The AFD — Good News for Living People By Anna Von Reitz

From around the world the word has spread and is ping-ponging back and forth, simply because the message is so incredible, so anti-intuitive. 

Yes, for every one (1) objectively worthless FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE you put in the Global Family Bank Safety Vault, you will receive one (1) American Federation Dollar (AFD).  

Each American Federation Dollar (AFD) begins trading at one (1) AFD per one hundred-eighty FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, which will update to the current rate of (1) AFD per two hundred thirty-four FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and continue to fluctuate according to daily exchange rate variations.  

This is where the “Uh, duh….” comes in.  

Wait a minute, you are telling me that I can give you a one dollar FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE, which is objectively and legally worthless, and in exchange, you will give me an AFD which is gold-backed and worth (at the current exchange rate) a whopping $234?


To understand this, you have to go back to 1934 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President of the US, Inc., removed the gold standard entirely and via the Emergency Banking Act established a “dollar for dollar” exchange rate on our silver money.  At that time, the FRN was defined as being equal in value (as an I.O.U.) to the United States Silver Dollar.  

As a result of this inequitable and coerced trade that was enforced under color of law, you, Joe American, lost the seigniorage owed on your currency, lost the investment value of both your gold and silver, and, the “legal tender” you were forced to use as a substitute underwent round after round of inflationary devaluation and taxation, until the actual trade value of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE is less than half of one cent.  

It literally costs several times more to print each such FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE than its worth. 

Good old Joe American has been taking it in the shorts the entire time, ever since the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  

It’s been lose, lose, lose, lose.  Until now, when that loss has to be made up to you.  

That’s why you get an AFD defined as one-tenth ounce of pure gold for every worthless FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE you turn in.  The difference in value is just part of what you are owed, a means to start evening up the situation and transition you over to an asset-backed currency.  

This is only for living people who reclaim their birthright and return to the land and soil of their home country— not corporations, not foreign Persons.   

We hope this makes it clear what the 1:1 exchange rate is about and why you are getting such a deal. 


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