National American Renaissance Movement Call To Action – Its 2024 – Lets Build OUR New World Together – THIS IS OUR TIME


National ARM Call To Action

Dear fellow human beings, brothers and sisters around the world –

We are at a pivotal junction in human history. The globalist controllers and those who have enslaved this earth for eons, are being exposed and every day we find evidence of more corruption, deception, lies, unfathomable evil and the darkness we see seems to become thicker all around us. Our understanding of the mindset of the satanic cabal has evolved tremendously, we see their depopulation agenda, the poisoning of humanity via gain of function biological and technological warfare, the extent of mind control, the abuse of power, the propaganda of the mockingbird media, the artificial incitement of wars for profit and chaos, we see pandemics created to make money for corrupt pharmaceutical companies that routinely kill people under the guise of healthcare, we see our taxpayer money that we worked so hard for being lost in the trillions of dollars in black projects, that as we now find out – has been used to further our enslavement, the mind control grid of satellite connected nanotechnology, quantum supercomputers, AI. We found out that our intelligence agencies are criminals involved in drug and human trafficking, targeting civilians, surveillance and control and make up the enforcement grid for the satanic cabal – and are altogether not in service of the countries citizens and neither is our justice system. We understand that we never had free elections, that all leaders were chosen for their capability of being controlled puppets and that it has all been a show put on by a shadow government.

While we the people were entertained at the “mindless coliseums of Rome” – which in modern terms is the entertainment industry – the ambitious and smart cabal bankers, scientists and power hungry leeches devoid of a conscience were raping our world and children. 8 Million children a year worldwide are trafficked by some estimates. To comprehend such evil is mind boggling.

In the days that multinational corporations shamelessly admit that they can buy US Senators for $10.000 and do it all the time, when most politicians of both parties REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE GENOCIDE via a biological and technological weapon of mass destruction sold to the people as the Covid vaccines, the days that the transgender movement mutilates and sterilizes our future generation by twisting their minds in communist propaganda…in the midst of all of this horrifying reality OUR SPIRITUAL LIGHT EMERGES.

We, the people of this earth, have to re-imagine ourselves. No military is coming to save us, they were the ones doing all the research to kill us. Its the military that is targeting innocent civilians. Our government is corrupt beyond redemption, and institutions like the FDA that were literally founded by criminals the likes of Morris Fishbein, still are just a revolving door of death by Big Pharma. These death cult corruption places need to be dismantled. They belong in the dustbin of the past, as some horrific nightmare we never want to have again.

Creating a new paradigm, a new world without the dark lords is important and it is imperative now. You know by now from my writings, that the Lord of the Rings is my most favorite movie and story.

It represents to me where we are in our history. The Orks have left the hidden shadows and are visible in plain sight, ripping our trees out of the ground, meaning destroying nature with geoengineering, bioengineering, pesticides and toxins, and an army of zombie Orks are marching to exterminate all that is good on this earth.

We, the rebels who say no to this, are the fellowship, made from representatives of all beings on earth – elves, hobbits, wizards, outcasts, humans – that come together to fight this threat. We need to throw the ring of power into the fire of Mordor, which represents our human greed, our lust for power, our destruction, manipulation, deception, corruption and perversion. This is an internal journey as much as it is a journey of outside action. We have to transform ourselves, so we do not become like the greedy old guard of this world, the Nazgul, the Ringwraiths – greedy human kings who fell into darkness, addicted to power and hunting it as the living dead. We must purge ourselves of the seven deadly sins, not just for some religious reason, but because the artificial intelligence mind control supercomputer that monitors all human brain function can find the frequency and signature of this in a human brain and use it to insert mind viruses, or hack the human mind..

Hence owning and making wise Greed, Wrath, Lust, Envy, Gluttony and Sloth is a spiritual purification that is necessary, so we have the evolutionary platform within us that can create a new tomorrow. The choices we make today create the foundations of our future civilization. If we want to be free, we must learn to love. Divine Love, not chemical usery and deception, holds us to the highest standard of soulful evolutionary choice and the realization of Oneness. It is not that there truly is good or bad – for all experiences lead to wisdom. In some way we have been everything we see in this world.

But at some point – you could call that a “Great Awakening” – we have to pause, take a look at our world and as a civilization – yet individually ask – What are the consequences of my choices today not just for myself, but for my family, my children, my community, the world at large and the future of humanity?

People can continue to go to the coliseums for the ignorant, the sports games watching grown men run a ball around, call that heroic and worth millions of dollars of salary – or we can turn off the TV and read a book about nanotechnology, a weapon of mass destruction that threatens our world. We can bitch and moan and criticize others who do work to help this world and our species survive – safely hiding in self imposed victimization and complacency waiting for some savior to come and make things better – OR we can get up, educate ourselves and redesign our world.

There is not some PLAN, somewhere out there. WE ARE THE PLAN. We, you and I and everyone else who chooses to wake up – are the plan. We pull our sleeves up and envision, create and build a new future from the ashes of all that is old and has fallen away. We are the explorers of new horizons. We decide what we have learned from the disappointing heart breaks of human history, the suffering of enslavement, the senseless deaths of our loved ones and friends, our irresponsibility and complacency of letting a small group of arrogant banksters and their overlords enslave A WHOLE WORLD AND CIVILIZATION. Their game ends when we had enough.

Now that we have seen power hunger, competition, destruction of life and understood the consequences of such attitudes that we ourselves hold as a micro cosmos of our own personal world that affects and reflects the larger world – we can say – it is finished. An internal reflection can begin, a reclaiming of our inner voice, a conversation to our spiritual self that might sound like this:

“I will not compete against my neighbor, my brother, I will not indulge in lies and deception to enrich myself, I will not betray my own soul, and be a coward who sells out and in my choice thousands get maimed, hurt and murdered. I will no longer live in the comfort zone of social acceptability, the prison of the sheep herd that follows anyone false leader into the ditch. I will no longer keep my head in the sand and ignore the horrors of everything that is going on around me just to keep a paycheck and the security of employment or the approval of my family and friends. I will not be a whining victim that self sabotages my own god given brilliance for the heroin addiction of getting attention from the living dead. I will no longer bind myself to those who refuse to change but free myself, let go, surrender, and pursue my own path. I will forgive myself for who I have been, walk through a baptism of fire and choose myself as part of the future. In that, I become wise, can forgive others, who have been just as lost as I have been, and start anew. I will be responsible for my thoughts, words, and deeds as an enlightened and intelligent member of the human species. I will not degrade myself to the lowest possible animal denominator, but to my highest, most noble vision of who I could be. In that, I contribute to a better world and become the springboard for an evolved civilization.”

I like very much the quote that David Meiswinkle Esq, President of National ARM uses – we have to create a parallel society that makes the old one obsolete. That means we have a lot of creating to do. We have a lot of rethinking to do. Who do we want to be? What have we learned from looking at so much degenerate darkness? How will we handle Justice when MILLIONS of people participated in the enslavement of humanity, the trafficking, rape and murder of our children?

National ARM has put out a call to action. There are 25 areas of consideration and if you are interested in doing something about any of these topics, put in your information and lets see what we can organize, how we can network together to start envisioning our parallel society and future. National ARM – Call to action