Sasha Updates Bio-Battlefield!

After three years of COVID nonsense, the Department of Energy announced that the pandemic most likely came from a laboratory leak in China and a few days later, the Senate voted unanimously to pass a bill calling on the Biden Administration to declassify “information related to the origins of COVID-19”, which Joe Biden signed into law earlier this week.

While most observers don’t believe anything of importance will be declassified, the narrative shift towards blaming China is significant. On his Substack three weeks ago, journalist, Jordan Schachtel wrote, “It’s fascinating to observe this radical narrative departure from the not so distant past, when these very same people declared that blaming China for COVID was racist, xenophobic, and whatnot”, saying that he suspected that this “sudden, dramatic anti-China shift” was in response to the overtures that China had been making towards Russia that culminated this week in President Xi’s 3-day visit in Moscow.

We’ve long heard that the gain-of-function research started at Fort Detrick and was further developed at the University of North Carolina, then was moved to the Wuhan Institute of Virology with funding from Anthony Fauci through EcoHealth Alliance.


Many have intimated that China is to blame for intentionally releasing COVID-19 out into the world but Sasha Latypova isn’t having any of that. At about 8 minutes into this video, Sasha joins Jeffrey Prather to talk about who she thinks is really in charge of the bioweapon attack on the world and it’s the people who control China, the US, Russia, etc and who think they own this world and that we are occupying their space.

She tells Jeffrey she believes the so-called pandemic was “Orchestrated and largely faked.” She acknowledges that there were some novel illness symptoms but she doesn’t think these were from a virus. She believes that some sort of biological agent – or potentially a chemical agent and potentially other components were synthesized, produced, scaled, manufactured in quantity and then, deployed in strategic locations all over the world simultaneously to trigger the necessary signal to demonstrate that, ‘Oh look! It’s this virus, that spread all over the world!’

She says, “Nobody can make viruses that are simultaneously lethal and highly transmissible. So that’s not possible. What, in reality happened is that Ralph Baric came up with a method of synthesizing what is called an ‘infectious clone’. It’s not really infection, it’s basically biological material that’s highly-spreadable.

“They synthesized some toxin – and we have a pretty good idea of what it is – and then they formulated it. First of all, you need to make a lot of it, at scale and something that will be preserved and not denatured and a way to handle it. So, a lot of innovation goes into weaponizing it, in the sense of making it more handle-able, more predictable, more controllable, scalable, so it’s something you can formulate in a way that you can transport, potentially and then, deploy – and that’s not going to evaporate and just denature, like all biological compounds do outdoors, for example.

“So, that was the innovation and they did deploy it deliberately and for that, you need to have an army doing it…You can’t just have some rogue scientist running around…No, no. This has to be – as you you know, the weapon has to be deployed by trained people. Trained people deploying weapons are where? In the Army!

“And so, that’s how they did it. They did it all over the world in key locations and they kind of preceded this pandemic. So, the initial agent that was delivered was actually highly-toxic and those initial cases were sometimes really bad. 

“What later was released in subsequent waves – we don’t quite know but they were much milder – but none of it was particularly dangerous. So, it’s dangerous to an individual who’s exposed to it right there, if you have a lot of exposure; that may be dangerous. It has an individual-level danger, maybe small group danger, if it’s released in a conference facility or something. But it doesn’t have global danger. It doesn’t have mass. It cannot travel very far and remain so dangerous. So there was never any risk of an epidemic, even…

“So, all they needed to do was deploy this agent in the locations where they can quickly test PCR and say, ‘Oh, look! We have a marker!’ so it would trigger PCR positives. And they even had to up-cycle PCRs many, many times to even do that. But at least, it was giving them the signal that they needed to demonstrate: ‘Oh! There’s a pandemic!’

“But that’s how it’s done. It’s deployed by the military, these kinds of things, because these are weapons of mass destruction, these are biological weapons and they make them and they deploy them.”

Sasha doesn’t believe that the central bank-affiliated malefactors behind the Scamdemic have the ability to kill us with either pathogens or 5G, saying, “What they have is a lot of ability to create these hoaxes and narratives and propaganda to scare people into submission. That’s what we have to be on the lookout for. You have to understand how to call them out on their bullshit – and most of it is bullshit.

“Marburg – by the way – there is no virus. Marburg is a lab accident…maybe it’s a deliberate deployment in the lab. It only ever occurred in those biolaboratories that were working on it…I think it’s a deliberate test or demonstration of the weapon…

“Now, they probably can simulate it. There’s probably some kind of a toxin, maybe it’s a toxin in combination with an electromagnetic field that can simulate this and they will try to simulate this and it will probably be somewhere publicly visible, like in crowded cities or events or something like that. So people need to watch out, they need to be vigilant. Don’t go to crowded places in the times when we have these uncertainties…You have to think of it as regular terrorism.

“If you think there is an increased probability for mass terrorism, you should take measures to not be exposed to those things but I’m telling you, there no way to get Marburg traveling all over the world. That cannot happen. They can only do targeted deployments in certain locations and maybe some demonstrations.

“Same with ebola. They’ve tried and tried and tried, they can’t make the respiratory transmit. It’s not a spreadable disease. So don’t worry about those things. Don’t believe them. Be careful. Be vigilant. Make sure you know where your water is coming from, your food. Don’t go to these crowded places. Don’t participate in any demonstrations – definitely – I highly advise people to not go to any demonstrations or protests at the moment. Just protect yourself.”

Sasha says that ultimately, she doesn’t think the Globalists will be able to establish their totalitarian One World Government and that despite their control of the Mainstream Media and social media, their narratives are all collapsing in on themselves, because of the internet and because of platforms like Rumble and American Media Periscope, who produced this interview.