Robert Kennedy’s Choice For VP – The World Economic Forum [Helena Glass]

Robert Kennedy’s VP choice is more than a bit interesting – the ex-wife of Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google net worth over $121 Billion.   This would represent the ultimate in corporate control given her experience and expertise is that of a hard left attorney.  Her bio reads like a World Economic Forum testament:   feminism, reproductive longevity, criminal justice policy to end discrimination and bring equity into the judicial system, regenerative agriculture (crickets), and ta-da – global climate change referendums.

Kennedy couldn’t have found a more left leaning progressive unless he inserted Hillary Clinton.    Nicole Shanahan, has worked with the Open Philanthropy Project and defunding the police.   She has coordinated her charity, Bia Echo Foundation, with the Zuckerberg initiatives and is heavily involved with all the classic NGO’s aligned with the Great RESET.   Thus, revealing this is the Kennedy platform as well.  And leaving no doubt.

Oddly, no one is pointing out the obvious and suddenly, it appears that maybe Kennedy has been the nominee the entire time.   Apparently, Kennedy has overnight become the charmer, the rock in the midst of chaos – ‘game changer’, the ‘one who can unify everyone’, the ‘hero America needs’…  And Kennedy steps in as the Biden replacement while Brandon is wheeled off exit stage left and takes up permanent residency at the sanitarium.

This has been their creation.

It is somewhat of a brilliant plan:  1.  Enter into the fray a name that intrigues everyone for its history,  2.  Test the waters,   3.  Have him maintain a low profile – no media is allowed to touch him,   4.  Have him concede an issue so that he appears neutral and unbiased,   5.  Start the media play of Biden’s declining mental acumen,  6.  The moment Kennedy picks his dark swan VP, use media hype to make him look like the savior!   BOOM!

The Pies de Resistance?   A family feud – contentious over Kennedy’s right wing attitude about vaccinations – in order to appeal to the libertarians on the fence.  Not bad.   EXCEPT – Nicole is a diehard far leftist that will estrange every conservative and libertarian female voter.   Therefore – Kennedy’s win would have to include some election funnies given he is not salable to MAGAs – and there were never enough Biden’s to be worth converting.

Certainly, no one wants to believe that Robert Kennedy would sell out America – and perhaps he truly believes that giving the country to the World Economic Forum corporate stakeholders is the only viable solution – but – that’s not what he said or represented.   And that is NOT representational of the vast majority of Americans.

I was wooed.   For a while.   But then I found various media interviews that contradicted other media interviews, and pretty soon, it appeared he had re-scripted his talking points to meet the parties half way.   We were vulnerable – and wanted him to be the real thing.   But when he clarified his intent to ‘never’ consider any appointment from Trump, his motives began to take a bit of a sinister twist.   Still, the hopeful – hoped.

Now that Biden has been declared non-grati by his colleagues and liberal media pundits – this was the time for Kennedy to Shine as the replacement.

Historically, the Kennedy’s were never ‘clean’ – but they were always charismatic and – wealthy.   A combination that is tough to beat.   The Achilles Heel is the fact that the ‘youth’ market have no idea who they are or were – and don’t really care.   He just looks like another old guy …

His draw?   Seniors.   Seniors still enamored with Robert Kennedy’s dad and uncle.   Despite the family ghosts.  The ghost in the closet remains – Rosemary.   The rebellious child, the family was concerned that Rosemary might act out in a way that could embarrass the family.  They had her lobotomized and when she became completely incapacitated as a result – she was remanded to an institution for life.   A very sad tale to be sure.    Yet, only one of many within the life prestige and regiments.

One might have dismissed some of Robert’s gaffs, but the VP choice makes it quite clear where his priorities lie.  The concept of neutral or balance or middle ground has now been completely vacated and his lean is somewhere between Hillary and AOC.   As opposed to somewhere between Trump and DeSantis…

Be wary.  The media has been cued to fawn.  They will lavish praise.   Show poll after poll declaring Kennedy is trailing Trump by 20 points, 15, 12, 10, and suddenly they will deem him as the Winner – well before the election.   As the algorithms in the voting machines are readjusted to Kennedy instead of Biden.

Perhaps I am wrong.   I would prefer I was wrong.   But the manipulations and degree of fraud and gamesmanship has surpassed what is considered believable for decades.   And INTEGRITY is now on the champagne platter….   Who Will Rise and Who Will Fall?