Pandamned: A Documentary on the Lies, Atrocities and Coming Tyranny of the COVID Plandemic

By Peter Koenig and Marijn Poels

Global Research, May 12, 2022

Theme: Media DisinformationPolice State & Civil Rights



Since the beginning of 2020 the world population as been under the spell of an emergency regime, worldwide; an ever more tightening control of people’s lives, gradually merging from dictatorship into tyranny – all under the guise of a deadly pandemic.

This world tyranny, englobing all 193 UN member countries (WHO’s 194 members), appears to be happening all at once, had been prepared for maybe as much as hundred years, with an active pursuit after WWII.

It is led by a group of super-wealthy oligarch, multi-billionaires, in essence very sick, power-thirsty individuals, who can hardly be considered humans, although they appear as humans.

These oligarchs are accompanied by some super-giant financial institutions, like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street, Fidelity and more which control an estimated 25 trillion dollars-equivalent in assets, giving them a leverage power of well-over a 100 trillion dollars, as compared to the world’s GDP of some 90 trillion dollars. In other words, they can manipulate, control and pressure every government on Mother Earth to do their bidding.

Their cult’s stated reason is to make the world a better place, less population, less pollution, reduction of man-made climate change (sic), and the conservation of non-renewable and rare natural resources.

To hammer this point in, they use their immense wealth to buy the mainstream media around the world, so that they use massive psychologically-targeted propaganda to indoctrinate people with their lies.

And what’s worse – propaganda to instill FEAR. People with fear are submissive, obedient, and they lose their resistance, both in terms of immunity and physical resistance.

Governments around the globe are co-opted, coerced or outright threatened having to implement a propaganda-lie based agenda for full control of the world population, leading to a One World Order (OWO), with a One World Government.

This fabulous documentary in German with English and Dutch subtitles illustrates what has happened over the past few years in silent preparation to the plandemic, also called scam-demic – or as the movie calls it, PANDAMNED – and what we, the people, are living now, and how we can get out of this unknown in history Tyranny.



Source: MPMedia