Propaganda Fail: NordStream Cover Story Rapidly Crumbling

It should be obvious to any honest pundit by now: if you are one of the nominally same individuals who rightly suspected that the United States and its allies destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines – as promised by President Joe Biden himself, “once and for all” – then it’s time to stop being propagandized and compelled to perform mental gymnastics in order to convince yourself not to believe what you see and hear with your very own eyes and ears.

The game was as blatant as it was bombastic: to destroy key European energy infrastructure and then replace Russian gas with American LNG, making US vassal state Germany and the rest of the EU permanently dependent on over-priced and spotty US energy imports.

Now that the US government and mainstream media cover story is falling apart, it’s time to ask yourself and your cohort how long you’re prepared to entertain your own cognitive dissonance.

“Cockamamie yarns like the one involving the yacht suggest not nefarious cunning but simple incompetence.”

Bradley Martin
at Asia Times reports…

Reports that nongovernmental pro-Ukrainians were behind the Nordstream gas pipeline explosions last year appear to be losing traction, as illustrated by a new Reuters report quoting skeptical remarks by a Swedish official.

As originally put forth on March 7 by the New York Times (quoting unnamed US officials with access to intelligence) and by a consortium of German media (quoting unnamed police sources), the theory held that the otherwise unidentified culprits had carried out the Baltic Sea operation from a rented 50-foot charter sailing yacht named Andromeda.

Some analysts (including me) found the tale highly improbable from the start and suggested – or, in the case of investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, flat-out asserted – that it was a cover story concocted by spooks to counter Hersh’s February 8 report, based on the Pulitzer Prize winner’s own anonymous sourcing, that US divers working for the CIA did the deed.