No Doubt It’s a Bioweapon, Not a Vaccine – Globalists in Plain Sight with Sasha Latypova & Katherine Watt

Christine Dolan from CD Media was joined by Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova and she asks Sasha point blank if there is any doubt in her mind that these shots are bioweapons and Sasha replies, “Absolutely not. I know for a fact these are bioweapons and actually, we should think broader. These are biochemical, radiological, nuclear weapons, potentially…because they’re designed and developed by the Medical Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear consortium and ordered from those companies…

“We should have a more open mind and broader investigation into what is being delivered under these contracts. What is actually in the vials? Because that’s still an open question. We still don’t know what it is and how it functions, how it injures people, because we have such a gigantic variety of injury, we’ve never seen before. We need this information, we need to investigate it, because we don’t known how to treat these people. We don’t know what they were injured by.”

Katherine identifies Biden appointee, Dawn Johnsen, who served briefly as the Acting Attorney General for the Office of the Legal Counsel at the DOJ as the lawyer who provided legal cover for the Biden administration to mandate EUA products, by being asked the question, “Is there anything in the law that would prohibit this?” Instead of asking if there was anything that would give them the right to do it. Also, Johnsen classified the shots as medical products, when they are, in fact bioweapons and therefore, they need to be regarded in a different way.


Top government lawyers like Johnsen and others at the HHS Office of General Counsel knew what was going on but they wrote legal opinions that created a lot of blind alleys for those on the outside of this conspiracy. As Sasha says, “We allowed criminals to write laws and law enforcement guidelines for themselves, so what did you expect? That’s exactly the product that we have right now.”

Katherine doesn’t think that most people in Congress are aware of this or of how they funded this over the years and legislated their oversight roles away, “So I think the project has been for a while – and still is – getting them to understand what it is they have done without knowing that they’ve done it, so that they can take a stand and say, ‘We’re not gonna do it anymore and we’re gonna roll back the things we put in place to make this possible.’”

Sasha says, “The Department of Defense has taken over practically all of the pharmaceutical industry, through so much money that they’re throwing at it, through these OTABARDA-driven countermeasure exercises. They’re now delivering about 50% of the R&D spent on the pharma industry through this method and if you’re one buyer buying 50%, of course you control the whole industry. So now, the pharma industry is completely captured by this and they’ve done the same to practically all the scientific fields that relate to this. Academia was captured long before Pharma was captured…


“They just call it ‘dual use’ and start classifying the research that people are working on. And that’s how they capture it. And by throwing huge amounts of money at it. The [legit] pharma industry cannot compete with this.”

Katherine doesn’t think that the runaway train of the vaxx can be stopped until it is taken out of the regulatory framework and put into the criminal, WMD bioterrorism framework and this is what she’s been working on for the past several months. There is no halt point in the regulatory arena because it is not a medical product. It’s a weapon. So, the only stopping point is for people to understand that it’s a war, that these are weapons, that we are under attack and to treat it that way, in war crimes/treason-type settings, like Nuremberg.

Katherine and Sasha explain that the bioterrorism attack known as the COVID vaccine rollout has been coordinated by PHEMCE, the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise, which is the biomedical/pharma equivalent of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which is to say that it’s a public/private enterprise that was set up in 2013, consisting of 10 federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, HHS, FDA, NIH, Department of Agriculture, Energy, Veterans Affairs. PHEMCE is where all of them get together and very secretly discuss these ‘countermeasures’ aka bioweapons aka “vaccines”. PHEMCE is where the funding gets funneled through and Katherine thinks it may even be exempt from FOIA, because it’s a semiprivate organization.

Sasha describes the Death Shot as the biggest crime in human history but she says that she and Katherine are not afraid of the potential repercussions from coming forward. However, as mothers, they are in grief and in anger that this is the world that’s being left for their children.

Sasha says, “I’m extremely angered and devastated but this can be resolved through criminal prosecutions and there’s mechanisms and…all these illegal laws can be undone, easily by Congress, as long as they start exercising their power that they have – or state-level governments can start exercising the power that they have,” and she cites the example of the Province of Alberta, which has now stopped complying with Canada’s federal mandates in Trudeau’s dictatorship.

It’s up to the state governments to say, “We’re not going to comply with this BS from the federal government, they’re criminals,” and they should start prosecuting them.

Florida has laws against bioterrorism and they can be invoked to confiscate shipments of the vaxx from the DoD across the border and they can immediately declare them as bioweapons, declare their distribution to be criminal and destroy them or keep them for evidence – and maybe then, once they’re seized for evidence, we can find out exactly what’s in the vials.