Say goodbye to buying gas from the government – and get it free for yourself

important to read In this video, we will explain to you how to get methane gas from garbage We need First of all, follow our channel on Telegram The following materials were used 1- Vegetables one kilogram 2 _ Fruit one kilogram 3_ Animal dong + soil 12 kg dry 4 _ Rock salt, one kilogram 5 _ Ammonium + potassium 400 g + 400 g 6 – 60 liters of water methane gas benefits About three kilograms of animal dung and food waste per day, which is enough to produce two thirds of a gas tube. The idea of ​​biogas production is based on the fermentation of organic matter “livestock and food waste” that is poured with a little water into a container inside the tank of the home unit, and it decomposes by anaerobic bacteria through sunlight, producing an organic liquid that leaks through a hose extending to the house, forming a cooking gas, and another extends to The farm is to fertilize the plant organically, not chemically. Domestic biogas production in summer doubles than in winter because it directly depends on sunlight, which increases the chance of fermentation in fewer hours