The Biggest Scandal in American History

YouTuber, Mr Reagan has produced this most definitive report on Russiagate, that includes clips from several other vitally-important clips, beginning with this most vital interview between Tucker Carlson and Mike Benz, a former State Department official.

It turns out, the woke zealots working at Big Tech companies have been getting a bad rap this whole time. It’s been unfair to blame them for censoring and de-platforming millions of us from social media and for causing Google to lose $70 billion last week, after their woke Gemini AI was so “inclusive” that it created Black Nazis and female Popes.

We now know that the blue-haired denizens of Big Tech’s Trust & Safety departments weren’t capriciously indulging in their own, perverted power trips over their ideological adversaries, they were dutifully following orders given to them from the Pentagon, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Mike Benz worked at the State Department – or what Trump once called the “Deep State Department” – giving him an insider’s perspective on an Administrative State that seems determined to collapse and destroy our country.

He explained to Tucker the mindset behind the unprecedented censorship that social media companies have been forced to implement at the behest of the US Government. To most people, the term “democracy” means representatives chosen by the people. However, the Deep State has now conveniently adapted the definition to mean a government chosen by the Deep state!



That’s why you see the Presstitutes on CNN, and on MSDNC constantly screaming about “Our Democracy”. They changed the definition of “democracy”, like they changed the definition of “vaccine”. They are not referring to the things that you grew up thinking to mean “democracy” and “vaccines” – and as we’ve seen, they’re also changing definitions of “women”, “pedophilia” and “whites”, among many others.

According to Mike Benz, this philosophical shift was brought about by people like Alex Jones and other independent journalists. The Deep State realized that they could no longer control US elections through traditional news media and they had to find a way to control social media, in order to keep their hands on the steering wheel of the global order. As he told Tucker Carlson:

“2016 was really the first time that social media had reached such maturity that it began to eclipse Legacy Media. As a uncensored, mature ecosystem allowed citizen journalists and independent voices to be able to out-compete Legacy news media, this induced a massive crisis, both in our military and on our State Department and intelligence services.

“Free Speech on the internet was an instrument of statecraft, almost from the outset. Now, the high water mark of the sort of internet Free Speech moment was the Arab Spring, in 2011-2012, when you had this – one-by-one – all of the adversary governments of the Obama Administration: Egypt, Tunisia, all began to be toppled in Facebook revolutions and Twitter revolutions and you had the State Department working very closely with the social media companies to be able to keep social media online during those periods.

“Now, at the time, NATO was publishing white papers, saying that the biggest threat NATO faces is not actually a military invasion from Russia, it’s losing domestic elections across Europe to all these right-wing populist groups.

“An industry had been created that spanned the Pentagon, the British Ministry of Defense and Brussels to censor ‘Russian propaganda’ – or to censor domestic right-wing populist groups in Europe – who were rising in political power at the time because of the migrant crisis.

“When Brexit happened in 2016, that was this crisis moment. They made the argument: Now, the entire rules-based international order would collapse unless the military took control over media, because Brexit would give rise to Frexit in France with Marine Le Pen, to Spexit in Spain with the Vox Party, to Italexit, in Italy to Gerexit in Germany to Grexit in Greece. The EU would come apart.

“So, NATO would be killed without a single bullet being fired. And then, not only that, now that NATO’s gone, now there’s no enforcement arm for the International Monetary Fund – the IMF or the World Bank – so now, the financial stakeholders who depend on the battering ram of the National Security State would basically be helpless against governments around the world.

“So, from their perspective, if the military did not begin to censor the internet, all of the democratic institutions and infrastructure that gave rise to the modern world after World War II would collapse.

“Brexit was June 2016. The very next month, at the Warsaw Conference, NATO formally amended its Charter to this explicit capacity: building for censoring tweets, if they were deemed to be ‘Russian proxies’. And again, it’s not just Russian propaganda, these were now Brexit groups or groups like Matteo Salvini in Italy or in Greece or in Germany or in Spain, with the Vox party.

“But essentially, there was no moral quandary, at first, with respect to the creation of the censorship industry. When it started out in Germany and in Lithuania and Latvia and Estonia and in Sweden and Finland, there began to be a more diplomatic debate about it after Brexit and then it became full-throttle when Trump was elected.

“And what little resistance there was was washed-over by the rise and saturation of Russia Gate, which basically allowed them to not have to deal with the moral ambiguities of censoring your own people, because if Trump was a Russian asset, you no longer really had a traditional Free Speech issue, it was a National Security issue.”

As Mr Reagan explains:

“So, the Powers-that-Be – the narcissists and the megalomaniacs – they decided that this new populism, supercharged by social media was such a grave threat to their control, that they needed to take unprecedented measures in the United States to maintain their power.

“They took the statecraft that they used to topple foreign regimes and they pointed it inward, domestically, against their own people. This was, of course illegal but as I said, they had developed a new philosophy, redefining the word ‘democracy’ to morally justify what they were doing in their own minds.

“And in order to steal an election, these sinister actors, they needed the cooperation of a lot of other less-sinister people; the useful idiots – and these useful idiots needed to be convinced that what they were doing was right.

“The Powers-that-Be needed to give all those working with them the moral flexibility to completely ignore the Constitution and basically do whatever they wanted – and they did it: They convinced thousands of people throughout the US government, in foreign governments and throughout the news media that they were totally justified in trying to sabotage the Trump campaign and attempting to install their chosen puppet, Hillary Clinton.

“Now, if you don’t know why the Deep State chose Hillary Clinton, Patrick Byrne explained it in an interview a few years ago and that’s why they wanted her installed as President: she would be their [blackmailed] puppet and that is why all of this happened.

“John Brennan was instructed by Barack Obama to sabotage the Trump campaign and as soon as he was given that order, it all began.


“Journalists often say that a political scandal is ‘bigger than Watergate’. This one actually is bigger than Watergate. Way bigger…

“A list was compiled of Trump associates to ‘bump’. Now, I’d never heard the term ‘bump’ before this report came out but apparently, this means to make contact with or manipulate, to bump-into.

“According to General Michael Flynn, who was interviewed for the Shellenberger-Taibbi-Gutentag story:

“‘Bumping’ has all kinds of techniques. The purpose is to get compromising material on them in order to do something with them use them in some capacity or just to achieve a political end.”

“Now, according to the Shellenberger, Taibbi-Gutentag story, this list of ‘bump targets’ included 26 Trump associates but according to Dan Bongino, who independently acquired his own list, it included 28 Trump Associates.

“Now, John Brennan knew that what he was doing was totally illegal and so, Brennan set up an elaborate plot, whereby his finger would not be found on any of this. And so Brennan’s first step was to bring in foreign intelligence services to spy on Trump associates. That’s right. Brennan used foreign intelligence agencies. These are the agencies from the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

“When you include us, the United States, this Alliance is known as the Five Eyes but the reason for the use of foreign intelligence services, as I understand it, is particularly sinister. Because Brennan knew, as I said, that what he was doing was completely illegal – and even if he were to get a FISA warrant to do these things properly, which probably, he could not have been able to do, as he had no legitimate predicate for this – but if he were to be able to do this, he would have had to report all of it to Congress.

“Congress has oversight on the operations of the CIA, so the reason that Brennan outsourced this job to the foreign intelligence services was to hide it from Congress. That’s it. He was trying to hide it.

“According to the Shellenberger-Taibbi-Gutentag story, the first target was Michael Flynn. In March of 2016, for this they brought in the now-famous CIA operative, Stefan Halper, who was paid, according to this article, $411,575 for his services in 2016, eventually ‘bumping’ four Trump associates.

“Incidentally, Brennan was quite sneaky about paying Halper, paying him inordinate sums to write useless white papers that he never actually wrote – and of course, no one ever read. Again, this was to hide Halper’s actual services to the CIA.

“Also in March of 2016, Brennan used MI6 spy, Joseph Mifsud to ‘bump’ George Papadopoulos. as far as I understand, this was the first use of an agent of a foreign intelligence service to ‘bump’ a Trump associate.

“In the piece, their source says that Papadopoulos was chosen because he was an easy mark, but I suspect it was for another reason: Papadopoulos was Trump’s foreign policy adviser, so he was living in London and he was there specifically to liaise with diplomats and various folks on the international political scene.

“But his placement in London gave Brennan his only really good opportunity to spy on a Trump associate using foreign intelligence agents, so they send in Mifsud to bump Papadopoulos in London.

“Now, Mifsud gave Papadopoulos this story that the Russians have got dirt on Hillary Clinton. Then, a couple of months later, they send this guy, Alexander Downer, an Australian diplomat to go bump Papadopoulos.

“In their meeting, Downer gets Papadopoulos to tell him about the dirt that he was told that the Russians have on Hillary – and that was the hook. This is where all of this really took off. Now, they’ve got George Papadopoulos, a Trump associate saying that he knows about dirt that the Russians have on Hillary Clinton, his boss’ political rival.

“Now, everyone is suspicious; the FBI, the news media and basically everybody who hates Donald Trump; everyone who wanted to believe this believed it. It was clever but totally unethical – and totally illegal.


“According to the British GCHQ – that’s the British NSA – this is what they said. This is their story. They say that they became aware through ‘incidental collection’ of suspicious interactions between Trump Associates and Russian agents in late 2015. This is what they claim but this of course is total BS.

“What they’re trying to claim, here is that they were just spying on Russian agents, as you would expect, nothing unusual there, and then one day – what’s this? – these Russian agents, they’re they’re talking to Trump’s people! ‘Well, we’d better report this to US intelligence!’ But as I said, this is all bullsh*t.

“First of all, the Russians were not talking to Trump associates. That never happened. Secondly, there was nothing ‘incidental’ about whatever intelligence they did collect. Brennan specifically directed them to spy on that list of 26 Trump associates. This was 100% targeted surveillance!

“And, of course, as I said, the ‘Russian Trump associate contact’ was a total lie. Alright, now I’m going to read directly from the Shellenberger, Taibbi and Gutentag article:

“‘GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 the suspicious interactions between figures connected to Trump and known suspected Russian agents. A source close to UK intelligence,’ wrote a team of reporters for The Guardian on April 2017.

“‘This intelligence-sharing was supposed to be just the result of “incidental collection”, reported The Guardian. It is understood that GCHQ was at no point carrying out a targeted operation against Trump or his team, proactively seeking information. The alleged accusations were picked up by chance as part of routine surveillance of Russian intelligence assets.’

“But now, sources say the GCHQ’s version of events is false. Instead, the US IC [the intelligence community] asked its foreign allies to target 26 members of Trump’s team, possibly to justify the FBI’s investigation.

“‘They were making contacts and bumping Trump people going back to March 2016,’ a source close to the investigation said. ‘They were sending people around the UK, Australia, Italy the Mossad in Italy. The MI6 was working at an intelligence school that they’d set up.’

“The IC, a source said, considered the 26 Trump campaign people identified to ‘bump’ or ‘reverse target’ or manipulate through confidential human sources (CHSs) to be easy marks because of their relative inexperience.

“Doing so was illegal, both because US law prohibits such intelligence gathering unless authorized by a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant (FISA) warrant and because the weaponization of the IC for political purposes constitutes election interference.’

Mr Reagan continues:

“In May of 2018, Trump tweeted out the following:

“‘Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted for political purposes into my campaign for President. It took place very early on and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a ‘hot’ Fake News story. If true, all time biggest political scandal!’

“And so it is. According to Glenn Greenwald, in an article posted in The Intercept, he wrote in response to Trump’s tweet:

“‘…the DOJ and the FBI’s various media spokespeople did not deny the core accusation but quibbled with the language (the FBI used an “informant” not a “spy”) and then began using increasingly strident language to warn that exposing his name would jeopardize his life and those of others, and also put American National Security grave risk.’

“But of course, there was no risk. The FBI was pretending that exposing Stefan Halper as a CIA operative would put him at risk. That was just another lie. Stefan Halper was known publicly as a CIA operative since the 1980s! He was never in any danger, they just didn’t want the truth getting out.

“The media response was sheer ridicule. They laughed at Trump’s claims. But Trump was right.

“According to Dan Bongino, this whole thing was initially designed to con the FBI. Strange, I know. And I’m citing Dan Bongino a lot in this video, because this guy has just been a pitbull in this whole thing. He’s been relentlessly digging up and exposing stuff on all of this.

“According to Dan Bongino, Brennan set this whole thing up to essentially con the FBI to start a surveillance operation on the Trump campaign, here in the US.

“The CIA is our intelligence gathering agency overseas. Their only jurisdiction is foreign operations. They cannot conduct surveillance in the US. The FBI is the only agency that has license to spy on Americans here, in the US – and of course, only with a FISA warrant.

“And so, Bongino says that this became Brennan’s goal – but he didn’t let FBI Director James Comey in on it. Would Comey have cooperated had Brennan let him in on the plot? Maybe, but Brennan wasn’t going to risk that. Instead, he set out to create enough smoke that the FBI would think, ‘Fire’.


“Dan Bongino calls this whole thing an ‘informational laundering operation’ and I think that’s a great way of putting it, because the Trump spying operation was not merely predicated on a lie, there was a lot of work that went into creating a false narrative that they could then sell as legitimate.

“A money-laundering operation takes Dirty Money accumulated through crime; stealing or selling drugs or human trafficking or something evil, like that and then great effort is taken to create the illusion that the money was accumulated through a legitimate business; a strip club or a candy store or a car wash or ironically, a laundromat.

“Well, this is very similar: they create this false story about Trump colluding with Russia and then they went to great effort to create the illusion that it was all true, backed up by sources and evidence: an ‘information-laundering operation’.

“And so, Brennan was laundering this information, creating the illusion that all these lies were legitimate intel – and all of it was targeted at the FBI; to get the FBI to open a case, get authority to surveil the Trump team and hopefully dig up dirt. He wanted to continue and to expand his Fishing Expedition.


“A ‘Fishing Expedition’, if you don’t know, this is a metaphor for going in and digging around in somebody’s life, looking for a crime, looking for dirt. They don’t have a crime that they suspect the person is guilty of, but they think, ‘Oh, he must be guilty of something,’ and so, they get licensed to spy on the person, to raid their home, to look through all their private documents, to go fishing, right? They’re fishing for something.

“And so this is what Brennan wanted to do. He wanted to continue and to expand his Fishing Expedition. Bongino breaks down the information-laundering aspect of this. He breaks it down into a confluence of several channels of intel, all pointing to Trump-Russia Collusion and all set up to con the FBI into opening that case.

“And we all know that the FBI, then did apply for FISA warrants, did get them approved and did spy on the Trump campaign.


“Now, I always thought that it was the Clinton campaign that initiated the whole Trump-Russia collusion lie. But Hillary Clinton was just the puppet. Patrick Byrne tried to tell us this years ago but nobody wanted to listen to him.

“Now, Hillary Clinton is not blameless, of course. She was very happy to be the puppet, because at the end of the day, she would have gotten to be the President – the first woman president. Hillary Clinton would have been etched into the history books forever. From her perspective, she sold her soul for that one dignity – and it was stripped from her and so, she really thinks that the presidency was stolen from her – but it wasn’t stolen by Trump, it was stolen by the American voter.

“And she was a very eager puppet. Her team jumped right onboard the Russian Collusion Hoax and they expanded it, massively. Her boy, Sidney Blumenthal concocted the fake intel for the Phony Dossier, which he then gave to one of Hillary’s scummiest hatchet men, Cody Shearer.

“The Clinton team then hired Christopher Steele and directed him to Shearer – or intermediaries – where, Steele then picked up this intel connecting Trump to the Russians.


“And so now, it’s clear that the Hillary Clinton campaign, that they did not initiate this plan but they did go along with it and they massively expanded it. And so, that got me to thinking, ‘Maybe Hillary Clinton really believes this. Maybe she really believes that Trump colluded with the Russians.’

“And you’re probably sitting there and you’re thinking, ‘Chris don’t be crazy. Of course she’s in on it. She knows it all!’ But maybe not. It’s possible that she was told by the CIA and the FBI that Trump really is compromised by Russia.

“I mean, she, herself is corrupt. She, herself is compromised and criminals are often paranoid that everybody else is scheming, too – because they’re scheming. ‘Well, if I’m scheming, they must be scheming!’ Right?

“So, I think it’s plausible that Hillary is truly convinced that Trump colluded with Russians, because she wants to believe it and she was probably told that this was true by Brennan. I mean, she keeps banging on the same drum, even to this day.

“And maybe intelligence agents also told this to Nancy Pelosi. Remember her constant bellowing of the question, ‘What does Putin have on Trump?’

“Now, that last clip that was from last week! now I’m not saying that for sure these ditsy broads were tricked by the intel agencies. I mean, for sure, they could, themselves be lying. They’re both very powerful, corrupt and deceptive people.

“However, they both seem to be extremely confident in their pronouncements and it would actually make a lot of sense that they would have gained that confidence after John Brennan and probably some experts met with them secretly and assured them that Trump was, indeed compromised by Putin.

“The film, ‘Layer Cake’ brilliantly observed that everyone wants to walk through a door marked ‘Private’ and I can assure you that neither Hillary Clinton nor Nancy Pelosi are immune from this rule. These women love feeling important and when John Brennan and his intel officers come in and he says, ‘We can assure you, Trump is compromised by Putin. His presidency would be the greatest threat to democracy in the history of the United States,’ well, these chicks, they’re going to eat it up.


“Heck, this is probably also what happened to Mike Pence. Nobody really understands what happened with Pence; why would he have turned against Trump?

“Well, if some respected top-level intel guys came to Pence and fed him that lie, Pence probably believed it.

“At some point, Obama and Brennan and Hillary, they must have become frustrated that, after months of digging, they had found no dirt on Donald Trump. And so, then began the media smear campaign this is when the steel dossier was leaked to BuzzFeed.


“The media ran with this story for months and eventually, as you know, they brought in Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia – an investigation that revealed that there was zero collusion but an investigation that cost taxpayers $32 million.

“$32 million for an investigation that John Brennan, Jim Comey, Barack Obama – they all knew was baseless – and yet, they let it go forward to keep up the illusion that they really did think that Trump was bad.

“The investigation revealed No Collusion but they impeached Donald Trump, anyway. Why? For looking into the criminal activity of Joe Biden in Ukraine – criminal activity that actually happened!

“And then, the J6 PSYOP and then, the show trials and removing Trump from the ballots – and now, we find ourselves here today, teetering on the brink of falling into a police state.


“Now, despite our understanding about all of this stuff, we’ve still not uncovered everything there is about the plot to spy on Donald Trump and to steal the 2016 election for Hillary. I think there are some very powerful people at the top, the names of which we still do not know. I think there are a lot of crimes that we are not yet aware of.

“I think Biden, for instance is probably involved, in a variety of ways, that we’ve still not discovered – and we need it all to come out – all of it. I want to know every name, every crime. I want to know everything.

“But here’s where things get interesting: Apparently, Donald Trump is in possession of a binder – a binder that contains within it, quote, ‘The Road Map of Russiagate’. This is a direct quote from the Shellenberger-Taibbi-Gutentag article:

“‘I would call [the binder] Trump’s insurance policy,’ said someone knowledgeable about the case, he was very concerned about it and taking it with him, because it was the road map” of Russiagate.

“And now, I don’t think that this is just some intelligence plans that might embarrass John Brennan or some folks in the intelligence Community. This binder is apparently the entire reason for the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

“They want that binder back! So now, if this is the road map to Russiagate and considering how hard the FBI and the DOJ have gone after Trump since leaving office; the raid on Mar-a- Lago, the show trials, removing his name from the ballots, the attempt to destroy his business; I suspect that this binder is not simply an embarrassing set of intelligence documents. I think this binder contains hard evidence incriminating high-ranking officials in the CIA, the FBI, John Brennan, himself and maybe even Barack Obama.

“This binder may implicate these people in illegal efforts to interfere with the 2016 election and subvert the democratic process in America. This binder could be the key to saving our Republic.


“Ladies and Gentlemen: we need a reckoning in a country. With a corrupt political system, there are two reasons for political trials; 1) the corrupt members of the government prosecute their political enemies, in order to discredit them and to remove them from contention; 2) the honest members of the government prosecute the corrupt members of the government for actual crimes.

“Scott Adams posted this very sober assessment to X the other day:

‘My best guess is that about 100 people need to be jailed for a multi-year criminal conspiracy to subvert our elections: two presidents, dozens of staffers, several Senators, Soros, Soros prosecutors hunting Trump, half the media, all signers of the Laptop Hoax and on and on. It’s a long list and that’s why it won’t happen. Instead, Republicans will be jailed for noticing.’

“Scott is a bit nihilistic, here but I can understand why. What we’ve seen in America for far too long is a hesitation among Republicans to indict, prosecute and convict Democrat and corrupt RINOs for their crimes, because they don’t want to be perceived as corrupt members of the government persecuting their political enemies.

“However, the time for concerns about public perception are over. The crimes of our corrupt government officials have become too grave. The cancer must be cut away from Washington, DC and I hope that the evidence that we need is in that binder but we can’t just give it to reporters and hope that America cares. No. We need to use that evidence to prosecute these criminals!

“Now, it’s possible that Trump doesn’t even have this binder – this is just speculation but it makes a a lot of sense. Raiding Mar-a-Lago clearly exposed the corruption of the FBI. That’s a pretty bold thing to do for these people. I mean, typically, the corrupt DC swamp-dwellers, they want to hide their corruption. They don’t like it broadcast to the world – but in the case of the Mar-a-Lago raid, they did just that.

“So that raid had to have a very strong impetus and so I think that this this speculation about the binder is right. I think that the CIA and the FBI and other powerful players involved, I think that they truly believe that Trump has taken this binder – or a copy of the binder – and if so, they are done!

“And I also think that they didn’t find it, because they’ve gone scorched-Earth ever since Trump left office. He has been unjustly indicted in four separate cases with 91 spurious charges filed against him. These people are not messing around. They are furious. They are desperate – and I believe it may well be because Trump has this binder.

“So, when Trump gets back into office, we go nuclear on these bastards. And what if Trump doesn’t have the binder? Fine. Give all the top reporters that have reported on this story Top Security clearances: Bongino, Bartiromo, Tucker, Peter Schweitzer, John Solomon, Molly Hemingway, Miranda Devine, Julie Kelly, Sarah Carter, Shellenberger, Taibbi, Gutentag – and of course, my good friend, Sebastian Gorka – and I know I left out a ton of people – but you get the idea.

“Let them search the records, wherever they are; dig through whatever documents that they need to dig through, in order to bring these documents to the desk of Donald Trump, who could then declassify them, release them to the news media and use them to indict and prosecute every one of the bastards involved in this scandal.

“Even if the binder doesn’t have the evidence we need, fine. We make a new binder. But look, if Trump does have the binder – and it does have the evidence that we hope that it has – I think he’s keeping that binder very safe, waiting until he is in the most powerful position possible to use it.

“You’ve got to remember, Trump is a master negotiator. He knows that he needs to be in a position of power to negotiate the best deal and if he wants to do some real good; prosecute the corrupt bastards in DC, put them all behind bars, he knows that he needs to be the President of the United States of America.

“And maybe he’s already using the binder as a negotiating tool. Maybe this binder is his leverage against his political enemies. I’ve often speculated that DC works on the principle of Mutually-Assured Destruction, like a circle of domino, a house of cards everyone’s Got dirt on everyone else.

“But if someone in DC were to have dirt on every one else – and no one else had dirt on them – well, then that person would wield a lot of power. Consider this: an honest man who had dirt on everyone in DC would be the most targeted man in the history of America – and what do we have now? The most targeted man in the history of America!

“And so maybe that’s what Trump’s doing. Maybe Trump has joined the game, so to speak. Maybe this binder is Trump’s insurance policy. Maybe this binder is the only reason Donald Trump is still alive. I cannot wait until Trump is back in office, because if people don’t go to prison this time, the Republic dies.

“The criminals in DC already believe that they can get away with anything – and keep in mind, we don’t know all their names. We will never probably know all the names of everyone who is involved or all the crooked players in DC but if a good number of them are arrested, tried and convicted and go to prison for a long, long time, then the others, they start to realize that could have been them; the next time they want to spy on a campaign or unjustly prosecute a candidate or steal an election, they’re going to have to think twice. The only way we save the Republic is by putting a lot of people in prison.”

We’re at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. And it’s been said, if we lose that war and in so doing, lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening. If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.                                         – Ronald Reagan