The 10 Stages of Genocide

The 10 Stages of Genocide

the 10 stages of genocide

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July 11 marks the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, the worst atrocity on European soil since the Holocaust.

In July 1995, Serb forces systematically killed more than 8,000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys in the so-called UN-protected enclave in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

But what led to the massacre?

In the nineties, American genocide scholar Gregory H Stanton, examined the stages of genocide, which eventually became his “10 stages of genocide” theory.

Genocide is not committed by a small group of individuals, rather a large number of people and the state all contribute to genocide.

At each stage, preventive measures can stop the situation from deteriorating further, Stanton noted.

Bosnian Australian anthropologist Hariz Halilovic later added an eleventh stage particular to Bosnia’s case – “triumphalism”.

Here is how Stanton’s 10 stages – and Halilovic’s eleventh – relate to the Srebrenica genocide:

Stages one, two, three: Classification, symbolisation and discrimination

The idea of a Greater Serbia (including the territories of Bosnia, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro and other neighbouring countries) dates back to the 19th century, and was revived following the death of Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito in 1980.

With the decline of the Communist bloc, Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and Serbian nationalists saw a chance to mobilise the masses in support of establishing a homogenous Serbian state.

In Milosevic’s famous address to a crowd in Belgrade in 1989, he presented himself as the saviour of Serbdom and Europe. It enforced the notion of “us [Serbs] vs them”.

Bosniaks were typically called Turks, Balije (a slur for a Bosnian Muslim) and branded as “terrorists” and “Islamic extremists”.

How do these relate to Covid-19?


I believe this word is meant in the sense of “to separate into different classes (of people)” rather than as a noun that comes from the verb to classify. Regardless, this stage is all about separating people from each other, dividing people into different classes and introducing the Us vs. Them mentality.

In the past, this was done along the fault lines of ethnicity, race, religion or nation. Now, in the context of the COVID cult, it’s done according to who believes and who rejects the COVID cult narrative.

If you are a dissenter or non-believer, you are being singled out for your thoughtcrime. If you stand for medical sovereignty or bodily autonomy, you are being put into a separate class.

Symbolisation: :Symbols are used in many ways. Symbolization is used here to make the targeted group, who are enemies of the state, stand out as ignominious and conspicuous dissenters or traitors.

In the times of 3rd Reich, the Nazis forced the Jews to wear a yellow star as a symbol that they were in a different class.

In the COVID cult, this is done through reverse psychology: model citizens of the NWO cover their faces, but those outside the COVID cult refuse to cover their face.

By refusing to wear a mask, these dissenters voluntarily make themselves a highly visible target.

Discrimination: Discrimination is illegal in many nations, but that doesn’t seem to matter in the COVID cult. Centuries-old legal traditions and human rights have been trampled underfoot.

The government has used not wearing a mask as a pretext for the mass denial of rights, including but not limited to rights such as the right to freely travel, the right to freely earn a living and run one’s own business, the right to freely trade with others and the right to enter public places.

Discrimination is a way of tightening the screws and increasing the pressure for what is next to come.

Stage four: Dehumanisation

Many Serbs dehumanised Bosniaks, regarding them as Muslims who posed a threat to the Serbian hegemonist project.

“In order to mobilise domestic public opinion against the Muslims and to justify future acts against them in the eyes of the West, the Serbian leadership needed an image of Islam as a totalitarian, inherently violent, and culturally alien system on European soil,” writes Fikret Karcic, professor at the University of Sarajevo, in his paper, Distorted Images of Islam: the case of former Yugoslavia.

“Such a distorted image had been provided by some influential Serbian orientalists, the Orthodox Church, and some historians.”

Just as Nazis identified the Jews during the Holocaust, Biljana Plavsic, a genetic biologist who served as president of Republika Srpska (Bosnia’s Serb-run entity) and is now a convicted war criminal, claimed in the early nineties Bosnian Serbs were racially superior to Bosniaks.

In 1994 she said she and other leaders of Republika Srpska were unable to negotiate with Bosniaks due to their genetic deformity.

Plavsic said: “It was genetically deformed material that embraced Islam. And now of course, with each successive generation it simply becomes concentrated. It gets worse and worse. It simply expresses itself and dictates their style of thinking, which is rooted in their genes. And through the centuries, the genes degraded further.”

How does this relate to Covid-19?

Dehumanisation: This intensity picks up in this next stage. Dehumanization always seems to be a necessary precondition to murder, since it involves making the target appear less than human, not valuable and unworthy in the eyes of the killers-to-be.

Generally, the targeted group is robbed of its humanity through labels, insults and characterizations which all emphasize distinctions rather than the commonality of what all of us humans have regardless of our differences.

In terms of the COVID cult, heretics are branded fanatics, selfish, extreme, disease-spreaders, super-spreaders, domestic terrorists, asymptomatic carriers, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and much more.

In 2019, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared vaccine hesitancy (and by extension ‘anti-vaxxers’) among the top 10 threats to global health.

Stage five: Organisation

A plan to destroy Bosnia and “completely exterminate its Muslim people” was drawn up as early as the 1980s by the General Staff of the Yugoslav People’s Army, according to Vladimir Srebrov, a politician who co-founded the SDS party with convicted Bosnian Serb war criminal Radovan Karadzic.

Known as the RAM (frame) plan, its aim was to carve up Bosnia into a Greater Serbia and a Greater Croatia.

In the plan, the officers explained how artillery, ammunition and military equipment would be stored in strategic locations in Croatia and Bosnia.

A secret police force was planned to arm and train local Serbs to create police and paramilitary units in Bosnia.

One document, written by the army’s special services including experts in psychological warfare, stated the most effective way to create terror and panic among the Bosniak population would be by raping women, minors, and even children.

How does this relate to Covid-19?

Organisation: Past genocides consisted of war, mass murder, bloody massacres and/or mass graves. If a genocide comes from the COVID operation, it will be less sensationalistic. Operation coronavirus is a silent operation using fear, trauma-based mind control and other ritualistic elements.

It has the hallmarks a false flag operation like 9/11; look at the history of false flag ops and the history of fake pandemics. In this stage, the government begins actively organizing its police and military forces against those it has branded enemies.

Stage six: Polarisation

Serbian and Bosnian Serb media regularly broadcasted polarising propaganda, to dehumanise victims and marginalise the opposition to war.

In one case, while Serb forces held Sarajevo under siege, state-run Belgrade TV aired a false story intended to drive hatred, including the line: “Muslim extremists have come up with the most horrifying way in the world of torturing people. Last night they fed the Serb children to the lions in the city’s zoo.”

This was reported on the evening news and was watched by several million viewers.

How does this relate to Covid-19?

Polarisation: In my opinion, this stage is very comparable to the first stage, or is just an intensification of it.

If you are a social engineer, once you have separated the masses into different classes, you can then further entrench that division via polarization, setting the groups into mutual antagonism against each other.

This has been happening for years in the US anyway, even before Operation Coronavirus was launched, and was exacerbated by Trump, wittingly or not.

Things have reached a low point in the US where it seems many Americans cannot simply remember they are both human, or both American, and feel the need to dehumanize their ‘opponent’ if he or she is not on the correct political team.

Whatever happened to being able to agree to disagree, or being mature enough to accept others have opposing views to yours?

In the COVID cult, the NWO controllers have deliberately fueled the fire between the masses and the discriminated aware minority via the MSM, which constantly spreads propaganda that healthy people are asymptomatic carriers.

Stage seven: Preparation

Organised from Belgrade, Serbia, weapons were distributed to the Serb population by the truckload throughout 1990 and 1991 in Bosnia.

“Weapons and military equipment were even flown in by military helicopters to Serbian military officers. It is said that by the end, almost no Serbian house was without an automatic gun,” according to a UN report from 1994.

“The pretext for the arms deliveries and the rearmament was that this was necessary for the defence against ‘the enemies of the people’ – the Muslim extremists.”

How does this relate to Covid-19?

Preparation: This stage of preparation involves things like isolation and quarantine camps. Politicians have been suggesting detainment camps (i.e. prisons) for those who refuse to embrace the COVID cult. There have been rumors for decades in the US about alternative uses for FEMA camps.

Similar discussions and debates have taken place in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany as well.

Politician Warns: Trudeau Govt Plans To Build COVID ‘Quarantine / Isolation’ Camps Across Canada

If you don’t have the “mark”, you’re out of luck, and you’re either excluded from society, excluded from commerce or literally imprisoned.

Right now the mark is a mask, but next it will be the vax (and its extension – the vaccine certificate or immunity passport), and finally the microchip. Last month The Telegraph reported that Germany was building quarantine detainment campsfor COVID violators.

Germany. Detainment camps. Hmmm. What could possibly go wrong?

Stage eight: Persecution

Across Bosnia, influential, intellectual Bosniaks were often among the first to be executed, with their names drawn up in death lists.

As Serb troops arrived in each town, they killed non-Serbs, often after torturing them. Bosniak properties were confiscated.

As many as 50,000 Bosniak and Croat women, girls and young children were raped in Bosnia from 1992- 1995.

In Prijedor, a city in western Bosnia, Bosniaks were forced to wear white armbands to be clearly identified and tie white flags to their doors.

Across the country, 200,000 people were deported to concentration camps where they were tortured, starved and killed.

Others living under siege, such as in Sarajevo and Mostar, starved while being targeted by snipers and heavy shelling.

Srebrenica, which was known as the world’s biggest detention camp, was under siege for three years, before it fell to Bosnian Serb forces in July 1995.

Serb troops separated boys and men aged between 12 and 77 from the rest of the population and took them to fields, schools and warehouses to be executed.

How does this relate to Covid-19?

Persecution: At this stage, all the silent and covert preparations leading up to this point become overt. In the past, the identified targeted group was imprisoned, deported and/or their property was seized.

In some states and nations, it is already law that the property of an “infected individual” can be seized and destroyed to “stop the spread of the virus.”

Cops are already harassing peaceful citizens who don’t wear a mask. What will happen as the COVID cult agenda reaches its conclusion?

Stage nine: Extermination

On July 11 at 16:15 General Ratko Mladic (now a convicted war criminal) entered Srebrenica with Serb forces, including paramilitary units from Serbia, claiming the town for Serbs. Strolling through the streets with the TV cameras rolling, Mladic announced there will be “revenge against the Turks”.

Panicked residents in the enclave fled to the UN Dutch Battalion base only to find the 400 lightly-armed peacekeepers were unable to defend them.

Serb forces had inherited much larger resources of the former Yugoslav army, the fourth largest in the world at the time.

On that day, some 15,000 Bosniak men and boys start to make their escape through the woods, forming a column and hiking more than 100km (62 miles) in an attempt to reach free territory controlled by the Bosnian army.

The journey was known as the Death March, as they were ambushed, shot at and attacked by Serb forces. Less than a quarter of them survived.

Over the ensuing days, more than 8,000 Bosniaks were killed. Women and small children were deported.

How does this relate to Covid-19?

Extermination: I hope it never gets to this point, but sad to say it’s important not to underestimate the scale of sheer evil that is behind the NWO and the COVID cult. Extermination is mass murder; the ultimate way to shut down all dissent and opposition to tyranny.

Stage 10: Denial

In an attempt to conceal the killings, Serb forces transported the dead bodies with bulldozers and trucks and buried them in numerous locations, leaving the victims’ remains fragmented and crushed.

Human bones can be found as far as 20km (12.4 miles) apart, making it difficult for families to give their loved ones a proper burial.

According to an Al Jazeera Balkans poll from 2018, 66 percent of Serbs in Republika Srpska deny the genocide.

Genocide denial is common in academic and political circles in Republika Srpska and Serbia.

The genocide is denied by high-ranking politicians including Milorad Dodik, a Serb member of Bosnia’s tripartite presidency and by Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

Bosnian Serb mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujicic, also denies the genocide.

“[Denial] is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres,” Stanton wrote.

How does this relate to Covid-19?

Denial: Dr. Stanton notes there is a final stage: denial. This includes hiding the evidence, murdering the witnesses and blaming the victims.

In the context of the COVID cult, teachers would reinforce the lie, and cement the dehumanization, by telling children that physical touch can injure or kill, despite the obvious truth that human touch is an innate human need.

Stage 11: Triumphalism

Convicted war criminals today are respected and honoured as war heroes.

According to the 2018 poll, 74 percent of Serbs in Republika Srpska consider Bosnian Serb convicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic, guilty of genocide and war crimes to be a hero.



If you are reading this and still believe that these lockdowns and restrictions is all about saving the NHS and lives, think again! Have you actually seen the new NHS advert telling us to act like we have the virus. This is terrorist activity being put upon you through applied psychology to to sway your beliefs and your thoughts, to divide you from you and your family, to think non mask wearers are diseased and disease spreaders, all under the disguise of a virus. It’s never been about a virus. You may be unable to believe that your Government and mainstream media could lie to you, but they are. Yes, all of these people are tricked and deceived into telling YOU a lie, but they are hurting themselves and their own families too. Think police, doctors, nurses, social services, councils, MPs…the list goes on and on.

If you find this hard to believe, it’s because you are in a stage of shock and cognitive dissonance, but look at what has happened in the space of twelve months. Do you think that these globalists (headed by Satan) are going to let go of this virus narrative? They have killed hundreds of thounsands of people through lockdowns, and damaged children into mental health difficulties, even suicide, why would this evil charade stop now? They want to crush you mentally and physically.

The only solution to this genocidal massacre that is being placed upon humanity is the Lord Jesus Christ. Please hear the gospel message of the gift of eternal life and believe it. Time is short. Hate the devil for his evil deeds, and not your fellow human.

Stop watching the mainstream media and instead educate yourself through helpful media channels like The UK Column.