Regarding the Current Military Under Trump By Anna Von Reitz

My attitude toward the military is the same as it has always been ever since I discovered the truth about them. 

They have been acting as a Mercenary Force and have been in control since April of 1863; that makes them a big part of the problem. 

Although they COULD in theory make a clean breast of it, I very much doubt that they will, and I also don’t believe that they are taking out all these Undesirables, simply because they have acted in collusion with these same Municipal Actors. 

There is no indication that either entity has stopped the Birth Certification processes or made any public announcements warning Americans to record the birth of their children. 

Both the federal military and federal civil service are equally dirty concerning the Covid mess. 

The USA, Inc. entity functioning under Trump has “offered” to occupy our vacant Federal Republic as a British Territorial Mercenary Force and to run everything “for” us, without our consent.  That’s another strike against them.  

They have also attempted to confuse the Public concerning “NESARA” – the actual Nesara legislation associated with the Farm Union Cases hasn’t budged an inch forward in any legislative process for thirty years, which you can readily confirm by looking it up at 

So what new shell game are they pushing?  

The only land that the Brits have ever controlled here are the holdings of the various Territories; they have no standing to do anything about our land holdings, and neither do the Municipal thugs. 

Just as you would expect in such a situation, they are incompetent and in fact unable to advance legislation like Nesara in any form. They lack subject matter jurisdiction as well as standing. 

So, there, too, some kind of rinky-dink fraud scheme designed to defraud and delude people is going on at the hands of military-connected interests. 

Finally, there’s the whole associated RV Exchange fraud being promoted by these same Players, in which they are scheming to coerce currency investors to exchange their currency assets through their own private brokerage and submit to Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc., instead of going to the bank and exchanging currencies like sane people. 

Again, the quasi-military is involved in trying to defraud these currency speculators out of between 98% and 88% of their investment. 

I have no great interest in protecting currency speculators, but on the other hand, these people are Americans and they are not obligated to hand over such a gross profit to British Territorial Mercenaries masquerading as our honorable soldiers.

All these things taken together with the history we have exposed indicates that the only lawful and properly functioning government in this country is being provided by our State Assemblies, and that the Federal Subcontractors operating out of the District of Columbia have become utterly corrupt. 

This country has been secretly occupied by mercenary forces operating under the auspices of the British Crown — disguised as our own soldiers, sailors, and airmen.  They have been misdirected by these foreign interests for decades.  

I see no great reason to trust them or expect any salvation from them now, and no great indication that they are telling the truth or acting in the best interests of the people of this country.  

They COULD be our heroes, but the facts indicate they have taken a different course. 

Anna Maria


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