New Report: Medical Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death in America


The report, by Dr. Peter Gotzsche, published by the Brownstone Institute, estimates 882,000 Americans die annually from the effects of medical drugs.

“Prescription Drugs Are the Leading Cause of Death (April 16, 2024)”1

I’d bet against reading about it in the NY Times.

Author Gotzsche doesn’t mention people who don’t die but are severely injured and disabled by the drugs. That number would be in the millions.

Also, there is no word about vaccines.

I hope someone puts the report in front of Donald Trump, who seems to think Big Pharma is composed of “great guys.”

I look forward to serious independent researchers analyzing Gotzche’s detailed investigation.

If he’s anywhere near the correct number, well, you supply your own reaction.

882,000 killings a year.

8.82 MILLION killings per decade.

From the medicines that are supposed to heal.

If there are any readers out there who still don’t understand why I’ve been writing about the medical cartel since 1987…now you do.

Let’s say Gotzsche is close to the actual number of medical drug killings. Then on top of that, think about the emotional turmoil in the families and close friends of EVERY PERSON WHO DIES after ingesting the drugs. Think about how all-inclusive that turmoil is, multiplied across the whole country.

And again, we’re also talking about millions of Americans who are still alive, but chronically devastated by the drugs.

So to say the nation is crippled would be accurate—would be a vast understatement.

Crippled by continuing mass murder. Murder that goes unpunished.