SUICIDED: The Suicides of Those Exposing Child Trafficking

This awesome documentary was originally Released on January 15, 2021 but I missed it, as I had just been de-platformed by Twitter and Facebook – and apparently, so were the film’s creators. So, I lost track of them and missed so many of their great videos over the past two years – and as a result, so did many of you!

Written by Adam Riva, aka Dauntless Dialogue, whose work I featured earlier this year and edited by John Canales aka Mouthy Buddha, whose videos I’ve been posting for some 5 years, these two talents have joined forces and the results are spectacular!

Like me, you’ve probably heard vague rumors about the untimely deaths of Andrew Breitbart, Isaac Kappy, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. And like me, you haven’t spent a lot of time going down rabbit holes on Pizzagate forums over the past 6 years.


And now you don’t have to, because SUICIDED investigates the facts surrounding the curious lives and deaths of those who sought to expose the demonic epidemic of child trafficking.



Two months later, on January 29, 2010, Silsby was arrested for attempting to traffic 33 orphaned children out of Haiti without documentation.

The world would later learn, through WikiLeaks that Hillary Clinton was sent email updates from Huma Abedin and other associates regarding Silsby’s incarceration and developing legal case.

This was not the first time Silsby found herself facing child trafficking charges. Silsby had been caught once before by Haitian police, attempting to traffic 40 children out of the country. However, in that incident, no charges were brought against her and she was merely turned back at the border.

A week after Silsby was apprehended the second time, on February 7th, 2010, former president, Bill Clinton appointed Silsby a lawyer by the name of Jorge Puello. Puello was successful in getting Silsby’s charges reduced to 6 months.

Jorge Puello also had a colorful history with human trafficking. He was convicted of operating an international sex trafficking ring involving women and underage girls out of Central America and Haiti. Ouello’s wide was also arrested on the same charges.

In 2011, Silsby was appointed as CFO of the software company, Connexus and would later become its Vice President of Marketing.

Connexus operates AlertSense, which is the mass-notification software used in FEMA’s integrated public alert and warning system or IPAWS.

One of IPAWS’ functions is to issue Amber Alerts to the public in the event of kidnapping. The Amber Alert System was set up during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

In 2015, Laura Silsby married Norman Gayler and took his last name, which is how her name now appears on the Connexus website.

How does a woman who was caught multiple times attempting to traffic children internationally get promoted to the executive team of the pre-eminent kidnapping warning system in the country?

And why did the Clintons intervene in her trial?

The morning of July 26th, 2019, Twitter users saw hashtag #clintonbodycount trending. Just weeks before, Jeffrey Epstein had reportedly committed suicide in his prison cell. The phrase “Clinton Bodycount” was nothing new and had become a meme in forums across the internet in years prior.

It references the seemingly anomalous amount of Clinton associates who died suspiciously or under mysterious circumstances.

Izette Folger, a close friend of Clinton associate, James Alefantis gave a statement in support of Laura Silsby during her trial. Folger is the daughter of Michael Maccoby, who coaches leaders of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, or NPH, a large organization that runs orphanages all over the world.

Folger’s [brother], Max Maccoby is on the Board of Directors of an NPH orphanage, called Friends of Orphans, which is one of the 760 orphanages operating in Haiti – and happens to be the exact orphanage from which Silsby was caught trafficking children.

Curiously, Max Maccoby gave an emphatic and lengthy statement of support for Comet Pizza during a contentious neighborhood commission meeting, back when the controversy exploded.

It is also worth noting here that Frank Giustra, owner of the Radcliffe Foundation is on the Board of Directors for the Clinton Foundation and is a major donor to the organization.

The logo of Epida Home, a refugee center founded by the Foundation happens to be almost identical, in shape and color to the Boy Lover symbol that the FBI declassified in 2007.

Now, regardless of how you feel about the veracity of Pizzagate, scandals seem to follow the Clintons.

Their ties to pedophilia don’t end there.

Monica Petersen was a research intern at the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking and a research fellow and assistant director at the Human Trafficking Center. She also served on the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force. Petersen wrote and spoke prolifically on human trafficking.

On August 15th 2015, Monica announced her plan to visit Haiti to conduct research on human trafficking and subsequently, began living there full time.

On January 3rd 2016, Monica shared with her friend, Bella some of her findings, based on her field work in Haiti up to that point:

“Ms Clinton has corrupt & dirty business to finish in Haiti…This is the theory my master’s thesis puts forth… This is modern structural slavery…But the real significance of this scandal for me, I know you feel me, Bella, is the link between contemporary slavery and trafficking. I can’t say to what extent but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton’s Caraol Complex.”

By this point, Monica seemed to be investigating the Clinton Foundation’s child trafficking ties full time.

On November 13th 2016, Monica Petersen was reported dead in Haiti, although no body was ever retrieved for the family’s burial service.

Monica’s family was told that she committed suicide but they were kept in the dark as to the exact details of her death.

Petersen’s professor, Claude d’Estrée said that the following about her death:

“She decided to take on one the demagogues in the field of human trafficking. She produced a 110-page analysis of human trafficking in Haiti. Two years of research. We were looking for someone who was smart enough and maybe brave enough to publish her work. I will continue to seek out and publish it for her.”

After making this statement, d’Estrée suddenly disavowed any connections between Petersen and human trafficking and the Clintons. D’Estrée said Monica had gone to Haiti a number of times but she was not there to research human trafficking and was not investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Why would d’Estrée do a public 180? It turns out he worked as a supervisor in the US Attorney’s Office on behalf of Dyncorp between 1999-2002. This coincides with the exact time period Dyncorp was caught sex trafficking children in Bosnia and Kosovo and no prosecutions were made.

Dyncorp played an active role in sexual abuses in Haiti.

What if Monica Petersen was onto something before she died? What if her discoveries were true? Has anyone else unearthed the Clinton Foundation’s alleged ties to human trafficking?

Chris Cornell was the vocalist of the popular band, Soundgarden. He and his wife, Vicky worked with six different charity organization for over a decade.

In 2012, they founded the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation, which strives to support and protect abused and sexually-exploited children around the world. The couple eventually became involved with one of their foundation partner’s organizations, Aid Still Required, helping sexually-abused orphans out of Haiti.

Aid Still Required has received massive donations from the Clinton Foundation.

According to a source that spoke with Freedom Daily:

“It was during this time thatCornell discovered that these orphans weren’t being placed into better environments, after all but were then being sold into sexual slavery and human trafficking rings.”

In May of 2017, Chris was found hanged to death in the MGM Grand Hotel, leaving behind his wife, Vicky and their three children.

He was discovered with 9 broken ribs, blood splattered on the wall and had suffered head trauma before he died.

His death was officially declared a suicide but his family and close friends insist he was in no way suicidal. Many of the details of his suicide simply don’t add up.

For instance, Chris had just performed a full concert with no apparent signs of having 9 broken ribs. Chris’ body was found cold to the touch, which would have taken at least two hours in a hotel room. This would place the time of his death between 11PM and 11:30PM, when his bodyguard, Martin Kirsten was reportedly with him.

There is no official explanation for the cause of the blood stain on the wall and next to his body. His feet were touching the floor, meaning he was only partially suspended by his neck.

Furthermore, Chris’ bodyguard claims that he had to kick in the door to his hotel room to discover Chris dead.

Not only is this nearly impossible to do without a door-breaching mini-ram, but the crime scene report seemed to indicated no forced entry.

After reviewing the autopsy report and position of the body, world-renowned forensic pathologist, Dr Werner Spitz concluded that Cornell’s death was not a suicide.

Dr Spitz has worked with many high-profile murder investigations, including Dr Martin Luther King Jr and John F Kennedy and served as an expert witness during the OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony trials.

One article reads:

“Speaking to TMD, a source close to Cornell has come forward, claiming that he had evidence of a cocaine and child trafficking ring in Mena, Arkansas that was tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

According to the source, “Mr Cornell had uncovered the identities of high-level elites that were part of the same Satanic Illuminati occult operation as the Clintons and planned on exposing their goings-on right before he died.”

Two months later, it was reported that Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington committed suicide on Chris Cornell’s birthday.

Bennington and Cornell were reportedly working collaboratively to expose a pedophile ring operating in the music industry and elsewhere, although this cannot be substantiated.

However, that doesn’t mean that Bennington death – and life, for that matter – is without intrigue.

Linkin Park was handpicked by John Podesta to promote an organization called Sustainable Energy for All in Haiti, which received a $250,000 grant from the Clinton Foundation, even though they did not apply for it.

Bennington and Cornell were both associated with the Haiti-based non-profit, Aid Still Required.

One police source was quoted as saying that he believed Bennington was murdered. Oddly, the Los Angeles Coroner’s office took 130 days to release the autopsy report.

Bennington’s sister, Toby has publicly indicated that she believes her brother shared the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein, who famously “didn’t kill himself”.

She claims her Twitter account was subsequently hacked and suspended after she publicly shared her suspicions.

There does appear to be a striking resemblance between the faces of Bennington and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, which many have pointed out looks like a father-son relationship.

The prevailing theory is that Bennington’s mother, Elaine had an affair with John Podesta, which would have been possible, given that the two knew each other.

The theory goes that when Bennington’s biological father found out he was raising another man’s son, he divorced her.

Now, many investigators believe that Linkin Park, the band is an hommage to Lincoln Park, a Canadian military base in Alberta that conducted MKULTRA mind control experiments on children for the purpose of developing super spies and assassins.

Many children involved in the programs at Lincoln Park were sexually-abused. Bennington has publicly spoken of being sexually-abused as a child.

John Podesta – or “Skippy”, as he prefers to be called – owns a large and vile collection of what can only be described as “pedophilia art”. Podesta was also Chief-of-Staff to President Bill Clinton.

In 2009, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released undercover videos purporting that ACORN, the Association of Community of Community Organizations for Reform Now have been engaged in underage prostitution. None other than John Podesta was appointed to investigate the scandal.

Journalist, Andrew Breitbart was vocal about his disdain for Podesta.

On February 4th 2011, Andrew Breitbart tweeted, “How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t a household name as a world-class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.”

Then, a year later, all throughout February 2012, Breitbart telegraphed the release of a video that he said would appear on March 1st. This video, he claimed wold be severely damaging to Obama’s re-election campaign.

“Wait till they see what happens March 1st,” he said.

Right before the anticipated release on February 28th, 2012, he tweeted, “How much longer until they kill me (‘heart attack’ or ‘car accident’) or frame me for a crime? Read me while you can.”

Breitbart died of an alleged heart attack on March 1st, 2012, just two days later.

The coroner who conducted the investigation died of arsenic poisoning just two months later.

Given the gravely serious nature of investigating international child trafficking rings and their ties to Washington, Hollywood and the Vatican, there’ve been many suspicious deaths of whistleblowers and journalists, who’ve attempted to blow this story open.

There is a preponderance of dots that, if connected may point to those who seek to silence this message. Moreover, this industry of sorrow appears to be international in scope. Human traffickers see borders as merely lines on a map. It’s important to draw the distinction between what I call “Lone Wolf pedophiles” and international networks.

The networks allow the media to cover stories on Lone Wolf pedophiles, because it feeds the idea that pedophiles don’t work together clandestinely on an industrial scale. One need not look any further than the suspicious death of former police detective, Mark Minnie, author of ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’, an exposé of high-level child trafficking in South Africa.

Shortly after publishing his book, he was found dead by gunshot to the head. His death was ruled a suicide, despite his family claiming he assured them he would never commit suicide.

One can also examine the case of investigative reporter, Lydia Cacho Ribero, who was beaten, raped, harassed, arrested on false charges and had her home vandalized when she began investigating systemic child abuse in Mexico.

In 2005, she published ‘Los demonios del éden’ (‘The Demons of Eden’), a book exposing a child trafficking ring involving politicians, government officials and businessmen.

Another suspicious case involves filmmaker, Bill Bowen, who died suddenly under strange circumstances a year after publishing a trailer for his documentary, ‘Innocence Destroyed’, exposing corruption in the Child Protective Services. Is it unreasonable to assume foul play was involved with these three indivisuals when this pattern appears everywhere the child trafficking is about to be exposed.

On May 13, 2019, police responded to the scene of an apparent suicide, where an individual jumped from the bridge onto a motorway before being struck by a vehicle.

Actor, Isaac Kappy, age 42 had stated in a livestream just three days prior to the incident that he would not commit suicide. While making bold statements about the existence of pedophile rings in Hollywood, he acknowledged he was putting himself in harm’s way and had proactively taken steps to ensure his safety, such as setting up a deadman’s trigger.

Do wealthy and powerful groups engage in human trafficking and conspire to systematically cover up its prevalence? Are the whistleblowers correct in their claims of widespread pedophilia permeating the upper echelons of finance, law enforcement, religion, entertainment and politics?

We are left in perplexity.

Do we go back to believing the activists on a moral crusade routinely kill themselves? Or do we take the harder pill to swallow and acknowledge that criminal syndicates will go to unspeakable lengths to evade prosecution for their crimes?

Perhaps next time, we will pause and reflect on the brave mavericks that died exposing this monstrous black market.

The next time we read a headline of someone who has been suicided.