News Flash — Trudeau is Not Premier of Canada

 By Anna Von Reitz


A recent announcement out of Canada is good news, but also gives one cause to pause.
The last remaining signatory to the current Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights, Brian Peckford, has stepped to the plate and opened not only the necessary public debate, but has also sued the present administration for violation of the Canadian Constitution put in place back in the 1980s.
This is important and noteworthy, because technically, Mr. Peckford is the only one with a direct contract with Trudeau’s governmental services corporation, and is the only one with proper standing to bring the contract back into enforcement.
However, as Mr. Peckford constantly but unobtrusively reminds us, this contract is between the British Territorial Provinces established in the wake of the dissolution of the Commonwealth back circa 1965-67.
This “Constitution” Mr. Peckford is enforcing, is a Territorial Constitution between a foreign democracy that established itself in the 1980’s in a custodial trust capacity and an equally foreign commercial services corporation doing business as something like CANADA, INC. — Mr. Trudeau’s lash-up.
None of this has anything to do with the Republic of Canada established by and for the People of Canada, which is supposed to be operating the land and soil jurisdiction of the country — but strangely, isn’t in Session. Same circumstance we have faced and overcome in America.
Americans are all supposed to be living in constitutional state republics and Canadians are supposed to be living in constitutional provincial republics, but because nobody realized what had to be done to bring these governments into Session, Canadians — like their American Cousins — were hornswoggled into being misrepresented as British Territorial citizenry, subjects of the Queen, wards of the Crown.
Constitutional republics are a different form of government from democracies. So, when Mr. Peckford like members of the U.S. [Territorial] Congress talks about their “democracies” —they are telling you something.
They are shoving it in your face that the organization running what appears to be “your” government isn’t your government.
Why? Because your actual Government isn’t a democracy and never was.
They might as well be taking out a billboard ad and saying, “Hey, Dumb Clucks….”
The story then gets better or worse, depending on your view, because none of these democracies are truly functional, either.
First, they are all operating under color of law and conditions of fraud by omission, as they owe the people of America and Canada (both) full disclosure instead of surreptitious usurpation.
Second, as democracies, they have voter quotas that haven’t been met —- ever. In order to declare a mandate, a democracy requires a 51% decision. When was the last time that these democracies had a 51% agreement about anything?
As it takes 51% of the vote to win an election, tell me how Trudeau who received 20.3% of the vote could ever take office in a democracy?
He couldn’t.
He’s not the actual Premier of Canada, because then he would have to be acting for the People of Canada and representing the constitutional republic provinces, which haven’t been heard from in fifty years.
He’s not the Territorial Premier of Canada, Inc., because then, he would have to have over 50% of the votes cast in the election, and he fell far, far short of that.
So what —exactly— is Justin Trudeau?
He is the “Premier” of a commercial corporation in the business of providing governmental services, under contract to the British Territorial Democracy that is quietly usurping against the actual lawful Government of Canada while the people of Canada sleep.
Trudeau is a corporate CEO of a Municipal Corporation and he has no more actual power or authority than the CEO of McDonald’s restaurants. He has no Public Office at all.
This is exactly the same situation that Joe Biden finds himself in.
What these commercial corporation CEO’s have done is to lie about you and your country. They have claimed that you are “stateless” because you haven’t bothered to bring your own government into Session for decades. And then, they have claimed you as “presumed to be” political asylum seekers and dependents, which is nothing but fraud and usurpation, Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Services Contract.
In Canada, as in America, this scheme has been implemented using the Birth Certificate Registration to “claim” you as part of their Territorial citizenry, instead of recording your nativity as a Canadian.
This is all just one big British commercial confidence racket using falsification of records implemented by turning Public Records into Registrations — which is an act of unlawful conversion when imposed upon the victims without full disclosure and knowing consent.
And we will note, they are at it again, trying to unlawfully convert living men and women into “Genetically Modified Organisms” via the undisclosed injection of patented RNA and DNA—- and they are doing this for the same reason: to gain a commercial ownership interest in the bodies and land and other assets naturally belonging to these people.
They should all be flogged and their leaders should be gibbeted under the Law of the Sea.
They should all be hanged under the Law of the Land and Soil.
They should all be deprived of gain and pay large fines under the Roman Civil Law.
They should be imprisoned and drummed out of their Orders under Canon Law.
As for the people in Canada as in America, they must “record over” the false registration paperwork and record their lawful birthright political status as Canadians, and claim their DNA and enact laws (as we have already done) to prohibit the claim of any commercial patent interest in living men and women.


The next logical step is for their constitutional republics to nationalize all foreign corporations that have been chartered under their auspices during their purported absence, by those claiming to represent them.