Pat Clohessy High Court Demands Judge Kelly step down

This is Footage from the High Court in Dublin, in Ireland on 4th Feb 2020.
Pat Clohessy has made his 2nd appearance in front of Judge Peter Kelly, who also happens to be the President of the High Court.
Kelly uses an Illegal Title and Unlawful Power and an Unconstititional Old British Crown Law called the Lunacy Regulations Act 1871.
Kelly uses all this to make horrific orders taking control of the lives, the care and more important any of the Financial Assets of 1000s of Vulnerable people in Ireland such as Pat Clohessys Mother (97 year old woman) under whats called a Wards of Court System.

The President uses his Fraudulent Title and Unlawful Power and this unconstitional system to control Multi Billion Euro Fund….which is made up of cash and land and property etc OWNED by the Vulnerable, many elderly.
This Multi Billion Euro Fund bring huge financial rewards and gain for the Courts Service (Kelly at the top of the gravy chain), the barristers and solicitors, most of whom represent the HSE and their own interests.

Kelly uses his Fraudulent title and unlawful power to ignore the clear wishes of the 1000s like Pats mum and many many more, and take control of their every move and every cent they own.
If thing do mpt go the way of Kelly and Co and HSE and Wards of Court, then orders are made in secret to even take the lives of these people with many cases now coming to the fore of families stating their cases that they believe their loved one who was under Kellys control and the control he gave to the HSE and other Public Agents, to take the lives of many medically to avoid serious prosecutions and negligence cases.

This Man, who is not the Lord Chancellor as he claims but instead the BIGGEST FRAUD CHANCER must be arrested and brought to justice..
A massive Investigation must begin immediately into his dealing and that of the whole evil Wards of Court System.
This has effected and caused so much pain and suffering and needles deaths and financial ruin for so many families and vulnerable.

Pat is one of the Few, in fact the First Person to Challenge Peter Kelly and prove his Fraud. Nothing will be done unless People Power takes over and justice will prevail.