Richard D. Hall here a link to a brief update on my legal case

On the 21st of June 2024, I attended another hearing at the High Court, to attempt to renew my appeal, in order to try to reverse the decision which prevents me from presenting my own evidence at the trial concerning what happened at the Manchester Arena incident. After nearly 2 hours of legal arguments, permission was rejected by Judge Julian Knowles.

This means I will not be allowed to present any of my research and evidence at the trial, in order to properly defend myself and explain my actions as a journalist looking into an issue of significant public interest. You can find a copy of the Skeleton Argument and the Judgment from these links. The trial starts on Monday 22nd July 2024 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, post code WC2A 2LL. I imagine it will start at 10:30am and is scheduled to last for 4 days. If you want to come and watch the trial, I would be grateful for your support. I cannot guarantee everyone will get in, as seats will be limited by the size of the court, so get there early if you what to get a seat.

Thank you once again for everyone who has donated to the legal fund, the donations have so far managed to pay for all of the legal fees up to this point. However, I will be represented by a barrister at this trial, which is going to cost a considerable fee, and in order to meet this final bill more funds are needed. So please consider making a donation . Thank you for your continued support.