RFK Jr. reveals the smoking gun against the CDC — they’ve been caught red-handed…

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RFK Jr. has been a relentless warrior against the dangerous COVID vaccine and the deceptive globalist bureaucrats at the CDC. Now, thanks to  comedian Jimmy Dore, RFK Jr. has revealed the smoking gun on the CDC. This is the definitive proof that they outright lied to the American people about the vaccine. They knew the jab wouldn’t stop infection, but they kept on pushing it anyway.

RKF Jr. took to Twitter and posted this video from Jimmy Dore and said this:

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The video by Jimmy Dore really is a must watch:

It’s hard to believe, but there was once a time when it was a big deal to catch the government in a lie. Nowadays, it feels like it’s just another Tuesday. RFK Jr. hit the nail on the head when he said the following:

Remember when it was shocking when the government lied to you? There was once such a time. I remember my father telling me sadly, “Politicians lie.” That was in the 1960s, when people expected honesty. By now, we’ve been lied to so many times we automatically discount all political speech and try to decode it for the “message.” Get ready to start expecting the truth again from government agencies when I am President. #Kennedy24


RFK Jr. is spot on. Trust in government, politicians, and so-called “experts” has tanked. And it’s not about “disinformation” or “conspiracy theories”; it’s because the public feels betrayed by those they thought they could trust. Now, the burning question is — what’s going to happen with the CDC’s lies? Are they going to slip away untouched, like Joe, Hunter, Obama, Hillary, Fauci, Comey, and all the rest of the others?