Secret Brotherhood The Occult Origins of the Irish State & The IRB

After an unexpected return a few years ago, the Irish Republican Brotherhood , aka the Fenians, have been steadily gaining support for their occult teachings among the alternative research communities. They manipulate people into joining their cause in uniting against a common enemy, our government, with a promise of a New World, a utopian dream. They are not unique in this sense and neither are their beliefs. Not content with being simply another republican organisation, they have carbon copied their beliefs from the oldest pagan mystery schools and occult orders like the Bavarian Illuminati. Their current head, Billy Maguire, comes from an elite bloodline and is using the IRB to promote their occult beliefs. This video is the result of many months of research into these liars and false teachers. It proves the claims we have just made and shows the true agenda of these deceivers. Please share this video if you find any of the information in it helpful.