Mirrored Foreign Persons Held in Trusts By Anna Von Reitz

The idea of Trusts is again a Roman idea. 
We do use American Common Law Trusts in this country for private purposes and each State created a contract trust related to the Delegated Powers when they adopted the Constitutions and defined the Enumerated Powers and Bill of Rights. That’s it.  
No other trusts in evidence. 
These American trusts are not to be confused with the statutory “State” Trusts formed by the British Territorial Government after the Civil War. 
Remember that they “mirrored” everything to give the appearance of being us—- and they applied their law to all these “mirrored” entities they created. 
Also remember that there are two levels of this same kind of deception—- two layers of “mirrors” to deal with. 
The Municipal layer and it’s PERSONS is what we first encounter whenever their foreign Legal System misaddresses us.  If they don’t get satisfaction with that ruse, they next address the Territorial Legal Person whose Legal Nane looks identical to our Lawful Name —-and prosecution under that Name in Upper and Lower Case comes next. 
We have to recognize each of these imposters as they are presented as “mirrors” of our Lawful Person and say, “None of the above, thanks.” 
This is where so many people get fooled. They don’t realize that there are two foreign governments and two foreign “persons” that are “representing” them and both must be recognized and rebutted. 
I have seen many tax and foreclosure cases where we have won against the Municipal PERSON named in a suit, only to have the Court Clerk assign a new Court Case Number (to create a new bond) and address the Upper and Lower Case form of the victim’s Name, and continue the prosecution of the British Territorial Legal Person without missing a beat. 
The assumption seems to be that if you aren’t one form of foreign Legal Person, you MUST be the other kind.  It’s your job to so clearly define who you are and the capacity in which you are acting, that both these foreign “Legal Persons” are rebutted and disappear. 
Each prosecution begins in the Air Jurisdiction against a Municipal Corporation denoted as a PERSON under Maritime (Commercial) Law, and if they don’t win, it gets converted into a “Special Admiralty” prosecution against the British Territorial Legal Person named after you. 
So those are the two jurisdictions – air and sea, you have to traverse and the two Legal Persons you have to rebut before you can finally stand  as a Lawful Person and discipline the court. 
There are likewise two foreign trusts involved— the Municipal PERSONS are held in the Municipal Trust and the Territorial Persons are held in the so-called “National Trust”—but beyond these foreign trusts related to foreign persons and having nothing to do with us, is our own Trust owed to each of our States with respect to the Delegated Powers. 
The “deal” firmly stated in all three Federal Constitutions is that the delegated powers belong to us and are placed in trust with each of the Subcontractors with the understanding that these delegations of power are strictly enumerated and limited and cannot be used against us to deprive us of any rights or liberties — and The Bill of Rights is given as an example of the kinds of rights and liberties we retain and which are beyond the scope and intent of the exercise of any delegated powers granted to the Subcontractors. 
This is the only Trust ever created by our States of the Union and it is not related to any Municipal CESTUI QUE VIE trusts or British Territorial “Vessels” named after us and held in the “Oregon State [Trust]” or “New York State [Trust]. 
The other two trusts named after us and after our States are created for foreigners, by foreigners.  The Municipal TRUST is created by the Holy See.  The British Territorial Trust is created by the Government of Westminster. But only the Preamble Trust and Bill of Rights apply to Americans. 
We were basically saying, “Okay, you foreign Subcontractors, we are going to share some of our powers with you and delegate those enumerated and limited powers to you, so you can do some work for us, but you can’t then turn around and use those same powers against us.  You can’t interpret these delegations of powers as permission to usurp against our retained rights and just to make sure you understand what we are talking about, here’s a list of examples of the retained rights and powers we are talking about, contained in this Bill of Rights.”
So now you have a better idea of the three persons, three trusts, and three forms of law involved every time you wade into this morass. 
You have a Municipal Legal PERSON named after you, which is part of the Catholic Unum Sanctum Trust.  It functions under Maritime Law. 
You have a British Territorial Legal Person named after you, which is part of their foreign National Trust.  It functions under Special Admiralty Law. 
Finally, you have your American Lawful Person named after you (which on paper looks the same as the British Territorial Legal Person) which is owed the Preamble Trust and Bill of Rights and all other associated protections. 
It functions under international land law —and the Federal Constitutions define our Law of the Land, including the limits of that law. 
It is necessary to keep your wits and be able to sort through this so as to recognize which “persons” and trusts apply to you— and keep single-mindedly on point, so that these con artists can’t “mistake” you for one of them and use that as an excuse to misaddress you under False Legal Presumptions. 
As an American not employed by or receiving unearned benefits from any Federal Employers, your answer has to be—- I am not a member of the city (Washington DC) nor the District (British Territorial hegemony).  Period. 
So here is a succinct reply you can make in any court case at any time and blow their wheels off: 
“ I am an American State National owed the Preamble Trust and the Bill of Rights and the retained Tenth Amendment Powers and I waive any foreign obligations or unearned benefits. I retain the right to hold everyone here 100% commercially and personally liable for any harm proposed against me or my assets held in trust.”  
Simple, short, and sweet and covers all the bases. 
Any “judge”  who hears this and does not immediately render your due is acting in insurrection and in treason and breach of trust for which he or she is 100% commercially (on the Municipal side) and personally (on the British Territorial side) —— liable. 
And this is true no matter what pretenses of war and the various impersonations they may offer. 
Just remember the existence of these two other “persons” and two other trusts and reply to both by waiving any interest in their trusts and claiming your own. 
Finally, remember that “mirroring” is a well-known form of Bunko Crime and is a form of Impersonation—- another Bunko Crime.  
Both these crimes are occurring in international jurisdiction every time one of these foreign courts misaddresses an American— including Donald Trump. 
So which “Agency” is responsible for addressing and prosecuting international fraud schemes?  It used to be the FBI. 
Falling down on the job again? 
Remember— the only Federal Laws that DO apply to Americans are Title 27 regarding regulation of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, the interstate commerce clause (when properly interpreted to prevent obstruction of trade) and also remember that all such Federal laws pertaining to Americans must: (1) be published in the Congressional Record not the Federal  Register and (2) that Americans must be knowingly and actively engaged in a federally regulated activity or acting within the confines of a Federal Enclave (think Army Base or Post Office, etc.) in order for any “federal law” to apply to them. 
Also remember that the “State of State Courts” presently in operation are all working as franchise corporations of the Federal Municipal Corporations and as such have no judicial powers related to you or your State of the Union apart from those summarized above. 


That is, something calling itself “The State of Wyoming Superior Court” appears to be operating a judicial function for Wyoming, the State— but it’s not.  It’s functioning as an incorporated franchise of the US, INC. or the USA, Inc., and with respect to us, actual Americans, these Courts are just as limited as any other Federal Court.