On the interpretation of selective silence.

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Excellent new post by Sasha Latypova on Dec. 10, 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200

“…It is important to realize that there is no scientific or humanitarian basis in “public health policies” as they exists today in the United States and globally. That machinery exists to drive the population control policy. There is no scientific or humanitarian basis mandating vaccinations with now close to 100 different poisons. Vaccines do not create health. Yet, this is squarely among the UN’s “sustainable goals”.

The public health system must be dismantled, because it is a camouflaged warfare program actively engaged in controlling and killing civilians under emergency pretexts and lies.” 

On interpretation of selective silence

Some things are difficult for some leading voices among the Covid-times anti-tyranny voices to say publicly. Four of those things:

  1. Vaccines and biochemical weapons are interchangeable terms for a single product class jointly manufactured and distributed by pharmaceutical companies and the US military for use by militarized health care providers on targets.

  2. Observed harms caused by use of biochemical weapons labeled as vaccines, on targets, are intentional.

  3. Intentional infliction of pain and death, on targets, using biochemical weapons labeled as vaccines, is State-sponsored. Governments have done it to their people in the past, are doing it right now, and clearly indicate their plans to continue doing it in the future.

  4. State sponsorship of the intentional injury and killing of people is coerced through central bank control of money, such that governments are under the direct daily control of central banks, and democratic rituals (such as elections and legislative activity) are performative only. Government officials who try to refuse sponsorship of intentional mass murder (i.e., by speaking or legislating in authentic, non-performative ways) are subject to overwhelming reprisals: currency destruction, economic collapse, lockouts from international financial transaction systems, fomented internal civil disorder, government overthrow and assassination.

Covid has been a global demonstration that financial control mechanisms (banker behavioral control of governments) and political, medical-military ‘public health’ control mechanisms (government behavioral control of civilians) work as designed and installed.

Through the real-time Covid lens, it’s become possible to discern the same demonstrative, murderous hand at work in conducting civil and world wars, famines and economic collapses, especially in the last three centuries.

I have compassion for many of the struggling anti-tyranny voices. Not as much compassion as I should have, but some.

They publicly discuss injuries and deaths that have happened and are continuing to happen. They talk about how the available clinical trial data is messy and that ‘vaccines’ appear to cause some injuries and deaths. They suggest that, perhaps with a little more data and a little more time, regulators will do a little more regulating, and the products — undisclosed-genetic-material-plus-lipid-carrier, injectable and other “platform technologies” — might someday be a little less deadly, become a little beneficial, and some of the victims and survivors of these early attempts might someday get a little bit of financial compensation for their losses.

They talk about billionaires, corporate profiteering, liability exemptions, regulatory capture and regulatory failure. They talk about the urgent need to prevent the World Health Organization and the United Nations from usurping any slivers of remaining power held by national governments by means of new international legal instruments scheduled for ratification in the near future.

Beyond those points, they fall silent, just shy of the four true statements listed above.

I speculate that it’s because many of these otherwise strong anti-tyranny voices have fallen prey to other core lies and errors promulgated in recent decades by Satan, through the mystical body of the Antichrist.

The Mystical Body of the Antichrist includes Henry Kissinger, John D. Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, Victor Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild, John Foster Dulles, Margaret Sanger, William Masters, Virginia Johnson, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Alex Azar, Xavier Becerra, Noah Yuval Harari, and other men and women, living and dead, some of whose names are public knowledge, and some of whose names are not.

Technocrats of Satan have demonstrated — through Covid — that they’ve long held the means to make lies about poisons-as-medicines appear true to large numbers of people. The means include computerized modeling; control of government planning and publishing offices; and control of print, radio, television and Internet publishing channels, alongside orchestrated civil wars, famines, trade and supply chain blockades, and disease outbreaks that can be made to appear spontaneous and natural, through skilled use of those same controlled information channels.

Armed with that hard-won knowledge, living observers can also see through other lies and errors, that this same body of technocrats has also long held the means to make appear true.

One Satanic error or lie is that God’s plan for mankind to be fruitful and multiply is unworkable.

Satanic technocrats call this lie overpopulation or population overshoot.

Another lie is that God’s Providence, Love and Mercy are insufficient to meet mankind’s material and spiritual needs; that God is untrustworthy.

Satanic technocrats call this resource scarcity, peak oil, food shortages and climate crisis.

A third lie is that mankind dwelling in proximity to each other and to other living creatures (insects, birds, fish and mammals of the fields, forests, skies, rivers, lakes and oceans) is dangerous for all living creatures, and the solution is to dispose of extraneous people, and arrange for the survivors to be isolated from each other, corralled into cities well away from land and water, and fed on synthetic food-like substances.

Satanic technocrats call this ‘global sustainability goals’ and ‘global pandemic preparedness.’

The dilemma for anti-tyranny voices who can say some true things, but close their throats and pull their fingers back from the keyboard before other true, relevant things come out, is that they believe errors about overpopulation, resource scarcity, climate crisis, sustainability and pandemic preparedness.

And from those beliefs, they draw the conclusion that mass sterilization and mass murder through biochemical weapons labeled as vaccines is sad, perhaps regrettable, but necessary and inevitable, and better than any available alternatives for reducing population to the level deemed appropriate by the mystical body of the Antichrist, which also promulgates the foundational lies denying the good God’s plans for mankind, His essential trustworthiness and His infinite love for the creatures He creates.

It is possible to recognize the Covid lies as such, and through the Covid lies, to recognize other lies.

Some of the technocrats of the Antichrist know the truth about what they’re doing, and think it’s good. They’re fomenting human faithlessness and despair to harvest souls to accompany Satan in Hell for eternity.

Some of the technocrats of the Antichrist are a little reluctant about it all. They know the truth about what they’re helping the enthusiastic soul-destroyers do, and they think it’s sad, but necessary to preserve the possibility for material life for cull-survivors on an earth which they think created itself (without the First, Unmoved Mover) or that the First-Mover God has mismanaged or abandoned.

The acts of the technocrats of the Antichrist are bad.

And they’re unnecessary.

God has not mismanaged or abandoned the world He created. God is still providing for mankind’s material and spiritual needs every day. In most places, most of the time, even though the technocrats of the Antichrist have been trying for centuries and are still visibly trying every day, they have not utterly “blotted out the name of God and of His Christ.

They have not blocked out the sun and prevented the rains. They have not entirely polluted the air, the fields and forests, and the waters of the earth.

Men and women are still at work every day farming, ranching and fishing for food. Men and women are still moving goods from the places where they’re produced to the places where they’re eaten or used, and caring for children, the elderly, the sick, the poor and those in prison.

The technocrats of the Antichrist have been unable to sterilize and sicken everyone. They have been unable to block every fruitful act of conjugal love. They have been unable to abort every infant in the womb and murder every child born.

They have not yet completely destroyed human faith in the God who created each one of us and the entire world into which we’ve come to be.

It’s good to say so.

It’s good to condemn the work of the technocrats of the Antichrist as bad and unnecessary.

It’s good to understand their lies as lies and reject their errors as errors.

Keeping quiet — pretending the evil acts are not being done, or admitting that evil things are happening, expressing a little sadness, but holding it as necessary evil that must continue for a pretextual greater common good — helps the evil acts to continue.

The fight to stop their project as quickly as possible, drive the Satanic technocrats away from human societies and away from human souls, is worthwhile.

Congress and state legislatures can and should repeal the enabling laws; federal and state judges can and should nullify them; federal and state prosecutors can and should press charges and put the perpetrators on trial.

The people of the world can and should prepare to endure the resulting overnight collapse of the global monetary order and each government dependent upon it; petition God for remedies and the establishment of sound governments and economic systems; and petition God to help us trust that He will answer those prayers.

Pray the Rosary.

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