Putin, Tucker & Truth, Scotus Smashes Insurrection, Debt Surge

Tucker Carlson interviewed Vladimir Putin, and the Deep State melted down.  They called him a “Mouthpiece for Putin,” a “traitor” and threatened to sanction Carlson.  Why?  The truth is a powerful thing, and the Deep State wants you to think the lies they are telling you about the Ukraine war are true.  This against a backdrop of the US Senate sending another $60 billion for a war that has already cost the lives of 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers.  Putin says he is ready to stop the war and negotiate a peace deal.  It is dangerous for you to hear that blasphemy when so much money and kickbacks are being made off a war that was lost long ago.  Way to go, Tucker!

The Left and RINO Republicans think that Trump can win in 2024; otherwise, they would not be trying everything they can to stop him.  When the lawsuits looked like a bust, they started trying to take Trump off the ballot state by state for the so-called insurrection on January 6th.  The case of the Colorado removal of Trump off their ballots in November was heard by the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) today.  The lawyers for Colorado trying to keep Trump off the ballot were destroyed and so was the “insurrection” narrative.  It looks like a win from SCOTUS is coming for Trump and “We the People.”

If you think the Biden economy is good, you are in the tiny minority.  According to the Federal Reserve, credit card debt hit a record $1.13 trillion, and delinquencies surged 50%.  That is not the sign of a healthy economy, but a very sick consumer living paycheck to paycheck and stretching it all out by maxing out their credit cards.  It is only going to get worse as layoffs surge, while the government labor statistics tell us that unemployment is going down when the opposite is true.  Remember, this is an election year, and the lies are going to be big.

There is much more in the 48-minute newscast.