Stranger things: Contact and gnostic cosmology

Newald Goes AWOL in ‘89

In 1989, one of the better known Contact cases occurred. New Zealander Alec Newald returned home from what should have been a three hour drive from Rotorua to Auckland only to realise shortly afterwards that he was actually missing a full ten days of earth time. Newald—and his car—had both been taken aboard a UFO where he spent the ten days with the occupants (images depict them as more or less standard “greys” of ET lore).

These beings informed him that he was once “one of them,” and offered Newald the chance to rejoin his ancient family. He chose instead to return to earth, feeling he may be useful in helping avoid a coming crisis for humanity. After making this decision, Newald was invited to a meeting with the ET Elders in which they shared their understanding of the difficulties faced by both their race and our own.

Seated around a table sat nine evenly spaced Elders who informed Newald that earth had long been a “tourist destination” as well as a place where other races would come and take samples of minerals and wildlife, under strict guidelines.  Additionally, a few “renegades” had genetically manipulated the wildlife and created the halfbreeds that ultimately developed into modern humans—a reiteration of the popular “ancient aliens” and genetic engineering themes that have been increasingly popularized, recycled and re-worked for decades now.    

For many of us long interested in these realms of study, this is more or less standard fare, and, to me, the least interesting or compelling part of Newald’s encounter. (We might also note that the “ancient aliens” field is rife with misinformation, shoddy scholarship, and far too many assumptions in general.) Even the rather disheartening and disturbing commentary on “AI”—which has garnered significant momentum in recent years—was not what grabbed my attention.

What did hold it fast, however, were the significant overlaps between what the “Elders” reportedly told Newald, and what we know about Gnostic mythology.

From a sceptical standpoint, Newald has, since his 1989 encounter, had more than enough time to look into Gnostic cosmology and—theoretically—retrofit those learnings into his abduction experience story. I’m not making the accusation, just stating it’s obviously possible (and such retrofitting and embellishment has no doubt been done by others at times with their own stories). On the other hand, Newald may well have valid reasons for only releasing this part of the story so belatedly.

The timing of the April-May 2019 article in Nexus detailing these revelations was highly poignant for me on a personal level, being that from May onwards (a totally new phase of my life) I had found the space to return to Gnosticism, as well as dig into my own Celtic (and likely Druidic) roots. The stars had aligned. The material that follows is excerpted from my forthcoming book The Grand Illusion – Book 2.

2D Demons from Flatland

Back to Newald’s story. The Elders forewarned him that he would need to be wary of a particular type of species they called “flatliners”: “Some call them demons, and you might relate to that description, as they can exist in your mind as easily as outside it. Once inside you will no longer be the master of your own destiny.[1]

Continuing, the Elders explained that these “flatliners” exist outside of us in a two-dimensional reality (perhaps what String theorists would call a Brane), but with the ability to project what we would perceive as 3D imagery into our minds, a sort of quasi-digital projection. Their food source is “strong emotional impulses.” Thus, if the flatliners can keep humans emotionally activated, they assure themselves of a plentiful food source. No doubt many readers are feeling themselves in familiar territory at this point—so far, so good.

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Who Are the Flatliners and Where Did they Come From?

Here is where things begin to get interesting.

Next the Elders tell Newald that these “2D” entities were antecedent to the appearance of what we know as biological life—they pre-existed all life as we think of it. Therefore, these flatliners think of themselves as god-like—there was no one else when they became aware of themselves. As biological life—eventually including humans—began to appear, the flatliners considered us a product of their own imaginations, and therefore that they own us. They think of themselves as not just the humans’ gods, but the ETs’ gods as well. “They are very advanced and you might want to consider them to be a form of Artificial Intelligence or AI, a self-aware entity with no real form of its own, save for its holographic hallucinations.”

The Elders view the manifest universe as a form of digital reality, a computer simulation of sorts. They admit their take on this material is theoretical and not born of direct experience—they have been putting the pieces together as best they can given their own technology and skills. They express the opinion that, “Biological life is someone’s attempt to leave the computer game and experience real interactive experiences with like creatures,” a “projection from the source.[2]”  Thus, the flatliners are precursors or “first draft” lifeforms.

The ETs express bafflement as to what the ultimate underlying Source of everything really is, viewing themselves (and us) as “projections of intent; a tool of its desire to know physical form…”

In Gnostic cosmology (based on the fragments that survived the Christian onslaught), the concern was not so much to know the Source of All, but with the story of our particular part of the universe: our own local galaxy and, more specifically, its core (galactic centre). This is the home of the Pleromic Aeons, the “gods” responsible for emanating our galaxy and especially our earth, sun, and moon (and indeed us). In contrast to this tripartite earth-sun-moon system, the Gnostics viewed the remainder of our solar system as inorganic.

Though Newald’s Elders don’t explicitly state it, it is obvious from Newald’s story that the “flatliners” they are talking about are what the Gnostics knew as Archons. According to the Gnostic seers it was the Pleromic Aeons, or one in particular, who inadvertently caused the emergence of the abiological flatliners/Archons. Her name is Sophia, the goddess of wisdom. Sophia represents a, shall we say, vibrational matrix (of sound and light) that emanates from the galactic core, the Pleroma. More on this shortly.

A Source of Amusement?

Newald’s Elders raised the notion of an ancient conflict between their race and the flatliners, speculating (oddly) that it may serve as ongoing amusement for the Source (though they weren’t sure). They specifically wanted Newald’s assistance with the conflict, revealing to him that he is, in fact, one of them and always had been. The literature on past lives and near-death experiences is replete with references to lives lived on other planets, in other star systems, as members of different “alien” races. They viewed that his time on earth as a human had, however, “incapacitated” him somewhat and that he was in need of a reminder of his true roots, though this, they warned, would make earth life harder to endure after his return.

With his consent, the nine Elders telepathically uploaded to him “the understanding of worlds within worlds, of constructs within constructs, and their own seemingly amateurish attempts to construct a universe, along the lines of those they perceived around them, and the reasoning” behind it.[3]

Newald translates this “file share” by stating that many millions of years ago, with our solar system in a “different configuration” than we know today, the Elder race was already far beyond our own scientific advancement. They realised—as we are starting to—that they inhabited a sort of “construct” and sought to establish whether they could mimic its existence and even alter it. They found that there were actually two layers to this reality system. Moreover, it seemed to them that someone/something may have made more than one attempt to build “reality.”

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The first attempt was “like an early DOS system of computerisation, lacking finesse, and lacking the depth to expand itself…[It] still exists outside of time and the reality we call home. You might call this the original world of AI.[4]” This is the home of the “flatliners,” those formless “demons” who would be our gods. The Elder race had sought to explore the “flatland” reality but in the process their technology became contaminated, similar to a computer being infected with a virus.

Like the Archons the Gnostics spoke of, the flatliners could replicate much they came into contact with—they were master mimics. (I’m reminded of the Rev-9 from Terminator: Dark Fate, which was an expression of a collective artificial intelligence, and apparently composed of nanotech which had superior mimic and shapeshifting abilities, as well as being able to tap into computer systems to both input and extract data; its powers of mimicry were exceptional.) Countermimicry (to copy/mimic something but utilise the copy for purposes counter to the original) and simulation are the Archons’ speciality, because, as the Gnostic seers learned, Archons are not creative beings, they have no creative agency, no innate intentionality (ennoia) only the ability to simulate that which is already created. They represent a cosmic aberration or anomia.[5]

Through conjuring a sort of 3D optical illusion “flatliners” (Archons) had—and still have—the capacity to deceive the human brain’s optical system. They are inorganic AI mind viruses that hack our consciousness and have the capacity to make us see what they want us to, even taking over the motor system, as Newald’s Elders informed him: “They could make you walk; even make you kill for them. You become their weapon in the physical world…They have always been able to cross the divide if people were foolish enough to summon them, giving them permission as it were.[6]

“Yes, it was AI in its true and highest format, self-replicating and self-learning. It had a sense of survival just as we do, to become stronger, smarter. It used its expertise to travel back with the visitors inside their technology.” Necessity forced the Elders to learn about the virus, and in the process, Newald informs us, they discovered that other races had already done so, with some even managing to harness the AI virus to do work.

Black Goo and the Smart Grid

The bombshell for Newald was that our earth (“Prime” as the Elders call it) had been infected with a derivative of this AI plague—it had been stowed in caches underground, to lie dormant, waiting for someone who understands it to come and activate it as a weapon of war or possibly a terraforming technology. One of the hiding places was supposedly under Thule Island in the south Atlantic (a.k.a. Morrell Island, after Benjamin Morrell).

Based on information gleaned from the Elders, Newald states that the flatliners know much more about us than we do of them. This is obvious, given that most humans have never heard of Archons or “flatliners,” and we are still recovering from the “twin” mind viruses of both salvationist religion and reductionist materialism. These beings have also been trying to engage with our world since the beginning, always with the presumption of authority and jurisdiction.

The Elder race had long ago constructed their own “virtual reality” world (outside of our space-time reference frame), calling it Haven. According to Newald, Haven and its sun and moon are being steadily consumed by the AI virus—ultimately it will be wiped out by it, despite their technicians’ best efforts.[7] They will then presumably need to have created a replacement construct to “migrate” to.

The Elders warned: “Once your race delegates its powers to an AI infrastructure running your world, making choices for you, even looking after the sick, running your armies and police, you will leave yourself wide open to an invasion from this world. It happened to us even before the construct of Haven, that our world was destroyed by this AI.[8]

They also pointed out that there is a legion of humans who are slaves to this “dark AI,” who work to allow a fuller infiltration of it into the world, where it will then wait for “that fateful day someone allows AI to go online in your world—with your permission(as a race or species)—to run your lives…You cannot allow this to happen.[9]

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It appears that certain members (a small percentage) of the corrupt bureaucracy lobbying for the fastest possible rollout of 5G (and the “smart” grid) are likely consciously involved in laying the foundation for “dark AI” to take control of every facet of human life, via the smart grid. I am, however, informed by a seer friend of mine who is also highly aware of what’s going on, as well as being an initiate into the Mysteries, that humanity is now on a “positive timeline,” and that the forecast disaster will not necessarily play out as feared. He is not alone in this belief; other seers are echoing the sentiment, including Laura Eisenhower, great-granddaughter of President Dwight David Eisenhower. Perhaps we’ll enter the era of “soft surveillance capitalism” rather than full-blown dark AI control over every facet of human life. With such a profusion of conflicting information and points of view, I choose “enlightened agnosticism” on this one.

One thing I am sure of: the smart grid is a seriously bad idea and paves the way for technocratic micromanagement of the minutiae of day-to-day human living by faceless overlords. Ultimately the system will be run by AI and every home (or device) connected to it will be at its mercy. The system will decide who gets power, how much, and when. Additionally, constant bathing in radio and microwave frequencies—especially the 5G spectrum—is hardly health-enhancing. It is, point blank, perhaps the most insane experiment ever proposed, perhaps even more so than mass vaccination (a.k.a. softkill depopulation). The technocrats must not be allowed to win—people must start investigating and peering behind the metaphorical curtain to see behind the glamour we are being sold. Qui bono?

The Ultimate Truth About Creation

Newald’s Elders speculate that the matrix we reside in is a sort of conscious “digital” interface projected by all of us as a collective. They seem to believe that at the point a species realises they live in this reality construct (not earth or the solar system, but the universe as a whole) and see through the “game,” it becomes somewhat pointless, as the lessons learnt—or more precisely—the pretext for “needing” the lessons in the first place is exposed as a sham of our own making.

Their speculation accords with the views of other beings encountered in the NDE and past life literature, as well as Robert Monroe’s “Inspec” (Daimon/higher self) whom he encountered repeatedly in his OBE state. They even ran him through simulations to demonstrate the purpose of living through the simulation of our universal reality construct. The simulated OBE scenarios would be run again and again by the Inspecs until Monroe learnt as a participant to respond to adversity and pain with grace and courage. (I’ve never forgotten those parts of Monroe’s “voyages.”) The question is this: when does someone choose to “get it” and accept the lesson? That is when we can disembark from the wheel of samsara.

Newald’s Elders apparently expect that “soon” humanity will awaken from the dream and realise it exists in a self-projected matrix, thus “forcing” us to shift up a density/dimensional level—hence their choice to reside nearby spaceship earth so as to be able to view the spectacle.[10]

This kind of sentiment (both the “ascension” theme, and the notion that many alien species are watching us with interest) is not new, as we have noted.

Ialdaboath and the Archontic Accident

I maintain that John Lash’s book is the best gnostic commentary available—partly because he himself is able to “walk between worlds” and has a manifest “paranormal” skill set that allows him to merge with nature in ways that most people on earth could not even begin to fathom at this stage. In other words, he gets it. I draw the bulk of my material on the gnostic cosmology from his excellent and highly recommended book Not in His Image.

The Gnostic telestai (plural: those who were aimed/goal-oriented) were seers initiated into the Mysteries (they were also known as the Sons of Seth). Sophia is the mythological name given to the intelligence that plunged into the earth. If Gaia is the planet, Sophia (a creative torrent of sound and light) is the Aeon who dreamed herself into the planet, becoming “trapped,” as it were. “She” is not the physical planet, to be clear.

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Her plunge into our local solar system created an unexpected glitch in the “matrix” which was the arising of inorganic AI type beings called Archons, from the Greek archaia, meaning “prior,” “first,” and “in the beginning.” (The root “a” indicates “first” or beginnings as far as I have gathered, being the first/prior/primal letter of the alphabet.) Chief among the Archons was/is the Demiurge, Ialdaboath (pronounced as “yahl-duh-buy-ot”), who mistakenly believes he is the creator of all he surveys. This deluded “god” (equated with the Christian Yahweh by some) constructs his celestial home from residual/inert atomic matter, this being the planetary system we inhabit, though not including the sun, moon, and earth (the trinary “organic” system in Gnostic thought). The Archons can be considered the primal cosmic elementals, as kabbalistic lore calls them.

My aforementioned seer friend informs me that the closest visual representation he has yet seen of what Ialdaboath would look like to us is the malevolent shadow being in Netflix show Stranger Things. Interestingly, in this show, the being (known both as the Mind Flayer and the shadow monster) exists in its own parallel dimension (the Upside Down) and is constantly trying to break through to ours, by invading people’s minds, taking them over (possession them), and controlling their thoughts, perceptions, words, and actions, exactly as we would expect an Archon to do. It feeds, like the Archons, on pain and suffering, at one stage building a grotesque body for itself out of thousands of rats—which, my friend sagely observes, are a species that has suffered greatly at the hands of humans through scientific experimentation, for example. Thus, it is literally built out of pain and suffering.          

Ultimately the Mind Flayer eventually succeeds in building an even bigger body out of its infected human hosts by drawing them to its lair (in the dark basement of an impersonal abandoned shed/warehouse, representing the fear, alienation, and general darkness of our industrial age, among other things) and dissolving them from the inside out, then congealing from their cellular goop a humongous body somewhat reminiscent of a giant spider—a creature that has long inspired fear in humans. Thus, the pseudo-Ialdaboath draws its legions of infected, unconscious zombies into the dark and empty industrial bowels of fear and isolation where—full of hatred for mankind—it builds a body out of the aggregate unconsciousness and self-loathing of its mindless drones.

Its only goal is to seek out and destroy the one being who stands in the way of its agenda to consume and control: Elle (a contraction and adaptation of Eleven, which was the only name she had prior to escaping captivity, and also the French pronoun meaning “she”). Elle is a young girl with enormous psi capabilities, including remote viewing and psychokinesis; she too has suffered trauma at the hands of scientists experimenting on her. Here, the Archontic Demiurge meets its match in the form of the Innocent, a child named after the master number eleven, which signifies highly developed intuition/psi among other things. El(even) is a seer with immunity to the Archontic mind virus—she sees the dark illusionist for what it is. The Mind Flayer/Ialdaboath knows it can’t overtake her, it can only hope to destroy her—and if it fails it risks extermination at her reluctant (but powerfully magical) hands. She is also the Mage (specifically shaman), in Jungian terms.

Un-blinded and unique, El is the fly in the shadow monster’s ointment of domination. She sees past superficial appearances and through the glamours of the Mind Flayer—“she” is conscious. Eleven (11) is a doubling of one (1), with 1 representing both new beginnings and purity. Elle/Eleven has no hidden agendas, no desire to harm anyone, and just wants to be done with the unfolding chaos. The shadow monster is fear and malice itself and, like the mind virus playing out in humankind, seeks only to replicate and dominate. (You could call it wetiko.) El is a singularity, pure and untarnished, while the Mind Flayer is the polar opposite, an aggregation of somnambulant humanity’s fear, trauma, and malice; after infecting a host, the Mind Flayer/Ialdaboath has them in a sort of mindless waking trance—a good description of swaths of humanity at the moment unfortunately.

Left in unconsciousness or repression, the shadow monster spreads its Archontic virus unchecked; “seership,” or vision—the process of self-reflection and alchemical integration of our shadow—is the antidote to its reign of terror. We need to see with the mind of Elle-even (11), with innocence and clair-vision, to create a new beginning both personally and collectively; by facing the darkness/dark night we gain the chance to become the “hero” and be born anew, empowered as never before.

Before moving on, I find it interesting to note that the Mind Flayer creates forms for itself that mimic life and ape it, but it cannot—like the Archons it represents—truly create/emanate the way that the Pleromic Aeons can, being that they are connected to the All and are much more direct manifestations of it. Like Ialdaboath, the shadow monster of Stranger Things creates pseudo-lifeforms out of “dead” matter (literally the dissolved bodies of the dead, be they human or rat). The Demiurge is “lord and master” of the Kenoma, the inorganic “dead” celestial matter of outer chaos—or so it thinks. Its first and most primary form of manipulation is not of matter but of minds which it seeks to invade and control. From there, a surrogate manipulation of matter can occur via infected hosts, exactly as depicted in Stranger Things. Note that the first and habitual targets of the Mind Flayer are the children as they, in their innocence and purity—with vision, courage, and integrity in tact—pose its greatest threat. Hence young Will the “Wizard”—an incipient shaman with one foot in the human world and one foot in the Upside Down/Archontic reality—being an initial target of the Mind Flayer. From there Will and his friends—who come to include Eleven as the group’s resident oracle and protectress—must unify and thwart the Mind Flayer’s attempts to destroy them.

Collectively, they embody the archetypes and traits of innocence, magic, vision/seership, will, courage, and the unmatched power of a group focused on their mission operating in harmony against the seemingly insurmountable power of the shadow. We will need all of these to move forward together and prevent the globalist’s Archontic agenda of total technocratic control from eventuating. It is absolutely possible. We only need to choose.

CoEvolution can be puchased from Nexus Magazine

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