PAUL A. WALLIS & TC ARKLE ~ “Dark AI Web, Truth & Enlightenment & Divine Feminine”

PAUL ANTHONY WALLIS and TC ARKLE will take you on a journey into the field of secret esoteric knowledge, the holy scriptures, symbolism, our E.T. Alien connection, politics, the N W O agenda, the true understanding or INNER-standing of what is the Divine Feminine, the female essence, strength and sexuality, as well as the Sacred Masculine, and the need for that in this world today, in order to create balance between the sexes, greater balance on a spiritual and physical level, and for the sake of worldly affairs, as opposed to current Gender Agenda. Many topics are discussed in order to get as close to greater awareness, nature, meditation, the link between humanity and our universal connection, as possible. Paul Anthony Wallis and tc Arkle are interviewed by AGE OF TRUTH TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander, in this eye-opening and in-depth Roundtable Discussion.