PAUL ANTHONY WALLIS ~ “Royal E.T.´s, Anunnaki, Secret Symbolism & The A.I. God”

The great and knowledgeable British Author, Truth Researcher, Investigative Reporter and former Church Minister, PAUL ANTHONY WALLIS is back as a guest on AGE OF TRUTH TV, promoting his new fascinating and informative book “THE EDEN CONSPIRACY”. In this new 2024 eye-opening and very in-depth interview with Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, Paul Wallis is sharing a LOT of profound knowledge about our human vs. E.T. alien connection, the Anunnaki overlords, the Royal families and their connection with Extra-Teresstrials, Occult and Spiritual Symbolism, Religious Codes and Symbolism and the hidden secret ancient mysteries and civilisations, the A.I. Mind-Control take-over and current world problems – and a LOT more.
Be prepared for 2 hours of extraordinary information.