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The [url= Law of War Manual – June 2015 Updated Dec]Law of War[/url] manual was updated in 2016 and Clif High thinks he knows why. He describes the succession of legal systems that have been used in the United States after successive bankers’ wars caused these to change. We went from Common Law from 1790 to 1871, followed by Equity Law through to 1938 when Maritime Law was imposed. He believes we will be living under the Law of War soon, perhaps starting as soon as next year and possibly for a few decades.
He starts by explaining that Article 1, Section 3, Clause 17 is a flaw in the Constitution that has allowed two nations to coexist in the US: 1) the Constitutional Republic that is Union of the 48 states united on the North American Continent; 2) the Democracy that is the United States Corporation, located in Washington, DC.
He says Article 1, Section 3, Clause 17 gives control of the territory of Washington, DC and of all the Federal Territories to Congress and he says that Washington, DC will never become a state because if it does, that will mean we no longer have the political structure we do now.

“The Legislature is 100% in charge of Washington, DC and Guam and Puerto Rico and the Federal Territories that exist. That’s why the Democrats say, ‘Trump is a threat to Our Democracy.’ They’re talking about the legislative democracy that exists here (pointing to Washington, DC), that is not a Constitutional Republic. The people that live within this territory; Puerto Rico, Guam, Washington, DC, all of the territories that the Federal Government nominally owns; those people are subjects of the Legislative Branch of our Constitutional Republic. So they are actually resident-serfs. They’re not citizens of the Continental United States. They’re not citizens of any of the Union states, they are subjects of the Legislative authority that rules Washington, DC.
“So we have two nations, here on this continent. We have the Constitutional Republic that was established on the Continent and then we have this territory of Washington, DC. This territory is very much in the model of the Vatican and very much in the model of the City of London, which is not part of Great Britain, for instance and is not under the authority of the Queen.
“They can do anything they want in Washington, DC. Thus, you understand why Nancy Pelosi didn’t want the National Guard there. She would be inviting a foreign force into her democracy. She would have been inviting an invading army, an army from these continental, linked Union of States. They didn’t want that. That’s why they’re pumping up the Capitol Police Force to be their form of a intelligence agency kind of a thing.”
This also explains how the J6 defendants can be legally subjected to the un-American conditions of the DC Central Detentions Facility.
Clif continues, “This is coming back to the war that we are in, which has so many levels…What we are going to discuss is how this came to be about and what is the next step. This all is money and bankers. All of it goes back to the WEF, even though the WEF didn’t exist at the time that this stuff started.
“From 1760-1790, when we were notionally established, we had some events. We had the Revolutionaries borrow money to create the Thirteen States Union on the Continent of America. They borrowed it from the French bankers; Rothschilds, etc. King George backed that debt, so he was backing both sides of the Revolutionary War. He couldn’t lose, no matter what happened. The British Crown could not lose, no matter what happened…
“That debt was due in 1790. That debt, by then was actually $18 million, because they had continued to borrow money after 1776 through to 1789. Now, the original note had a 7-year term on it…Well, seven years’ time came, we didn’t have the money to pay them back but they rolled the debt over, as bankers are wont to do…At that time, they took over a part of the country in the form of some little collaterals and we had a problem when didn’t make another payment in 1812 and we had a war. The War of 1812 was all about enforcing payments for the bankers in the City of London…
“So during this period from 1790 to 1871, we were operating under Common Law that we’d inherited from the British. This is also known as the ‘Law of the Land’. And we have title to the land.
“Unlike most of the people that live in Europe, who ‘own’ property, like even a farmer in Europe does not own his land. Most of them don’t own the land. What they have is an equitable title to use that property and pass that right to use it on to their children, etc., etc., but they actually don’t own the underlying land. This is why Klaus Schwab and the WEFers want to stop them being able to work the land; therefore, that abrogates their contract and removes from them equitable title and so, if they can’t work the land, they can’t have possession of it anymore and he can come in and effectively kick them off without any real big deal, because they don’t own the underlying land. They just own the right to use it…
“That is not the case in the United States. Here, in the Continental Union, we own the land title and that really pisses off the Mother WEFers, because they can’t control us as serfs, because we have the right to sit on our property, grown our own f*ing food and tell them to go sit on it and spin, whereas in Europe, you don’t have that right, especially in England, where 97% of all the land is owned by the Crown and they say what happens on it.”
Clif explains how when we couldn’t pay back the loan in 1871, the bankers came back with demands. They were given title to all of the land on which federal properties stood and all Federal Territories, in order that it might collect rent from our government in a way to get money from all of the people that live here, without us having to know that we’re actually paying a tribute to these foreign bankers.
Thus, we saw the creation of the Washington, DC-based United States, Inc. which brought in Equity Law. After the Great Depression the US was technically bankrupt and once again couldn’t pay their loans and this was how the US was conscripted into World War II and how it was moved into Maritime Law in 1938, which he says is what are courts are still operating under now, soon to be replaced by the Law of War.

Law? Which Law?

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