Information direct from Katja Woermer, Reiner’s lawyer, from her interview on StreamPunk. A quick translation from German

Today Katja Woermer found out that Reiner had been in isolation almost from noon on Friday, May 3, when the court ended. He was not allowed contact with anyone, including with his lawyers, which is against German law. In Germany, a prisoner is always permitted access to his or her lawyers.

Reiner was told he smuggled not allowed speeches to the outside world.

When he got to the prison, there was a complete search, including taking off his clothes.

He had his room searched for forbidden recording equipment, which of course was not there.

Everything he did was done with permission, the regular updates from him, including last week a longer one. He had permission to do all the recordings he did. But this time someone made a complaint regarding part of the content.

He was not back in his cell all weekend, at least until Monday noon.

This was all major psychological stress.

He had no knowledge of the birthday celebrations outside the prison. As for the call of Freiheit, Freedom, from the prison courtyard which was heard coming from the prison, this must have been from another prisoner shouting freedom.

Katja had not been surprised at having no contact from Reiner over the weekend as this was often the case. She presumed he was in touch with his wife.

But he was allowed to contact nobody.

Katja will address all that happened in court tomorrow, Tuesday.

She ended with: We will do everything to ensure it is not repeated.

ELSA: My comment is that this was very obviously deliberate, an attempt to break Reiner, and perhaps to show their power. First there was the judge’s preliminary judgement (ruling?) on Friday, about Reiner being guilty, according to a piece of case law, so though Reiner followed the law, what he did was illegal. And then ending further witnesses, as being unnecessary. And finally this – which was illegal – done under the pretext that they believed he had made an illegal recording – though it was clearly known to the prison authorities that Reiner had permission to make the recordings.

I am stunned – like Katja looked stunned, shocked, as if unable to believe. Yes, her country is not as she believed it to be – or as I believed it to be. This is crossing ine after line after line.