The 3rd Truth – Deeper Insights for an Awakening Generation

Calling It As We See It – The State of the World Today

The Governments of the World today have been infiltrated over the generations to the point that today they have been completely taken over by Satanic secret society actors. Many call these people liberals, “woke” or communist agitators and liars. This is not incorrect, but it masks the religion that is driving these people and the agendas they are pushing on society. How many times have you heard recently that “the world is away mad” from relatively uninformed people? Even the dog on the street knows that society is losing its way. The barbaric mutilation of children under the guise of transgender ‘healthcare’ is happening increasingly on a global scale. Governments worldwide are in ‘lockstep’ bringing in laws against freedom of speech designed to quell and suppress any and all opposition to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the World Economic Forums transition of our economies into the 4th Industrial Revolution where by and large humanity become obsolete and redundant as AI combined with robotisation and computerisation takes over almost all fields of human endeavour. Humanity could be set free by these technological advancements allowing us time, energy and financial freedom to achieve an almost utopian heaven on earth. Instead, we are to be given universal basic income, a pittance that we can just about live on that comes with huge strings attached. If you say or do anything that offends official government narratives or utter anything that is deemed politically incorrect you will be cut off from the digital cashless system of money that is going to arrive very soon. 

Fake monopoly (FIAT) money created out of thin air is the tapeworm that allows governments and their international banker handlers to finance non-stop agendas that undermine the sovereignty and homogeneity of all the nation states via open border mass immigration. Ultimately this is designed to lead to societal collapse so a regional technocratic totalitarian-fascist regime can take over in their place. Politicians in governments and councils around the world are openly pushing transgenderism on children and indoctrinating them through the schools system in defiance of parents.