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UPDATE 12DEC22: German authorities claim to have identified as many as 23,000 members of the Reichsbürgerbewegung (Reich Citizen Movement).

UPDATE 13DEC22: Joseph Farrell has posted a new article on topic examining additional aspects of the alleged German coup d’etat.

UPDATE 14DEC22: Zelensky has ordered the assets of seven Russian Orthodox clergy seized, citing threats to “sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Ukraine.” Perhaps this will stops Pope Francis’ weeping?

Back in our September post entitled, “What the WEF?,” I examined a growing set of symbol manipulations across Europe that seemed to indicate that the royal families were planning a come-back. I thought I might be straining the facts a bit, until I got feedback from Joseph Farrell, who said he and a friend had been noticing and discussing the same observations for some time.

Like any good science experiment, when two independent researchers – or one great researcher and a two-bit hack in Jakarta – get similar results, that’s a pretty good indication that there might be a fire behind all that smoke.

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What set me off was a video of Charles III (House of Saxe-Coberg-Gotha) speaking at a World Economic Form (WEF) event, crowned by a gold fleur-de-lis on a royal blue background. See my earlier post for a frame grab and discussion of the symbol.

What reached out and grabbed me by the throat with this topic was the recent arrest of Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuss zu Köstritz and associates for an alleged attempted coup d’etat in Germany. As of this writing, 64 people have been arrested and a hunting lodge is being tossed as the alleged central meeting point and arms distribution center.

For years, I’ve been focused on a possible rise of the Fourth Reich, but apparently I should have been looking for the resurrection of the Second Reich. Dr. Farrell mused that the past two or three centuries have been the royals letting us play around with democracy, but maybe they’ve decided it’s time to reassert their rule after we’ve made a complete mess of things.

Along that line of thinking, suppose all the manipulated elections in the US and EU were specifically to place the biggest dolts and dullards in office and leave folks primed for a King of the World-type retrorevolution, to coin a term? One certainly can’t argue with the “dolts and dullards” aspect, and election manipulation is becoming more evident by the minute.

Dr. Farrell has two articles on topic that are apropos: The Teutonic Knights Sue to Recover Their Castles, and Things (or Rather People) That Make You Go “Hmmm”. He has also noticed interesting symbols surrounding Vladimir Putin that recall the House of Romanov.

It is at this point we should remember Alexander Fraser Tyler’s warning:

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

Tyler made this observation in the early 19th century, and he went on to say that democracies cannot last more than 200 years. It seems we have arrived at that point, and certainly the royals have anticipated its arrival.


Among the many data points that indicate a resurgence of royals across Europe, the Hohenzollerns have been quite active in recent years. Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia, the great-great grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II, attenpted to reclaim the famous Reinfelds Castle in 2019.

In addition, the Hohenzollern family has been raising public funds (not theirs) to renovate the family crypt and the Berlin Castle (Staatschloss – photo at top). There are also ongoing attempts to call back the family fortune from various museums. The art and treasures will likely adorn the walls of the Humboldt Forum, a cultural arts and sciences group occupying the Berlin Staatschloss – or is that a privy council?

In fact, the Hohenzollerns could exert ancestral claims over a large part of Germany, Sweden, Romania, the Slavic States, and even Russia.

And speaking of Russia…


As far back as 2011, the Romanov family was being honored by the Russian Federation. In 2017, Prince Dmitri was paid tribute upon his death by Vladimir Putin.

The remains of the Tsar, Tsarina and three of four daughters were found in 1979, but were not exhumed until 1991 and reinterred at St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg (Crimea), in a large public ceremony attended by then-president Boris Yeltsin, but disputed by the Russian Orthodox Church. The Church questioned the DNA test results used to positively identify the bones.

Though accounts are confusing, it seems the Romanovs were exhumed again in 2015, and more tests were run to confirm their identities. In 2018, on the 100th anniversary of their murders, their identities were officially acknowledged and the remains were re-interred at Novopassky Monastery at the Kremlin in Moscow, the ancestral family crypt. It was reported in 2020 that up to 37 forensic tests had been performed to confirm the identities of the royal family.

To my mind, this 21-year odyssey of digging up and reburying the Tsar’s body in order to confirm his identity beyond reasonable doubt, and the final burial at the traditional family crypt in Moscow, is a prelude to re-establishing the royals, with the blessing of the Orthodox Church, and setting up the means by which the closest living relative could be established and proven in order to confirm rightful claim to the throne.


All royals claim authority by divine right. Without the support and blessing of a religious authority, royals are little more than self-aggrandizing breed stock. The Hohenzollerns are backed by the Calvinists, and the Romanovs by the Orthodox Church. The Saxe-Coberg-Gothas are the titular heads of the Anglican church, backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. For centuries, European royals did not rule without the blessing and backing of the Vatican. Certainly, every US president makes a pilgrimage to the Vatican early in his rein. In Thailand and Japan, the royals are seen as living deities, something the Kim family of North Korea are themselves keen to claim. The kings of Saudi Arbaia and Malaysia are the de facto heads of Islam in their respective countries. Which brings us to Asia…

If we want to confirm a global attempt to resurrect the royal Houses, then we must look to Asia, as well. Buried in dark web fora discussions of recent events in Mongolia and China are wistful speculations on the return of royalty to those nations. This part of the story will be taken up in another post, as the research is considerably more difficult.

So where does this leave us?


Much of this argument is based on the use of symbols. Many people disregard symbols as insignificant, unimportant and perhaps antiquated, yet every letter on this page is a symbol that stands for a sound. Humans use symbols to communicate, and are the means by which we express and link ideas, concepts and meaning to the physical world.

Graphic symbols are entire books in a single image. They transcend culture and language, as with the international standard symbols we find across the planet. They instruct, inform and warn us every moment of every day. Orthodox icons are graphic novels in a single frame. The cathedrals of Europe are often referred to as novels in stone. Certainly, Dan Brown has made a fortune with symbology. Anyone arguing that symbols are unimportant has an uphill battle.

The swastika, an ancient Buddhist symbol for good fortune, named after the Thai greeting, “Sawahsdee-krap,” is loaded with meaning and its use – such as by the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine – can communicate vast amounts of language in a single, simple image. The manipulation of symbols is the manipulation of mind. (Note a Thai woman would say “sawahsdee-ka, which is more likely the source of the Anglo-Teutonic form)

The 1701 flag of the British East India Company (above) might look familiar to many folks. The 13 horizontal red and white stripes, with the blue field at the top left corner filled with the crosses of St. Michael and St. George might tell us something about claimed ownership, affiliations and associations. It might also lead us to look at the flags of the world’s nations and notice which ones have horizontal red and white stripes, and perhaps speculate on obscure meanings. Since British corporations operate with the permission of the monarch, certain flags might indicate claims of ownership and control. The British throne and the Vatican are the two largest land owners in the world, after all.

If we see the Romanov double-headed eagle on official Russian patches, is that just a random choice of some graphic artist? If Charles III delivers speeches crowned by the fleur-de-lis, is that just a cool image to use from the library, or was it thoroughly vetted to convey the appropriate message? When we see the griffin, the eagle, or the phoenix emblems, are we subconsciously receiving messages, or are they just interesting elements in an otherwise meaningless image? Suppose I combine the phoenix with the red and white horizontal stripes, as in Indonesia? Is that telling a story?


With the increased use of royal symbols, the decay of democracy, and the rumblings of a return to bloodlines, are we seeing a move towards regional if not a global monarchy? Could the perceived gangland wars – by me and others – be the royal houses re-establishing territories, and even settling who gets to run the planet? Are we seeing the rise of the Fourth Reich, or return of the Second Reich? Did monarchy come to an end in the 20th century, or did they just let us run free until we made a (ahem) royal mess of things?

Assuming the rise of the royals explains many things – the all-out attack on the middle class, the moral and ethical decay of secular democracies, and the global desire for beneficent if not benign leadership.

It also explains the incessant expansion of Socialism. Socialism, after all, is defined by State ownership of everything, and once in place, is easily transferred to a royal bloodline – especially one with established roots and “rightful” claims. Ownership of everything by a single individual defines monarchy.

It would explain the push for absolute dependence on the State, from cradle to grave, much like the feudal peasants of yore. After all, if all property and sovereignty are vested in the monarch, doesn’t that mean we will “own nothing and be happy”? Isn’t that essentially the defining characteristic of a “subject” to the crown?

It would also seem to explain why so many Teutonic and Prussian surnames keep popping up in busy-body organizations, like WEF, Davos and Bilderburger. Can you say “Bill Gaetz”?

It’s also possible that the Rise of the Royals is a front for a much deeper and more devious operation, one capable of manipulating even the manipulators. This would imply a much older and more powerful sect that even the royals dare not cross.


One additional thought: could the Russia-Ukraine war in fact be a clash between the Western Vatican and the Eastern Orthodoxy? Of all the horrors that have come and gone since Pope Francis I ascended to the See, the one that moved him to tears in a recent PR campaign was the imminent demise of the Ukraine. Isn’t he an avowed Socialist? Isn’t he a Jesuit, the warrior class of the Vatican? Don’t the Vatican and the Kremlin have ancient vested interests in reclaiming the Ukraine?

And what of Patriarch Kirill’s visit to Antarctica? Visiting penguins? Or reasserting territorial claims?

All things to ponder as we continue researching this intriguing, if not disturbing topic.

Bonus for those who made it this far: the difference between a heraldic eagle and phoenix – the eagle’s wings are typically extended out or down and the head is smooth, while the phoenix’ wings are curved upward like flames, typically has hands or claws mid-wing, and a crest on the head.

Post Scriptum – Dr. Farrell replied that folks might want to keep on eye on the remains of Kaiser Wilhelm II, currently interred at Huis Doorn in Ultrecht, Netherlands, under the watch of the Dutch royals. Since the family crypt has been renovated in Berlin, it would make quite a spectacle to see the procession cross-country.

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