Resisting the new world order and disinformation – news you may not have heard yet


The world is unraveling very fast before our very eyes. If you are someone who still believes that everything that has been happening has been unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, stop right here and read no further.

Almost everything we are seeing today is being played out like a well-written script, with a master plan being put into place for a New World Order. I will provide some links at the end of this article for evidence of this, articles on the New World Order that we have published during the past couple of months.

For those who are not being spoon-fed the propaganda being passed off as “news” in the corporate “mainstream” media, and instead are making great efforts to learn the truth by monitoring the alternative media, I want to present some news here that you may have missed during the past 7-10 days, as even I cannot report on this stuff fast enough to stay current.

Many journalists in the alternative media are now beginning to sound the alarm over very disturbing events unfolding before us. There is almost a general consensus now that the life as we knew it is over. So the big question is, what comes next?

Let me start with some reports from the past week that I have not had time to cover, and which are censored from the corporate media where you will never hear this kind of information.

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week titled: Looking Forward to the End of Humanity

They were talking about “Transhumanism,” a subject we have previously covered here at Health Impact News as well. See:

New World Order Continues to be Published: The “Great Reset” – Transhumanism and the 4th Industrial Revolution

James Corbett of The Corbett Report covered this topic in his show this week. We have previously published some of the work of James Corbett in his excellent series on Bill Gates: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

Another independent broadcaster we have featured recently is Libertarian Larken Rose. Larken has a real talent for using logic and common sense to expose the lies being fed to the public through the corporate media and the government using their own sources.

We previously published his excellent video, The Statistical Insanity over the Media and Government’s Response to Coronavirus.

He published a video this week titled Shutdowns: Stupid, Pointless and Evil. It was originally published on Google’s YouTube where it quickly received over 50,000 views and then was removed for “inappropriate content.”

Larken shows how we are being lied to, and the results of these lies are causing many people to die, and many more millions of people will die as a result.

He pulls no punches, and he is thoroughly pissed off! (As we all should be!)

Another independent broadcaster we have published in the past is ReallyGraceful, as she also produced an excellent documentary on Bill Gates: Bill Gates Documentary Reveals Ties to Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Eugenics Movement.

This week she published a show titled When You Weren’t Looking, Billionaires Did THIS…, which has already been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube.

She documents how many corporate CEOs resigned and cashed in their stocks just before the COVID Plandemic started, and how the world’s richest .001 percent increased their wealth exponentially during the COVID Plandemic.

Another independent broadcaster we have featured multiple times now on Health Impact News is Spiro Skouras who publishes at Activist Post, and this week he produced another show interviewing Dr. Andrew Kaufman regarding the alleged medical benefits of wearing masks, and whether or not the government can legally require us to wear them.

See also Spiro’s previous interview with Dr. Kaufman where he revealed that he lost his job as a psychiatrist for refusing to wear a mask: Censored Dr. Kaufman: “They Want To Genetically Modify Us With COVID-19 Vaccine” – Loses his Job and Willing to go to Jail to Resist.

The issue of face masks is heating up now, as many states are beginning to mandate it (although without any real legal authority to do so), and a video of a California journalist named John Ziegler at a Ventura County board supervisors meeting this week in California went viral, as he exposed the lies of Dr. Robert Levin, the Medical Director of Ventura County.

It is only about 2 minutes long and worth watching to see how citizens are resisting medical tyranny, which the corporate media dare not show.

Video can be accessed at source link below.