Rewards Offered for the Arrest of those Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity by the International Common Law Court of Justice

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Four reward statements were released by the International Common Law Court of Justice offering a 10,000 dollar award each for the “arrest of the following convicted felons”. The names listed in the rewards are as follows:



“Queen” Elizabeth Windsor, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, GlaxoSmithKline CEO Emma Walmsley



Foster Freed, Phil Spencer, John Mayba, Terry Whyte, Wendy Barker, Jim Manly and Eva Manly, of the United Church of Canada on Vancouver Island.



Dena Churchill



Justine Trudeau and Governor-General Mary Simon


The court issued a more comprehensive statement with the latest reward announcement for Justin Trudeau:

Ottawa, February 1, 2022:
The International Common Law Court of Justice, which on January 15 convicted Justin Trudeau, Big Pharma CEO’s, and many others of Crimes against Humanity and sentenced them to life imprisonment, is offering $10,000 (US) to anyone who helps arrest and detain Trudeau and his partner in crime, Governor-General Mary Simon. 
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The Arrest Warrant to lawfully arrest and detain them, the Reward Offer, and the Court Verdict and Sentence, are attached.

“We now have the power and the lawful authority to remove convicted criminals from office,” said Court advisor and Republic of Kanata Convener Kevin Annett today in Ottawa.
“That is especially true when it comes to Justin Trudeau and Mary Simon, who are the paid servants of China and their murderous organ and child trafficking and drug testing genocide. The COVID police state is about big money for Big Pharma, but we are putting an end to their tyranny by joining hands with the truck convoy in Ottawa and using lawful warrants to arrest the two criminally convicted heads of state.”
The Court’s Warrants are being used worldwide to arrest seventy five convicted CEO’s, government, and church leaders, besides Trudeau and Simon. The Court and the Republic of Kanata are sponsoring the formation of common law Republics in many countries to overturn the global COVID Corporatocracy and restore democracy and the rule of law.
For more information and to become a Sheriff, contact and , and see (ITCCS Updates) and 

The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its adjunct International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) are common law courts of record established on June 15, 2010 under the Law of Nations.


Below is the Court Verdict and Universal Arrest Warrant