Secret Recording Reveals EVERYTHING

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever feel a euphoric surge of love, just because someone, somewhere, did something so profoundly good, right, and true —that it inspires that profound emotion?
I felt it when I first read William Cooper’s books, and so, it’s no surprise that I felt it again this morning when I ran across this incredible short synopsis from the archives of Cooper’s radio show.
In less than an hour, you, too, can be brought completely up to speed.
You can understand everything you need to know about the pernicious reality of the banker-led push to create and control a worldwide government based on oppression and suppression of all national governments and religions.
Except, of course, their own nasty pagan devil-worshiping cult.
Go to YouTube and listen to: “Secret Recording Reveals EVERYTHING”.
In 46 minutes you will learn the actual, factual world history behind the current situation. This is the single most succinct, most comprehensive, and most helpful commentary about these subjects that I have ever read as a transcript or heard via spoken word.
I can’t recommend it enough. Everyone—- and I do mean—- everyone on the face of the planet, needs to listen to and know this information. It’s less than an hour long and its the story of your life, your country, and your planet.