Military Base Used for Illegal Activities: “Laundering, Trafficking, Murder” w/ Soldier Davis

Military whistleblower, Debbie Davis, joins the program to share what she witnessed while serving with the Arizona National Guard at the Arizona Military base. She shares the money laundering that she personally uncovered which led to over $2.7 million being recovered as documented in the following article:… She also discusses the two unsolved murders that occurred on the base. One while she was serving and the other before she arrived. All of this activity is accompanied by “CIA style tactics” that she witnessed by officers at the base. She shares her meeting at Trump tower with President Trumps secret service where she brings loads of documents as proof of her experience. After her whistleblowing and discovery of money laundering, she endured serious harassment that continues to this day. You can see more of her story on her Youtube channel @… or you can email her directly @