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The recent address to the Chisinau Forum has been posted and is available. It is a 15 min brief overview that can be shared to inform others. It was also transcribed and in this link here – you can choose the language you need – it is available in Italian, German, Chinese, French, Spanish.

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Evidence of The Technocratic Transhumanist Agenda in Human Blood

Hello, dear colleagues from the Chisinau Forum. My name is Dr. Ana-Maria Mihalcea. I’m going to be sharing a presentation briefly regarding my research that is relating to the COVID-19 injections.

And what this is about is evidence of the technocratic transhumanist agenda in the human blood.

I’ve written more than 600 articles on all of the findings over the last couple of years. Ray Kurzweil is a transhumanist technocrat who discussed that by 2030, nanorobots will be floating around in the bloodstream and that they will make humans godlike.

What is important to understand is that these nanobots, tiny robots from DNA strands, are swimming around in the capillaries of our brain. And so this will be a brain-computer interface that will multiply human intelligence. The issue with that is that this is now being deployed to all humanity, and it was done via the COVID-19 shots.

We need to understand that many of the sustainable development goals for the United Nations agenda are being supported by nanotechnology, 13 out of 17. And so this is an area that is critical to also the transhumanists, because it’s the nanotechnology that will fuse humanity with technology and create hyborgs or has created cyborgs. We know that Klaus Schwab discussed that the technology will operate within our own biology, change how we interface with the world.

And this literally, like smart dust, it is a progression of the smart dust that was deployed on humanity and has continued to be deployed via geoengineering operations. And so these will organize themselves inside of the body. And this is what we’re seeing, self-assembling nanotechnology, which is interplay between nanotechnology, brain research, 3D printing, and mobile networks.

We also have to understand that vaccination is on the center of the World Economic Forum’s agenda. Why would that be? Because there is the technological platform in these particular COVID shots, and all of the shots that are planned, 500 of them, according to the Agenda 2030 per human being per lifetime. And that that is the basis of digital identity, cybersecurity, global governance, travel, economics. And so it’s very important to ask the question, why would vaccination be in the center of that? And what does it have to do with that?

The intrabody area network was developed via biosensing devices by the IEEE, and they had a Mac address. Many of the vaccinated individuals have been shown now to emit Mac addresses. This is literally what connects them via their cell phone to the cloud and is used for the fusion of artificial intelligence with humanity.

So 26 teams, by now it’s more, have analyzed the COVID-19 shots worldwide. They did not find mRNA that was conforming to the label. Many investigators didn’t find any mRNA, but they found many metals like cesium, barium, cobalt, iron, chromium, titanium, gadolinium, aluminum.

And since then in the live blood analysis, unusual structures were found. This is the first time that I have looked at the COVID-19 vials with Dr. David Nixon, and you can see many billions of nanorobots in here, which is what Ido Balanchet also discussed, who partnered with Pfizer’s, and he built DNA nanorobots exactly like Klaus Schwab said. When you leave a drop of the Pfizer vial contents to dry, they will form these microchips and optical communication cables.

These were then found in the live blood initially of the vaccinated individual later on, also in unvaccinated, because this stuff sheds from person to person. I investigated the blood of somebody who had died of the rubbery clots and had been deceased for eight months and the same filaments I found, as well as continued self-replication of this technology. If I fast forward here, you can see the spherical growth pattern, and within the spherical growth are these microrobots that communicate via optical communication signals.

This is a very important thing to understand, that self-assembly doesn’t stop. It is uncontrolled. These microrobots and nanorobots are what is now in humanity’s blood and self-assembling this technology.

Here you can see unvaccinated blood, and it is the same spherical thing. We’ve proven that they are harvesting the blood’s energy and destroying the blood, creating rubbery clots. This is how this operates.

Then eventually, I’ve also filmed how these spheres then create these filamental structures in the blood. These microrobots can swarm. This is a blood sample of an unvaccinated individual who was exposed to shedding.

You can see these robots that are in all colors. This is similar to quantum dot technology that communicates via light signals and can also genetically modify people through optogenetics. Later, we found that drawing the blood from vaccinated blood and letting it sit would create these rubber-like clots, exactly like in the deceased individuals.

You can see this yellow cap here. These, we chemically analyzed through neonophage spectroscopy and found that they were made from polyamide proteins, which can be silk like spider silk, thousands of times stronger than steel or as well as nylon. We tried to dissolve this and were unable with extremely caustic agents like toluene, D-stripper, lye.

It doesn’t work. We have to take out the building blocks of this technology in which the metals are having a very big impact. This is unvaccinated blood that I drew and you can see the same rubbery clot that develops, but EDTA is an antidote that is mentioned in the Moderna patent that stops the proliferation of the self-assembling nanotechnology as is vitamin C and you see no clot development.

You can see also here, this is an unvaccinated blood sample, same rubbery clot develops. I’ve seen many patients now who have had strokes, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis, and other problems. You can see that EDTA pulls out many of the metals and it’s been shown that the reason why the metals are in the shots is number one, for surveillance, because it’s been shown that for battle space interrogation technologies like SMART does, the more metals a human being has in their body, the better they can be tracked via satellite reconnaissance.

This was also discussed by weapons expert Mark Steele. You can see that EDTA can pull out these metals in large amounts, either intravenously. There’s also oral forms of this.

This right here is an example of somebody who was exposed to shedding. You see that the blood is in extreme distress and that these hydrogels are in the blood. The blood is spiked like this.

That’s not from the spike protein, but it’s oxidative stress and there’s many of these micro robots in here. When you use EDTA and vitamin C alternating, you can help regenerate at least the electrical conductivity in the blood, which we have been measuring to be reduced about up to 47%. Imagine if somebody hijacks 50% of your life force.

There are things that can be done. However, because most people are ignoring this important topic, I believe that a mass extinction of humanity is taking place without the appropriate therapeutic intervention. I want to thank you for allowing me to share this at the Kishinev Forum.

Hopefully, you will investigate further and check out my sub stack because in 15 minutes, very challenging to discuss all this information. The technology that you see behind me is what we’ve been finding in the blood. This literally is a progression of what’s called Morgallens disease.

It’s been sprayed on humanity for 30 years, but now this is the end stage of creating human 2.0. It is an interface for mind control. We’ve shown in the blood that vaccinated blood is extremely sensitive to 4 hertz in the research with Clifford Carnicum and 4 hertz is HAARP, High Active Oral Research Projects used for weather warfare, but also mind control, DNA modification. That is the only difference that we found between vaccinated and unvaccinated blood to this day, because we know from the documents of Pfizer that if an unvaccinated man inhales the air around a vaccinated woman, that man can also transfer the vaccine to another unvaccinated woman.

This is exactly what I’ve been warning about for now over a couple of years. Shedding is real. Everyone as part of the family of humanity is affected and we all need to fight this diabolical plan.

The technology is not just used for digital identification, biometric surveillance, but also total control and ultimately destruction of the human species. If you look at the technocratic tense humanist agenda, they want to create after human 2.0, the cyborg human 3.0, which will be pure robotic. Thank you so much.

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