Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Prof. Cardiology Texas A&M Peter McCullough – June 11 2021

Blood curdling negative judgment of #Covid19 injection
Update: Latest on killer antigen ‘spike protein’ known to spread from injection site and destroy organs
Original: Vlad Tepes Bitchute channel (mispelled Fuellmich
International Criminal Proceedings – Reiner Fuellmich

Dr Peter McCollough Prof. Medicine Texas A&M
Practice: Internal Medicine and Cardiology.
When pandemic hit refocused all efforts on the virus.
Editor of reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, Editor of Cardiorenal Medicine.
Senior Associate Editor of American Journal of Cardiology.
President of Cardiorenal Society, most published person in the field in history.
Published the two major treatment papers and lead the early treatment initiative in the US.

Greater health authority in this subject than any in public health agencies or any other media doctors.