Possession Claim Adjourned – Bankster ‘Lost’ The Mortgage Documents

My friends, I am, once again, the delighted bearer of fantastic TGBMS News.

Today I was contacted by a friend of mine called Geniene Azalea, who has already had two properties stolen from her over void mortgages, following which she recently challenged HBOS to provide valid mortgage documents, over a third property they are seeking possession of through the county court.

Having not responded to any of the court papers until she saw The Great British Mortgage Swindle, the bank was somewhat taken aback to be asked to provide the proof that they had the right to seek possession, along with a twenty six page counter-claim.

Bankster Fails To Produce Valid Mortgage Documents

However, fifteen days ago, a county court judge ordered that the bankster provide valid mortgage documents within 14 days, in order to validate its mortgage possession claim.

Rather comically, in another hearing yesterday, in which the bankster’s application for an extension of two years to find the documents was dismissed, their solicitors alleged they have “lost the documents”.

So they literally have no evidence to validate the mortgage and they therefore have no mortgage possession claim they can enforce through the courts.

Whilst the judge didn’t exactly throw the case out, he did order that the claim be adjourned generally, which is what they do when no judgment can be reached without further evidence being submitted.

In the highly likely event the bankster can’t locate [or forge] documents upon which to rely within the next twelve months, Geniene will automatically win default judgment.

No Valid Mortgage Documents Exist

Since we already know that, even in the event the bank suddenly finds the ‘misplaced’ mortgage documents, they will be fraudulent under at least one of the TGBMS Grounds, the mortgage possession claim has effectively been proven to be illegal in the absence of a valid deed and contract, which means it cannot be renewed.

Massive credit is due to Geniene, who stood on the grounds and refused to budge. What she has courageously proven in the microcosm is that the arguments we are using in this summer’s ongoing class actions to end mortgage fraud [in the macrocosm] are literally bang on the money, irrespective of what certain myopic critics would have you believe.

Just as important is the fact that her actions will inspire many others to adopt the same position, in defence of fraudulent mortgage possession claims in the British courts.

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