Nano Soma is a remarkable product with a fascinating story. This is my latest update with one of the founders. Helps the body heal itself from a myriad of conditions including the latest vax related issues.




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Caroline Mansfield showing NANO SOMA under a dark field microscope:
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Dark Field Microscope Blood Imaging Observing the Effect of Metadichol®


Metadichol is a widely patented nano-emulsion of policosanol, a naturally occurring compound found in many of our foods, such as rice, sugar cane and wheat, primarily in its unrefined state. However, with the refinement of foods in our diet, policosanol has become increasingly absent in our diets. It forms the basis of the MagicDichol® Family of Products.





What is Metadichol?

To read more about the discovery of Metadichol, click here.

What is Dark Field Microscopy?

Dark Field Microscopy is a technique used to enhance contrast, making samples with potentially difficult backgrounds stand out for optimal observation. It requires that most of the light that typically passes through and around the sample is blocked so that only light from oblique angles is allowed.

These results were presented by Dr. Raghavan at the Second International Conference on PharmScience Research & Development