Superior Guardianship Rights Belong To Parents Not The State

A little over thirteen years ago, for the purposes of not allowing the state any possibility of making a claim that it has jurisdiction to interfere in the life of my newly born daughter, I created an administrative process that established by declaration that her mother and I were in possession of Superior Guardianship Rights, which were bestowed upon us by the Creator of All That Is at the moment of conception.

When the process was served upon the Registrar of Births & Deaths for Newcastle City Council, they initially attempted to pretend that the declaration was of no consequence and that the mother of every child, whether she is married to the father or not, is always legally obliged to register the birth of their child.

Moreover, the Registrar also took the position, as did social services and the Family Court, that the father only has parental rights if they are registered as such on a birth certificate.

Nevertheless, I gave the Registrar the opportunity to prove that the Creator did not bestow upon us Superior Guardianship Rights in a Notice of Conditional Acceptance, which also promised that birth registration would transpire in the event Newcastle City Council could demonstrate that to do so would be of tangible benefit to my daughter.

Abject Failure To Rebut

Needless to say to those who have followed this story since it began in the spring of 2010, when I documented the process as it happened upon various forums and my old website,, the Registrar did not have a hope of rebutting the Declaration of Superior Guardianship Rights and instead elected to threaten us with legal proceedings if we continued our refusal to register the birth of our daughter.

However, the unreasonable threat was entirely without any substantive argument and merely focused on the purported disadvantages they alleged my daughter would experience if her birth wasn’t registered.

Namely, that she would not be eligible for a free state education, free medical care, state benefits or a passport. Whilst I realize that not everybody would be able to so this, we stated clearly that we did not see any tangible benefits for our daughter in accepting those badly disguised offers of state interference in her life.

Passport Application

Nevertheless, within just a few weeks of her birth, I filled out a passport application for her, formally naming myself as her father but without enclosing a birth certificate.

Initially, the application was refused, on the somewhat predictable and spurious ground that no passport could be issued without a birth certificate for my daughter being supplied to the Passport Office.

However, undeterred as I tend to be in such circumstances, I telephoned the manager of Durham Passport Office and explained to her my daughter was automatically entitled to a passport by virtue of being born to British parents, each of whom were in possession of British passports which proved this was true.

Timeout At Durham Passport Office

Sounding more than a little perplexed by this proposition, the manager told me that she would have to take legal advice before responding but she promised to get back to me at the earliest opportunity.

Shortly afterwards, she was true to her word and called me back to confirm that the passport could be issued if I provided her with the following items:

  1. My daughter’s NHS number, which was issued upon her C-section birth in the RVI maternity wing.
  2. A letter for the family doctor, confirming that she was indeed born on a certain date, at a certain place and that she was living at the family home.

Passport Issued, Precedent Set

Once I’d obtained the letter from our local GP, who was more than happy to assist, the items were dispatched to the manager of Durham Passport Office and my daughter’s first passport was issued.

I knew from the outset of creating the administrative process used to establish Superior Guardianship Rights that it had the potential to prevent children being unlawfully taken into care and to have them returned to their parents if they are taken.

However, I honestly never even imagined a scenario in which I had any chance of losing custody of my beloved daughter, with whom I have spent more time than any other living soul, having been a stay at home Dad from the day this world was blessed with her delightful presence.

Nevertheless, thirteen years later, my daughter was taken unlawfully from my custody by social workers and police officers, who relied upon demonstrably false and malicious allegations against me to do so, without establishing that my daughter was at significant risk of serious harm, which renders taking her from my custody entirely unlawful.

Almost three calendar months since my daughter being denied any form of contact with her father, for the purposes of preventing me from taking sole custody, I have news of significant progress to report.

Court & SS Implicitly Recognise MOB’s Superior Guardianship Rights

Both the court and social services have implicitly recognised my God-given Superior Guardianship Rights by eventually acquiescing to my unequivocal parental right to see the court papers, without being registered as father or being made a party to the proceedings.

This historic and unprecedented result concurrently means that there’s nothing preventing my daughter from returning to my custody in our new home on the North-East coast before Christmas.

It also emphatically affirms that she should never have been taken from my protection and care in the first place, as I have been arguing from the outset, yet I am still being denied all forms of contact with her.

Another Message For My Daughter

Therefore, with lawful excuse, until unrestricted contact is resumed, I will continue to communicate with her publicly on this blog.

Hello Ren,

It’s been three months since I had any direct contact with you and the only consolation is that our separation is now on the brink of coming to an abrupt end.

That’s right, my lovely, the court and the social workers have finally been forced to concede, albeit through gritted teeth, that I have the right to see all the court papers and to apply to have the Interim Care Order set aside – an application which will be filed within the next three days, so you should expect the unexpected.

Thus far, they have done all they can to prevent me from seeing a copy of that order because they already know that I need it to make the application to set it aside and return you to my care in our new family home.

In other words, Ren, I’m excited beyond measure to tell you that I have now established beyond doubt that you should never have been taken from my custody in the first place and there is no legal impediment preventing you from returning to my custody at the earliest opportunity.

Until that joyous day when we are reunited and I give you the biggest hug this world has ever seen, to make up for all the hugs we’ve missed over the past twelve weeks, never forget how much I love you and that there is nothing I wouldn’t do to make sure you live the life you were born to live.


Dad X

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