Stand Up for Your Rights!

“The federal government believes that the threat of violence and major civil disturbances around the 2024 U.S. presidential election is so great that it has quietly created a new category of extremists that it seeks to track and counter: Donald Trump’s army of MAGA followers.”

This is how an article published by Newsweek magazine last Wednesday starts. It continues:

“By focusing on former president Trump and his MAGA supporters, the FBI official said, the Bureau runs the risk of provoking the very anti-government activists that the terrorism agencies hope to counter.”

To me, that sounds like they’re going to stage false flag terror attacks and blame it on Trump voters. I urge everybody to read this article. It’s up on and it’s free to view.

The writer of this article, Newsweek‘s Senior Editor, William Arkin was on with Steve Bannon Friday morning.


As Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit says, “This is taking place at the same time the Biden regime is targeting President Trump with over 91 indictments on bogus criminal acts in several states. And it occurs as the demented President screams about MAGA during his public speeches. What’s next – Prison camps?”

Why, as a matter of fact, yes!

On the heels of this grim confirmation of what we already suspected, that the FBI views 80,000,000+ Trump voters as “domestic terrorists”, Hillary Clinton was just on CNN, reminding us that we’ll all be going to re-education camps if we lose.

Hillary made these comments in response to the unseating of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. And as weirdly entertaining as it is to see Jabba the Hut talking about throwing half the country in a gulag on primetime TV it’s been even more interesting to see how some brand-name conservatives are reacting. Fox radio and TV host, Mark Levin has rage-tweeted several times, calling Matt Gaetz a “POS” and Fox host, Brian Kilmeade really got his panties in a twist. And Newt Gingrich was also not pleased.

Attorney Tom Renz, who has done great work fighting all of the COVID tyranny did a guest post on The Gateway Pundit, in which he wrote:

“The GOP has sold Trump and the rest of our nation down the toilet since 2016 – it’s time to clean house and this was a good start…

“We cannot sacrifice principles for a party that, even when it held both [chambers] and had a Republican president in 2016, could not repeal ObamaCare (without which we would not have had the COVID debacle). We have CBDCs coming, a world on the brink of war, a wide open border with military age men from all our enemy nations pouring through, a weaponized justice system holding patriots in prison with nothing approaching a fair trial, rampant election fraud, the destruction of health freedom, a collapsing economy, Donald Trump…being attacked by corrupt prosecutors, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy did NOTHING to negotiate ANY sort of legitimate deal on ANY of these issues before increasing the debt ceiling or passing the latest spending bill… And speaking of the spending bill – where were Newt and Levin in screaming at McCarthy for partnering with Democrats on that?

“…if the GOP continues its attacks on Trump, Gaetz and other principled America First Conservatives I will put everything I have into facilitating a national discussion on a third party. There is no question that the best approach for our country is to retake the GOP but if the sellouts running that party will not support a presidential candidate that is winning by 40%+…and want to continue negotiating our country into a globalist nightmare I’m done with them.”

Tom goes on to say that he suspects that this pearl-clutching of Levin and Gingrich is based on who is paying them. Fox pays Levin $10 million per year and it is pretty well documented, as we know from Tucker Carlson, getting paid by Fox means backing their Globalist agenda. He continues:

“As for Gingrich…up until recently, was also paid heftily by Fox and others and his outrage is more than a little suspect…where [was] their outrage…when McCarthy signed the debt ceiling deal without defunding the 87,000 new IRS agents or defunding the politicized DOJ attacks on Trump?…

“For me there is no more compromise. I’d work with any Democrat on the planet to get people like McCarthy or McConnell out of their seats. These guys threw the last election to keep America First candidates out and now we are supposed to show them loyalty? I’m just done with this crap! Thank you for your courage Matt Gaetz and you seven other republicans that choose to stand for principle over party – I hope more supposed America First leaders decide to do the same.”

Here’s what former Trump- and Matt Gaetz speechwriter, Darren Beattie had to say.

What is a Uniparty? It’s a one-party state, like China. It is Communism. In his latest Substack, Jordan Schachtel writes about the Uniparty Threat:

“To understand the Uniparty threat, it’s worth taking a look at countries that once possessed a similar values structure to the foundations of America. The five core countries of the Anglosphere are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“They were all formed, more or less, through the common law foundation that a robust, distributed democracy with multiple chambers of governance, and the separation of powers, would result in an environment in which new ideas and fierce debate were welcome.

“Now let’s take a snapshot of the current Anglosphere political environments in 2023. In Canada, there is the Liberal Party of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada. There is little ideological separation between the two parties.

“In the United Kingdom, the two major parties are the Conservatives and the Labour Party. The Conservatives and Labour members agree on pretty much everything, minus niche areas of tax policy.

“In Australia, you have the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal/National Coalition. Both parties welcomed the Covid Police State.

“In New Zealand, there’s the Labour Party and the National Party. They also welcomed transforming their country into a prison island.

“Prior to the Covid hysteria era, at least on paper, some would point to these two party systems as proof that there was no Uniparty. They cited the fact that there are two separate major political organizations that participate in the electoral process.

“But when ‘the pandemic’ happened, it became very apparent that on every major issue, both parties support the same agenda items. As for the next Current Thing, whether that is the climate hoax or the proxy war in Ukraine, the parties remain united behind these efforts.

“After witnessing what happened during the Covid hysteria era, very few thoughtful American thinkers and pundits deny the Uniparty reality throughout the Anglosphere. But for some reason, they insist that there is no Uniparty here, despite the reality of a system currently under the control of our ever-expanding administrative state, and people like Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden.

“Nonetheless, what makes America unique, at least for now, is that there are still some pockets of resistance to full Uniparty takeover. This is in part thanks to the wisdom of America’s founding fathers, but it also has to do with a culture that — at least in some areas of the country — encourages a spirit of rebellion, and prioritizes the structures and ideals found in the Bill of Rights.

“That’s also why our Covid story was unique, and different from the fate of fellow common-law based countries.

“America is not yet fully captured, but it will be if our countrymen take the route of naivety, and proceed to mock the idea that a fully captured system couldn’t happen here, especially when America is the last country standing in the way.”

I cannot recommend more highly the website of HarryTheGreek, who has been staying on top of the Konnech election software story.

Harry reports that on September 13th, Konnech CEO Eugene Yu sued the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office in LA Superior Court for $80 million in damages, and its hardware devices returned, with all 350 terabytes of data and without US law enforcement keeping copies of any privileged communications.

He says that in February of 2022, Konnech moved their offices to Malaysia. Why? Harry says to avoid criminal charges, civil damages, and asset seizures in multiple jurisdictions, because the FBI has no authority to make arrests there. Nor is testimony taken in Malaysia admissible in American courts. Search warrant evidence seized from Eugene Yu’s business locations, home, and phone were never introduced into evidence. Why?

Harry says, because the LA Prosecutors Office never paid Cain & Associates $125,000 for their work in the case that they started and abruptly dropped. Cain’s 20 cyber forensic experts spent 200 hours collecting and logging Konnech evidence on Oct. 4th.

Nate Cain, by the way is an American Hero. He was the Uranium One whistleblower at the FBI, where he was a cybersecurity expert and he had his life destroyed. He’s currently running for US Congress in West Virginia’s 2nd District and if you live there – I recommend that you vote for him!

LA County remains Konnech’s biggest customer and they still purchase Konnech’s PollChief election software. So, what happened to the $2.6 million criminal embezzlement case against Eugene Yu? It was suddenly dismissed in November. Who ordered the LADA to drop it?

Harry says, Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s attorney. Marc Elias ordered George Gascón, the Los Angeles District Attorney (LADA), to kill the Konnech election sabotage case on Nov. 9th. No one in Gascon’s office will go on the record to admit it. Because if they do, Harry says they fear dying with a pillow implanted over their face. Gascón was told to lie to his staff. He told them the call came from the DNC (Democrat National Committee). Instead of Hillary. However, Hillary is the DNC. She was made the sole beneficiary of the DNC’s money in 2016, according to Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

Harry reports that public information requests for the LADA’s phone records in November are unanswered. Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was charged with embezzling $2.6 million from LA County for storing its election data in China, violating national security.

To avoid criminal prosecution, Yu relocated to Malaysia. Eugene fled the country on November 10th, after redeeming his $500,000 cash bond. The LADA has until November to refile criminal charges against Yu.

And now, we have an interesting development: Judge Daniel M. Crowley ordered the LADA (Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office) to release evidence in the Konnech case to go to attorneys for VoterGA, a non-profit in Atlanta, Georgia. VoterGA has sued the State of Georgia to: return to paper ballots, to unplug voting machine systems and to unseal ballots in past elections. The deadline is October 25th.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, because Harry reports that since January 3rd, LA County DA, Marc Beaart, has refused to comply with subpoenas, because he has been ordered by Marc Elias, Hillary Clinton’s attorney, not to release any Konnech evidence.

Harry believes Judge Crowley is unaware that another LA County DA, Luke Sisak already returned the Konnech evidence to Eugene Yu in Malaysia, back in May. Judge Crowley has scheduled a November 29th status hearing to compel compliance with sanctions.

Harry asks, How soon will President Donald J Trump submit the same evidence in court jurisdictions in Georgia, New York, and Virginia? He says the next three court hearings in LA County’s case against Konnech CEO Eugene Yu are on October 18th, January 19th, and January 25th.

So, why is all of this happening? Why are US Federal agents working with the CCP to take down the US?

Dick Allgire is one of the founders of the Future Forecasting Group of remote viewers and he has a YouTube channel called Crypto Viewing. He offers this as an explanation for the treason and the insanity that we are seeing.

Blockchain and AI are inevitable and they’re not inherently bad. If they are programmed to protect our Constitutional rights, then they can be far superior to the inevitable corruption of our flesh-and-blood representatives. The problem is, we’ve seen little evidence, so far, that these technologies will be used to protect our Constitutional rights!

After I saw Dick’s video, I stumbled on this tweet from Vincent Kennedy, which is some excellent food for thought. I don’t know who this man is and why he’s calling the West “You” but how he speaks perfect English but I do think that he has a point, here.

It may be that we are hijacked by the Cabal but that does not eliminate our personal responsibility to stand up for our rights and live up to what we believe in. Nobody can do that for us. That was the enormous responsibility that the Founding Fathers gave to us and it belongs to each one of us.

And I’ll leave you with the ‘Rich Men North of Richmond, Federal Employee Version’ by Remy at ReasonTV.