Penny Kelly – The Future of Money & Consciousness [Full Interview]

Penny Kelly ( is an author and spiritual director who had a Kundalini awakening around 40 years ago. Since then she has been fully conscious. Anja Schuetz ( is a Cryptocurrency Mentor assisting newcomers in making sense of this new money and new world, especially from a consciousness evolution point of view. *** EARN FREE CRYPTO HERE: *** Part of being fully conscious is being able to see into the future. Back in the 80’s Penny Kelly was shown the first 25 years of the new century – the exact times we live in now. But she has been as far as the year 2413, and has amazing things to share about it. The focus of this interview is the subject of money, however we talked about many other related things as well. You can watch the condensed “money and cryptocurrency” version here: