”Before they can be brought to trial they must be exposed to the world.”


The antidote to the worldwide web of lies spun by the Stockholm bureaucracy is the Blue-Yellow pill.

WATCH Sweden’s ”Loose Change,” — the real life ”Girl With Dragon Tattoo” and ”Fast Cash”.

Free to republish/re-upload in whole or in part. Although the film is protected under Fair Use it will not stop the system from still claiming copyright violations in order to have it removed. Thus, be sure to promptly download it and re-upload on secure platforms. Share far and wide! If edited please also include the link to the complete film.

In a time of censorship when material of historical importance is being scrubbed from the internet and even blurry low resolution copies with jarring sound becomes tantamount to gold it is important to gather what still remains, so that the audio visual evidence of the tragedy that befell Sweden during the first decades of the 21st century isn’t memory-holed out of existence by the forces of tyranny.

”State of Sweden” covers all major Swedish domestic groups who in their own way have been adversely affected by the anarcho-tyranny. Importantly, the film does not represent any one particular organization, but stands on its own.

The facts speak for themselves, regardless who champions them.

The only agenda with the production is to reveal the unvarnished truth. No one gets a pass because of their status, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or ethnicity.

Disclaimer: Contrary to what fake news outlets may claim the film advocates holding the criminal elements accountable solely through peaceful means. Contrary to what fake news may claim the film does not spread lies nor does it promote hatred, it exposes it. The actual extremists are the apologists and pushers of the genocidal policies which is destroying Sweden—a nation that was at peace for hundreds of years until the globalists slated it for destruction.

Because the fake news establishment media are arrogant and above all lazy they will not watch the film in whole, or at most simply skim through it. Basing their flimsy responses on such conduct, they will thus (deliberately or not) miss parts that in turn will automatically destroy their lies. Everything in the film ties together and one cannot credibly dismiss any one particular part without also adequately explaining the rest in the same context.

All that remains for the fake news pundits is therefore the emotional appeal, in which they are left to defend rapists, murderers and other criminals as well as the attempted genocide of a people. Thus, they are effectively left with zero moral standing.

As the saying goes, ”the cover up always gets you.” This is also why the film needs to be so long. It sets up those who rely on the lie for a major downfall.

That the subject matter for one of the world’s longest documentaries is about the rampant latter day Swedish criminality may come as no surprise to those already familiar with the so-called state of Sweden a.k.a. svenska tillståndet — the reality which lurks behind the Potemkin curtain known as Sverigebilden, the Sweden image which is the way the criminal establishment likes to portray itself to the rest of the world, and its own people.

The film is a distress call, as evident by the title, and it needs to become loud enough in order to be able to reverse much of the tragedy that has befallen the people of Sweden, and the world, as a direct result of the criminal Swedish establishment having been allowed to go unchecked for too long.

This is in turn not only the longest Swedish film ever made, but the most important film about Sweden ever made.

No other film is currently offering an equally exhaustive overview (and consequently review) of the state of Sweden and its worldwide crimes. Yet, it remains only cursory.

The length of the documentary also works to illustrate the rapidly escalating and seemingly never ending nightmare that the Swedish establishment has forced its indigenous population into.

The documentary compresses what would normally require years to comprehend into a 12 1/2 hour dramatic overview.

To argue that the film should be shorter is like suggesting that Assange should not have released all 250,000 cables with the reasoning that it was too much. It is not a film that is intended to be watched in one sitting, the viewer decides when intermission is necessary. Rather than deeming the length of the film as a problem it should be regarded as a 12 1/2 hour long merciless torture of the criminal Swedish establishment.

The film refuses to tone itself down, and uncompromisingly presents enough information and perspectives to completely shatter the opinion corridor once and for all. Because, once a person has watched the film from beginning to end they will undoubtedly feel the need to talk to somebody about the shocking revelations. This is inevitable. Thus, the film effectively serves as a megaphone from Sweden to the rest of the world.

In order to prevent the ”People of the Lie” from in turn claiming it to be false or exaggerated an overkill of facts, cases and data has been necessary.

The first quarter is simply intended to show the horrific crimes the establishment is guilty of having committed (often by proxy) against the Swedish population, in order to drive home the point that most Swedes are as much victims of the Swedish establishment as the rest of the world, in fact even more.

The first quarter furthermore shows the effects of unrestricted immigration from the MENA region, and what awaits for example the United States unless it stops it and starts deporting, thereby also setting an important precedent for Europe to follow. The remainder of the film shows how Sweden is a globalist leader and how it interferes with other countries’ affairs.

For those not already in the know “State of Sweden” will work as an emotional journey of discovery, into one of our time’s most deceptive and socially destructive systems, cloaked by a fog of lies which goes under the moniker Humanitarian Superpower.

The film constitutes first and foremost a thorough deconstruction of the delusional Swedish self-image; a wake up call for the Swedish people as to what has become of their country and by extension them as a people.

The big question is: What do you do with a people who seemingly knows nothing about the reality of their collective situation, or refuses to accept the facts? A people who will defend the lies with such ardor that they become synonymous with them—evil? Only by having the whole world react in righteous condemnation may the brainwashed and chronic sufferer of the Stockholm syndrome (perhaps) wake up enough to reconsider their stance.

Truth is that the nation of Sweden has been taken over by a class of white collar criminals who remain immune to any prosecution because they are effectively in control of the system: this group of criminals whose crimes are open and obvious for everybody to witness call themselves ”politicians” and their lieutenants ”bureaucrats”. This is why the international community must intervene and hold these offenders accountable in an international setting. The first step towards that objective is to educate the world.

Truth is also that Sweden is in an undeclared state of war, of 4GW character, a civil war in which the native population is under attack by imported hostile forces, allied with the terrorist cultural marxist left and the globalist establishment.

As the perpetrators on a grass roots level conduct their (war) crimes the globalist establishment is attacking the native population from a legislative and judicial vantage point in what amounts to systemic abuse of power. In this pincer move the indigenous civilian population is being systematically crushed.

The globalist criminals have manufactured division so that Swedish society never again can return to harmonic unity. This divide and conquer scheme can only be resolved by first holding those ultimately responsible accountable.

This documentary proves beyond any reasonable doubt how these seemingly fantastical claims are true, while simultaneously making a convincing case for why the top level of the Swedish establishment must be prosecuted internationally, and the nation’s judiciary reformed in accordance to international standards so that lower level operatives then may be held accountable in domestic trials under new laws.

Put simply, the film is a MOAB in the information war over Sweden in that ”all” information hereby is made readily available for dissemination through one link, and has the power to destroy the corrupt system and its agents.

Only by successfully turning Sweden into a warning example for the rest of the world may Sweden stand a chance of being saved (restored).

The very existence of the film in fact serves to preempt any future crimes by said establishment through the full exposure of its agenda. In that capacity the film is evergreen and its relevance will only grow, until it eventually transforms into a purely historical document — a testament of the gravest period in Swedish history.

The film stands as a digital monument over the Swedish anarcho-tyranny, implemented by the very same people who are so frequently promoted and celebrated in Swedish mainstream news and entertainment. It is also a necessary reminder as to what was said by the establishment itself and what really happened.

”State of Sweden” consists of numerous representative exhibits and in that capacity serves as an absolute indictment.

It takes the viewer from the seemingly apparent to that which has been hidden from the public, but in order to fully understand what’s been hidden one must first be able to put into proper context that which is readily apparent.

Relevant to this point, the film for example shows the involvement of prominent Swedish individuals in the secret criminal network of Jeffrey Epstein, which in turn is directly linked to the deep state.

”State of Sweden” is essentially a so-called witness impact statement (not only by Swedes) so that future generations may never forget what was done, not just to their ancestors but also to them, and importantly who did it and in what capacity.

This encompasses everything from genocide to racketeering, pertaining for example to the 2020 US election, Agenda 21/2030, the situation in South Africa and Ukraine, etc. Other prominent countries impacted negatively by the crimes of the Swedish establishment are Russia, China, as well as those of the European Union.

What is being done to the United states is precisely what they have done to Sweden. And to understand what’s in store for the United States, as well as the rest of the west, simply take a look at the state of Sweden. Sweden is the canary in the coal mine for the west.

To get a real tangible insight into what the New World Order actually will be like simply look to that northern outpost of anarcho-tyranny known as Sweden.

#SwedenMatters because Sweden is a leading force within the deep state, as the country is effectively under the control of one of Europe’s (the world’s) most powerful globalist families: Wallenberg.

Foreign governments who are being attacked by the criminal Swedish establishment are highly encouraged to watch the film in order to find fodder for the purpose of formulating an educated defense against the criminal cabal of the north. USE THE INFORMATION and be merciless with the criminal Swedish establishment, help the Swedish people bring them to trial internationally by releasing in response any pertinent information regarding their crimes.

Even the imported islamists who are currently residing in Sweden need to understand that the corrupt Swedish political/financial establishment which they support has been directly involved in the destruction of their homelands.

The Swedish establishment has successfully done so by way of supranational organizations, legislative influence in international bodies, transnational corporations and corporate crimes.

Call to Action:

The film gives the awakened individual a necessary leverage by providing them with the opportunity to take on the crucially important role of distributor by proxy.

The film enables every concerned individual, regardless of background or level of knowledge, to have a have a profound role in helping save not only a country and a people, but in fact the world, as the film makes it easy to distribute massive amounts of key information with the mere click of a button. It grants the opportunity to those not previously engaged in the plight of Sweden to come in strong to the fight.

Anybody is welcome to use the film as a tool to further bring attention to the revelations presented. That is not to claim however, that all who are referenced or promoting “State of Sweden” necessarily agree with each other.

Uniting Swedes in the prevailing climate of ”divide & conquer” has thus far proven practically impossible. This holds true even amongst groups who are technically on the same side in their concern for Sweden’s wellbeing. “State of Sweden” offers a potential way of circumvention of any such drama.

Rather than infighting by publicly distancing itself from one another every party in the film would do better by instead putting focus on what they wish to communicate next to the world, now when they have been given a brief window of universal attention. What is the most important thing that they want to say about the Swedish issue which must be resolved?

Therein, lies the strength, a strength of decentralized unity. Each work their angle, or point of interest, through the dissemination of the film which in turn presents the greater narrative.

Having watched the film from start to finish everyone of average intellect and intelligence should be able to reach the same conclusion: That the Swedish establishment is rotten beyond redemption, and will do nothing effective to solve the problems which they are themselves responsible for having created. Any assurance by them to the contrary is simply tantamount to yet another broken promise and lie. — The only reasonable recourse is thus to pursue justice through the international community. A crime against humanity is a crime against international law and must be resolved accordingly. That is the singular rallying point which ties together all the various angles that are presented.

Similarly to how the criminal Swedish establishment has bypassed the genuine sentiments of its indigenous population, the population as a whole must now bypass the criminal establishment. What the treasonous globalist government thinks of such action is irrelevant.

There is ultimately only one reason why the rest of the world remains indifferent to the politics of Sweden — they simply do not comprehend the tremendous magnitude of harm it has caused around the world.

Alas, the whole world is paying the price for the Swedish establishment having been left unaccountable for far too long.

The way for the international community to actively assist is therefore to demand — if only out of pure self-interest — that the (globalist) Swedish establishment is prosecuted internationally for their many crimes against humanity, which they have either directly or indirectly participated in around the world.

It should be noted however, that the criminal Swedish establishment also is part of a greater international criminal network, which is presented in the film as well and which must face a similar fate.

History is being written and history needs to be merciless with traitors and criminals against humanity, so that it never happens again.

Accept the challenge: It all starts with the click of a button. See for how long you are able to remain in the state of Sweden via this 12 hour long vicarious odyssey. Beware: Should you press play you are effectively taking the Blue-Yellow pill, and your world will never be quite the same. The film offers a complete deprogramming from the official narrative.

You have the choice to stop watching at any moment and return to the matrix, the delusion that what this film reveals isn’t actually happening and that everything is fine, more or less. Only by watching ”State of Sweden” to the very end will you able to say you took the Blue-Yellow pill.

Should you not make it to the end, then imagine what it is like for the defenseless Swedes who do not have the option of stopping the nightmare with simply the click of a button.

On the other hand, if you do make it to the end you will no longer have any legitimate excuse to remain inactive, nor be able to say you “didn’t know…”.

The film is a battering ram against the criminal Swedish establishment and their Potemkin curtain. It is however up to every individual who feel called to action via the information presented, to help swing it.

Free media will initially be crucial in pushing the film out of the phantom zone by continuously giving it attention, thereby raising awareness and curiosity.

While walls in general are good, please do not put your review behind a pay wall.

All relevant Swedish media coverage in English will be compiled and submitted to international media and other relevant organizations.

Those international platforms (from the Swedish perspective) who acknowledge “State of Sweden” will in turn be introduced to the Swedish audience through their coverage of the film — thus it is a win-win.

Furthermore, every unique viewer is kindly asked to please participate by making a social media statement (preferably in English, use Google translate if necessary) as to why they think their circle of influence/interest group should also watch it. EVERY VOICE matters in this. #ReviewsMatter

Another way to fight back in this information war; is to tag and link in comment sections every time the corrupt politicians and other (yet unindicted) criminals post something. Start new accounts to keep them busy blocking, redirect their energies and put them on the defense, through this capture of their attention their followers will finally press play simply to see what it is all about. Every single person matters, every person who gets involved for the purpose of bringing justice to the victims have an honorable mention in the annals of history.

Indeed, its strength depends on the commitment of the individual to give it proper attention in a sustained effort, especially leading up to the 2022 Swedish election.

The Swedish people fancy themselves as moral guardians, and if that has any authenticity it is necessary to now actively help expose the lies and crimes that their representatives have pushed on the world for far too long, or they will by coming generations also be labeled as the ”People of the Lie”: in short, evil.

The only way forward in order to maintain honor and dignity is thus to get active.

Please take to heart, the more views the louder the message to the criminal establishment, namely that the entire world is now literally watching their every move. Their lies are being exposed, and will remain so in perpetuity.

”O PLAN” (operational plan)

Colonial history 101: You simply don’t give away somebody’s land and then try to genocide them and expect those affected to accept it.

The way the United State will hold their globalists accountable shall serve as a precedent for also other nations suffering from the very same nature of criminals and crimes.

As prosecutions begin to intensify in the United States it is therefore crucial to ride that wave, to seize the momentum by showing the numerous parallells, as well as to emphasize that international assistance with prosecuting the Swedish globalist elements also is absolutely necessary.

The more parallels that become relevant between the worldwide corruption and the state of Sweden, the more people will be interested in watching the film. This process cannot be stopped so long as everyone interested in saving Sweden also accepts the task of passionately distributing/promoting it.

Swedish free media plays a crucial role in ensuring the film’s impact by creating a case for international media to also acknowledge it.

In this back and forth public communication pertaining to the subject matters of the film, along with steadily growing public attention, it will eventually force the corrupt establishment to act. That is the objective: that the establishment’s fake news platforms go on the attack so that also the sleeping majority who normally do not pay attention to alternative media becomes intrigued enough to watch it. Regardless what the fake news mainstream media say, their claims will be used in further deconstruction of the official false narrative which they are tasked with upholding.

It is understood that it is going to be a drawn out process to get a significant number to watch the film until enough talk about it, whereby it consequently becomes a self-generating process.

When the film becomes a major talking point people will want to watch it for that reason alone.

To reiterate, the film does not belong in any one camp, but stands above. Therefore, it cannot be claimed by any one group, and there are furthermore enough issues to engage numerous camps to get active in sharing it. Thus, the film is effectively designed to work as modern-day Svinfylking, a proud tradition of the Norse, and open to anybody in the world who wants to be part of contemporary “Viking” legacy.

Everyone is welcome to join in this historic endeavor.

The time of impunity is over.

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