The 5G agenda: will it make us all conscious activists?

In Brief

  • The Facts:

    The rollout of a 5G network appears to be upon us, with a seeming indifference on the part of those in charge about the potential dangers and harmful effects on the human population and the planet.

  • Reflect On:

    Is this issue the one that finally inspires a critical mass of awakened people to take back our power and withdraw our consent from endeavors that are not in the best interests of humanity?

If you are still defining your reality based on a mainstream perception–which you probably aren’t if you’re reading this article–then what you will hear about the rollout of the 5G network is that it will be a boon to humankind in so many ways. Much faster data transmission rates, greater connectivity for the new ‘Internet of Things’ model, and a burgeoning market with tremendous investment opportunities.

What you will hear little to nothing about from the mainstream are the myriad of dangers to human health and the science that has already accumulated to support this, the potential for the 5G grid to accommodate inescapable surveillance of everything we do, the capacity of 5G beams to be used as Directed Energy Weapons and escalate the ‘Targeted Individuals’ programs, the ability of 5G to enhance existing mind control and mood control operations, and even the possibility that 5G is part of the terraforming of the planet that will see to the extermination of human beings and the accommodation of extraterrestrial life forms.

While not all of this may be true, you have undoubtedly tuned in to CE to find out more about such possibilities, to then be in a better position to make an assessment for yourself. During our deep dive into all things 5G this month, we will continue to provide you with some of the erudite but little-covered conversations and presentations on the subject in order for you to come to a better understanding not only of 5G itself, but of the players and circumstances around its rollout and promotion as well.

While the disheartening revelations of elite power and corporate greed that is being uncovered by CE and other alternative media sources may have pushed many of us to retreat into the sanctity of our own lives, the 5G phenomenon may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and spurs us to conscious activism in one form or another. The 5G rollout provides the quintessential motivation for all awakening individuals to learn more about the nature of individual consent to these programs and the tremendous power we actually have as sovereign beings to decide precisely what we want and don’t want in our communities and in our world.

But first, let’s put this whole matter into a larger context.

Our Awakening Process

There is an undeniable awakening process going on all around the world, which portends to be leading to the birth of a new experience of what it is to be human. But like most birthing processes, there is pain involved. What is important, at this critical juncture, is not to be afraid of the pain and push through our fears to do what each of us came here to do. Now is certainly no time to abort the mission.

By now we have seen overwhelming evidence that the ruling class on our planet, that elite group that fundamentally operates with a hidden hand to exert powerful and profound influence over our lives, does not have humanity’s best interests at heart. Indeed, their mark is to be found in many of the ills and atrocities facing mankind today: environmental destruction, corporate greed, war and genocide, human trafficking and pedophilia, targeted individuals and mind control, and so much more.

To those still incredulous to the notion that a group of humans could be so abjectly evil, I would simply point you to the news of the day: to the incontestable fact that greed and profit drive all important economic decisions in the world, no matter the detriment to human health, safety, and freedom; to the revealing of acts of horrific depravity on the part of global elite players, and the knowledge that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg; to the obvious disregard for the planetary ecosystem, plants, animals, and nature itself, and the erosion of their life-enabling capabilities.

Many have already awoken to the fact that starvation, war, and environmental destruction have continued not simply because our visible “leaders” are inept or stupid, but because many of these leaders have inevitably sold out or been compromised by an invisible ruling class. This class represents a small but powerful cabal who have essentially been running the planet for centuries, a tight-knit collaboration of bloodline families that see their rulership of the planet as a “game,” as this alleged member of this ruling class puts it:

In order to “win” (or more accurately to be successful in) the Game, we must be as Negatively Polarized as possible. Service to Self in the extreme. Violence, War, Hatred, Greed, Control, Enslavement, Genocide, Torture, Moral Degradation, Prostitution, Drugs, all these things and more, they serve our purpose. In the Game. (source)

Our own experience tells us that the vast majority of people around us are decent, kind, respectful of each other and wanting humanity as a whole to thrive. As such, is it not becoming more obvious that if our planet and our population is in such bad shape, then it stands to reason that those who wield the real power in our world must be driven by some kind of Satanic ideology that puts the demoralization and enslavement of the population as their only priority?

5G As The Ultimate Eye-Opener

Like no other, the proposed rollout of the 5G technological infrastructure is the most compelling event to date to jolt us into realizing that we as individuals must seize our personal power, and we as a collective must chart the future of humanity by exerting that power upon any plans that put our safety, health, and autonomy at risk.

Unlike vaccines, where the authority endlessly repeats the empty slogan ‘vaccines have been proven safe and effective,’ those who are pushing for the 5G rollout are not even pretending that the effects of 5G towers–in concert with the ancillary antenna installations that will infest every quarter mile of our communities–have been proven safe for human health. At best, they concede that long-term effects remain unknown. Is that not a direct challenge for us to take back our power and put human and environmental health over faster download speeds that the majority of the population are not even asking for?

I think it is. And if you want to know more about this, I invite you to look out for upcoming articles and interviews which will go more in depth into the various aspects of the 5G agenda, including the ways we are able to withdraw our consent from it.

The Takeaway

At the heart of conscious activism is awareness–awareness of what is actually going on and awareness of how much power we each have inside of ourselves, a power that multiplies exponentially when we join forces under a common purpose. For our part at CE, we are using our media platform to shine a spotlight this month on many aspects of the hidden 5G agenda for our readers, an effort you can support directly through our campaign to stop 5G. If you become a conscious activist on this or any other matter, what is of primary importance is to understand that there is no need to fight directly against oppressive forces in most cases–in fact, if we see these oppressive forces simply as catalysts for our awakening, we can come together directly into the process of collectively birthing a new human experience into reality.