SPEAK WALKERS UPDATE – Linda Collins-Smith

Linda Collins-Smith discovered that her husband, an Arkansas judge, had child pornography on his government laptop. According to Linda’s research, which she was about to expose, AR Judges could just make a phone call to receive “pre-requested” children to be brought to their chambers to be sexually assaulted. He had the cameras removed from his office at the courthouse, and would video tape the events on his government laptop. In addition, Linda had evidence against Hillary Clinton, and was set to testify against her later that week. Therefore, there is plenty of intent from Linda’s now ex-husband, other sitting AR judges as well as the #ClintonCrimeFamily. Although, they charged one of Linda’s best friends with her murder and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Due to this, the FBI has come in and taken over the investigation.

~~~~~~~~ Michaele plays part of a recording between herself and Kathy Hall on June 7 ~~~~~~~~

Partial conversation between Michaele Walker and Kathy Hall on June 7, 2019.

Kathy was close friends with Linda Collins-Smith. Linda was trying to help Kathy get her granddaughter back, who was stolen by DHS (Department of Human Services). An illegal immigrant killed Kathy’s daughter.

Kathy and Linda were doing interviews together. During their interviews, they were exposing how CPS (Child Protective Services) was stealing poor women’s children, and selling them to wealthy individuals. Linda also believed that illegal aliens were being used to facilitate crimes against these mothers, which included murdering them so that CPS could get away with stealing their children. They were supposed to be doing another interview, and naming names of sitting AR judges, but Kathy was unable to get ahold of Linda. The last time Kathy spoke with Linda was on the morning of May 28, which officials believe was the day she was murdered. Her father and her son discovered her body on June 4.

On the recording, Kathy states that she believed the police were going to cover everything up, and charge one of Linda’s friends with her murder. Kathy believed that they were going to arrest, ex-police officer, Tim Loggains, but instead, they arrested his fiance Rebecca O’Donnell on the way to Linda’s wake. The police pulled over Tim, Rebecca and his son, pulled AR-15s on them, and proceeded to take Rebecca into custody.

Kathy is concerned about the grey truck that they have on video. Michaele states that she has had a grey truck follow her in the past. Kathy states that the police did not find Linda’s phone, only her old phone. Kathy also stated that she was told that Linda suffered during her murder. Whoever did it, was trying to get information/evidence out of her and she was not giving it up, nor does Kathy or Michaele believe Linda ever would.