Ways and Means Committee led by Jason Smith to demand transcribed interviews from three US Attorneys, DOJ tax division lawyers and FBI and IRS agents who worked the Hunter Biden case. The three sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding access to the witnesses.

All of this is great but it’s been three years since members of the Government and the press have had full access to Hunter Biden’s laptop and today is the last day of the first half of 2023 and no impeachments and no criminal charges have been referred. It just seems like all of this is performative and that they’re just fund-raising off of this theater and Steve Bannon and video meme maestro, Ultra Maga Party and many of us out here are growing impatient.

Garrett Ziegler, who curated the Laptop from Hell and gave Congress an outline of dozens of serious crimes that could have been prosecuted on day 1 of the new Congress but it’s June 30th and nothing has happened. Still, it looks like Mike Davis is somewhat optimistic about what these House Committees will be doing next.

As for dealing with Joe Biden specifically, they have to be careful, because, as the Relentless Truth recently posted, you don’t impeach a man who was installed as president by foreign adversaries. Joe Biden is a belligerent occupant of the White House. Impeaching Joe Biden would validate the Dem’s claims of a 2020 victory. Joe Biden needs to be thrown in prison and the enemy must be accountable.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency outsourced its “censorship operation” to a nonprofit that it funded, following a First Amendment lawsuit by Louisiana and Missouri attorneys general, “implicitly admitting that its censorship activities are unconstitutional,” according to an interim staff report by House Judiciary Committee Republicans.

The report, released on Monday claims that CISA, a federal government agency set up to protect cybersecurity and critical infrastructure tried to cover up its domestic censorship practices. Previously undisclosed, nonpublic documents have revealed that CISA acted beyond its power to surveil speech on social media and colluded with Big Tech companies like Twitter and government-funded third parties to quote, “censor by proxy.”

Messages presented in the report show that CISA then tried to conceal its “plainly unconstitutional activities” from the public.

The report accuses CISA of trying to circumvent the First Amendment by using government-funded third parties to collude with Big Tech companies to suppress certain viewpoints, stating:

“CISA is not a law enforcement agency and is not authorized to act as an intelligence agency. But, in practice, that is how CISA has behaved, arrogating to itself the authority to conduct surveillance of Americans on social media…

“CISA expanded its unconstitutional practice by developing an elaborate social media censorship apparatus spanning multiple organizations in order to facilitate the censorship of Americans’ political speech both directly and by proxy.”

The report highlights particularly concerning practices, such as CISA’s contemplation of establishing a “rapid response” anti-misinformation team, relocating censorship operations to a third-party nonprofit to avoid negative perceptions, and the agency’s intention to employ the non-profit as a mouthpiece to evade accusations of government propaganda.

“CISA has transformed into a domestic intelligence and speech-police agency, far exceeding its statutory authority,” the report states and “a direct and serious threat to First Amendment principles.”

CISA funds a nonprofit called the Center for Internet Security (CIS). It provided $27 million for fiscal year 2024 to operate the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) and Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC).

The report says that former Twitter General Counsel Vijaya Gadde tried to quote, “find ways to circumvent the First Amendment’s strictures by outsourcing the monitoring activity from the government to private entities.”

After the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board draw strong criticism in April 2022, and before it was disbanded in May 2022, CISA officials expressed worry about perceptions of their work as government propaganda and, “As CISA’s operational scope expanded further into unconstitutional territory, the agency and its advisors tried to cover their tracks and cover up CISA’s censorship of domestic speech and surveillance of American citizens’ social media activity.”

The investigation by the House Committee on the Judiciary and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government continues.

And when the Deep State isn’t censoring you, they’re engaging in propaganda. New World Order puppets, Great Thunberg and Volodymyr Zelensky had this awesome meeting of great minds on Thursday, with Fox News actually referring to Greta as a “world leader”.

The good news, I guess is that today is the last day of Pride Month.