Rachael has questions about the latest decentralized internet infrastructure, QORTAL. Mike Winner and Jason Crow of https://qortal.org/ respond and they end up having an upclose and personal chat focusing on the benefits of alternatives to mainstream corporate pushed systems of control. From computing to personal health management to dance parties this conversation has it all! Jason Crow Jason has been deep into networking and decentralized systems since a teenager setting up mesh networks and intranet systems for friends. He caught onto the power of public blockchains early on and first got involved in the Burst community helping take the project to the next level. Not content with staying there, he along with a cadre of uber-talented developers from all over the world spearheaded the QORTAL blockchain project. Six years in the making, the proposed ‘internet of the future’ has officially launched and is set to change the world for the better. https://crowetic.com Mike Winner Mike Winner is the co-founder and technical director for Alfa Vedic, an offgrid farm and wellness co-op focused on innovative solutions for a new era of self-mastery, health independence and personal sovereignty. He, along with Dr. Barre Lando, hosts a weekly podcast called Alfacast that delves into a vast range of topics related to the new cutting-edge terrain of health freedom and spirit science. He aims to elevate the conversation of global consciousness through captivating and positive story telling processes, new decentralized technologies and life changing health and freedom festivals. https://alfavedic.com